Alexander the Great.  Kingdom just north of Greece  Greeks thought Macedonians were barbarians  Macedonians thought of themselves as Greek  Spoke

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Text of Alexander the Great.  Kingdom just north of Greece  Greeks thought Macedonians were barbarians...

Ancient Greece

Ancient GreeceAlexander the GreatMacedoniaKingdom just north of GreeceGreeks thought Macedonians were barbariansMacedonians thought of themselves as GreekSpoke Greek

King Philip of MacedonFrom MacedoniaStudied in Greece when he was youngMacedonia was poor and dividedPhilip united MacedoniaWanted to conquer Greek city-statesCreated alliances with them by threat/bribeBuilt army stronger than SpartasConquered remaining city-statesAthens and Thebes tried to fight Philip 338 BCFailed, and Philip took control of all of Greece

Alexander the GreatPhilip wanted to conquer all of Persia nextAssassinated in 336BCAlexander the GreatPhilips sonBecame king at age 20Had been educated in Greece by AristotleTook Achilles as his hero insteadVowed to visit site of Ancient Troy and lay a wreath on Achilles tombAchilles was the hero from the Iliad

Alexander the Greats ConquestsInvaded Persian EmpireEmpire weaker than it had beenStill hugeEgypt to IndiaSuccess at conquering his own empireTook Persia, Egypt, lands beyond the Indus RiverBuilt cities wherever he conqueredNamed many after himself: Alexandria, Alexandroupolis

Stretching Too FarSuccess came from driving his army hardDidnt lose battlesTroops refused to go onSoon after crossing Indus RiverAlexander upset, but turned backCaught fever in 323 BCAge 33DiedSickness the cause?

HellenismKingdom split into thirds 50 years after his deathGreece/Macedonia, Egypt, PersiaEach ruled by one of his former commandersGreek cities formed in each of these empiresModeled after Ancient GreeceLanguage, architecture, entertainmentPeople moved from Greece to these citiesSpread Greek cultureHellenismGreek culture after the death of Alexander the GreatHellas was the name the Greeks gave to their landAlexandriaGreatest of Hellenistic citiesLocated in Egypt at the Nile DeltaBecame capital Center of business and tradeLighthouseLibraryLargest in the world500,000 scrollsUsed by scholars from all over the world

Math and ScienceEuclidDeveloped geometryGeometric proofs explaining geometric shapesEratosthenesCalculated distance around the earthVery close to correct distanceArchimedesDeveloped the system of pulleys and levers for heavy liftingAristarchusBelieved sun to be center of universe, not the earth