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  • resilient systems 1

  • resilient systems 2

    In alchemy this is the symbol for gold.

    Contrary to popular belief, the ultimate goal of alchemy was not to turn odd metals into gold, but rather to discover the truth, to purify & distil things into its perfect or purest form the

    absolute goal of this process was supposed to be the attainment of knowledge, wisdom and the elixir of life.

  • resilient systems 3

    We cannot give you the elixir of life

    But, what if we could give you the wisdom, knowledge and intellectual gold to help you create a truly powerful culture and an inspiring authentic personal brand?

  • resilient systems 4

    alchemy human strategy is a strategic partnership that focuses on helping people and groups to have a greater impact on their world.

    We create

    Resilient systems

  • resilient systems

    resilient systems 5

    Resilience Psychological resilience is defined as an individual's ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity. Stress and adversity can come in the shape of family or relationship problems, health problems, or workplace and financial stressors, among others The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness

  • resilient systems 6

    Resilient systems are all around us.

    we all admire and aspire to

    resilient systems.

    These are but a few examples of resilient systems

    as business leaders or

    manager or CEO

    In fact

    That highly



    that dynamic team

    that successful

    leader business visionaries

    There are other more interesting examples of resilient systems

    The fact is that history and the present is filled with resilient systems

    we refer to and benchmark these

    systems on a daily basis.


    societal movements

    the Renaissance


    super predators

    iconic historic leaders


  • resilient systems 7

    The big question is


    how do I become a truly resilient


    how do I turn my managers into

    resilient systems?

    how do I turn my company culture into something that is powerful

    and resilient?

    How do turn my organisation into a resilient system?

    a culture that is inspirational and something that lives beyond a

    values document?

  • patterns of resilient systems

    resilient systems 8

    Repeating patterns When we analyse and look at a resilient system you see the following characteristics and repeating patterns. We have distilled these patterns into three components Ideology, traits and impact

  • resilient systems 9


    impact traits




    robust & hardy



    higher value shared identity






    symbols shared narrative

    unity evolution ready

    innovation ready

    legacy potential





    performance efficient




    leadership aspiration

  • this is what we do

    resilient systems 10

    We facilitate, co-create and help with the creation of human strategy, i.e. creating resilient human systems, be it individuals or groups. This means personal brand/ mastery development and internal culture development and creation. We refer to this process as the co-creation of resilient systems

  • resilient systems 11

    Resilient Personal Systems Authentic Personal Brands

    Resilient Group Systems Group or Company Culture

    co-create facilitate help

    distillation + awareness + insights

    Conceptualisations + growth + development

    + +

    This is what we do

  • culture eats strategy for breakfast

    we are what we do. excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit

    Culture will influence everything you do, how you execute, how you implement & how you succeed as a company.

    There needs to be a shift away from creating fake created people brands towards the creation of authentic personal brands. An authentic personal brand is not a mask it should be an echo of who the person is, and it should permeate through everything he or she does.

    resilient systems 12

    Peter F. Drucker Aristotle

  • why is this important?

    resilient systems 13

    Why would you want to go through this exercise? Of what value will this be to you or your organisation? What difference will it make? If you knew the answers, you will stop asking these questions and in steads ask why you have not done this before.

  • resilient systems 14


    success efficiency

    resilient systems give you more

    more consistently

  • engagement adoption behaviour

    77% 95% 70%

    The impact of effective employee engagement on client satisfaction, but, engagement of employees who value Employee Engagement. 69% for next percentile.

    95% of all decision making is subconscious and idea adoption is severely impacted and influenced by message relevance, meaning and distinctness

    70% of all company transformation drives fail because employees did not adopt new behaviours quickly or completely

    HBR; The Impact of Employee Engagement on Performance, 2013

    Tjaco Walvis, Branding with Brains, 2012; David Rock, How your Brain Works, 2012

    Mckinsey, The 90% success recipe: Commercial transformations that beat the odds and the market, 2014

    resilient systems 15

    take note of these statistics?

  • because, 91% of respondents to a new survey say companies with a strong sense of purpose and culture also have strong financial performance. Core Beliefs and Culture Survey for Deloitte., 2013

    resilient systems 16

  • resilient systems 17

    Resilient culture

    Resilient people

    Company success

    Personal success

    This is a systemic process

  • how can we help you?

    resilient systems 18

    We have created a methodology that will help us create more resilient cultures and authentic personal brands. It is based on design thinking, sociology, group culture and Jungian Psychology based on the concept of individuation.

  • a. culture creation

    resilient systems 19

  • History, Dreams &


    Symbols & Rituals

    Norms & Beliefs


    Challenges & Constraints

    Shared Identity & Purpose

    Ideology Manifesto

    Engagement Adoption Behaviour Reinforcing


    Unconscious Conscious

    Goal Activation Awareness Action

    Process of [Re]Discovery and Distillation Journey of adoption, unification and culture led behaviour

    Shared Goals

    Habits, Rituals & Symbols

    Role Action


    Shared Definition of


    resilient systems 20

    We take all stakeholders through a structure process of discovery and awareness

    The thinking is then turned into specific actions and assets that

    needs to be used to create a unified resilient culture

    The outcome of this is the crystallisation

    of the company culture on paper

  • b. authentic personal brand creation

    resilient systems 21

  • History & Dreams




    Anima/ Animus



    Verbalising Adoption Behaviour Reinforcing


    Unconscious Conscious

    Goal Activation Awareness Action

    Process of [Re]Discovery and Distillation Journey of growth, individuation and development

    Behaviour Identity Values Purpose

    resilient systems 22

    We take the individual through a structure process of discovery and awareness

    The thinking is then turned into specific actions and assets that needs to be used / adopted to

    internalise and build the authentic personal brand

    The outcome of this is the crystallisation of the personal brand building


  • what will we give you?

    resilient systems 23

    When you go through this process, for either culture creation or authentic personal brand development, at the outcome of the project we will give you the following.

  • resilient systems 24

    key deliverables #1 knowledge and insight what is your current brand/ culture built on, what is influencing it, what is stopping it from growing?

    #2 clarity and awareness What are the fundamental building blocks and drivers of your personal brand and culture?

    #3 co-created actions What are the action steps you need to take to bring your culture or authentic brand to life, what do you need to do and change and implement?

    #4 assets and tools What are the critical assets and tools that you need create, adopt and use to help you build your resilient system?

    #5 journey and road map What is the journey and roadmap that you need to follow in order to build your resilient culture or authentic personal brand

  • Andre le Roux is a Strategist, Mentor and brand Theorist who has been working in the brand strategy industry for more than 10 years. He is passionate about the science of strategy. He has a B.A. in Industrial Psychology and an Higher Diploma in IMC. Andre likes to think of himself as a systemic brand thinker that is constantly searching for new and more scientific ways to create more powerful and impactful brands that truly will add value to the lives of all stakeholders.

    Andre Le Roux

    072 387 2079

    Thys de Beer

    082 565 5508

    Thys de Beer is an admitted advocate (non-practising) the head of brand Strategy at Vega School of Brand Leadership, as well as the head of the Honours in Brand Leadership at Vega Cape Town. He has been in the industry for over 10 years and he has recently completed his Masters Degree researching the role of design thinking in brand strategy. Thys is an intellectual that is looking to change peoples perceptions about the power of the brand.

    I am an Alchemist; I love the power of collaboration and discovering insights that help to build authentic personal brands

    I am a thinker and explorer and I want to see how we can build powerful culture taking our design thinking learning's and applying it to building powerful cultures

  • resilient systems 26

    Please Note that all information contained in this presentation is proprietary and remains the property of the owner [Andre le Roux / Thys de Beer and Alchemy Human Strategy] all rights reserved. Information can only be shared if written consent is given by owners


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