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A compilation of poems all about love. This book features poets from Zimbabwe and South Africa, and was published on Valentines day. It's all the second book of a monthly publication which is being hosted by .


  • All About Love

    Love knows no boundaries,

    Love knows no limits,

    Love is what we need,

    Mind, body and Spirit #SpreadLove

  • This book was published by Thuthukani Ndlovu and

    No part of this book may be reproduced in any

    form or by any electronic, photographic or mechanical means, which includes

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    system, without prior written permission from the publisher.

    Copyright AllAboutLove 2016

    14/02/2016 14/02/2016


    Message from the compiler The Lost Valentine by Khanya Qongqo I will by Thuthukani Ndlovu My love story Joshua Juma Love Clement Banda Her name Prophetic poet Thanks to the one above Godswill Mhombera My first wife Godswill Mhombera On this day Tshiamo Malatji A certain amount of darkness is needed, in order

    to see the stars Zandile Jani The letters of love Khanya Qongqo As we lay Valentine Tusai Unaging love Prophetic poet Anthology Contributors THE END

  • Message from the compiler

    Greetings fellow reader. I would like to thank you for taking the time to open this book, and I hope that you will enjoy reading it. This is the second publication for the year 2016, and so far the response from our first publication From the motherland has been overwhelming. This time around we decided to take advantage of a special day, known to many as Valentines day. So, this is basically a collection of love poems carefully crafted by talented poets from Zimbabwe and South Africa. This could definitely serve as a great valentines gift, but for those not into the Valentines vibe, it could still serve as a great general present. I hope you are ready for your emotions to be caressed, evoked/provoked, sparked and a whole lot of other verbs that you can think of, because these poems all talk about something related to love, but they each have their own unique element and goal. Enjoy, feel free to send your feedback to , and dont forget to #SpreadLove . Thuthukani Ndlovu

  • The Lost Valentine I'm not a poet, I'm just a man who uses the words of which I never said to people and comprise them into a speech. I'm not a poet, I just express my emotions on paper I write the things I've longed to say to you And keep them there forever I say I love you a million times but you never hear it I don't know why I write instead of expressing it to you, I guess I'm afraid of what might happen after... After I tell you that I love the way you make the world stand still And let the sun dance around you, how you make the stars shine at night And let the moon reflect your beauty, How you're every man's weakness but some how your my strength, That youre the reason why I don't want to sleep, yet so keen to wake up. That I wish to be beside you when you sleep and wake up so I never be out of your sight But you'll never hear this... So send it to the lovers like me To give them a spark of hope while suffering from the insanity of Hearing the sound of your name in the darkness, I'm in... I'm no poet, I'm just a Person Obsessed with Expressing my heart To you Of which that heart was shattered and left into chandeliers after you eloped with a man and that man was not me I'm no poet, I'm just a dead chrysanthemum, a lost valentine. @Khanya Qongqo

  • I WILL

    I will ,continue looking for you, Because I know that you are also looking for me,

    So when we finally meet, It will only be a matter of time, like destiny,

    But maybe weve actually met before, And I just failed to realize,

    Therefore I sincerely hope that when we meet again, My heart will open my eyes,

    For when my eyes are opened, My mind will understand

    Why its metaphorically possible For my lungs to run out of oxygen,

    Because your mental and physical presence Will have the ability to take my breath away,

    & thats only 1 of the reasons why I will do the following

    I will love you so much,

    That you will never, ever have to search, For another man that will love you

    The same way Christ loves the church, And of-course this love will be unconditional,

    Because conditional love will only be bad for my health, Plus I havent forgotten Ephesians 5v28,

    So I will definitely love you the same way I love myself. I will love you for who you are,

    For you are like an angel, but with no wings, Your body and personality glow so beautifully,

    Dazzling the poorest of peasants to the richest of kings. And even with no wings,

    You still manage to look so fly, Because you always know how to dress,

    And you are a daughter of the Most High.

    (Continued on the next page)

  • The world will call me crazy, But they dont understand that

    you are the women of my dreams In person,

    My friends will make fun out of me, Because they dont understand my principles,

    Like no sex before marriage Therefore I proudly remain a virgin,

    But even whilst all this happens, My love for you will remain the same,

    I will love you with so much faith, Hoping that one day,

    you, will share my last name.

    On a lighter note ,

    I will try my best to express my love In any way I can

    As long as its within my means. I cant afford a chocolate factory, but I can secretly hide your

    favourite chocolate underneath your pillow. I guess thats how much

    I want you to have sweat dreams. I will

    try and do the impossible Just for

    you, Like try catch shooting stars

    with my bare hands. I guess thats how much I want to see

    your wishes come true.

    I will love you so much, to the point that if love was a drug, I would always keep you next to me.

    I would need prescriptions for you would be my addiction. I would rather have a dose of your love, than a double dose of ecstasy.

    On a more serious note, I will be the man you need me to be, And you will be Proverbs 31.

    We will both be addicted to God, The Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ the Son

    (Continued on the next page)

  • So if we still havent met, I will continue to look,

    But if we have, I cant wait to explore your mind more like my favourite book.

    So until we meet again, Or for the first time,

    I just want you to know that, I will love you, because you are mine.

    Thuthukani Ndlovu

  • My love story Love is like ray Charles, blind Love is patient but we refuse to be in hospital Hospital runs out of painkillers, love hurts She says she loves me but I think she loves my potential Im trying to turn my CRV into a Range Rover She asked me if I love her I said yes She $5000 braces I lie through my teeth She loves my body but does she love me I pray for us, my body is the temple of God God is love so I am in love She likes my watch but its not gold Kanye featuring Jamie fox and shes not a gold digger I say I love you to her and she blocks all her exes I left my ex but I dont miss her because she is not ZESA My world just brightened up I made my own ZESA Mum said there are 1000 other girls that want to date and have me I worked hard and made 1000 dollars because franklin said you have me I work on myself because I love me Why should she love me if I cant love me Love knows no distance so I do long distance She wants my heart I told her my hut is not thatched grass burns and burns hurt and love hurts She just smiled because she knew her love is a flame Joshua Juma

  • LOVE A word that states affection Precedes devotion Defines emotion Pronounced with perfection all for pleasing a sightless mind It clouds the heart with emotion clustering the mind with pleasure It soothes the soul with sensation All for devotion but to what end? The tale is untold But it is foretold The flow is purely natural Undisturbed like a virgin river That knows not of any turbulence It blossoms like a flower that has just received the first rays of the sun Touched by nature, it grows wilder The word vividly makes it clear than crystal But calamity touches the bearer of emotions It breathes destruction and confusion upon hosts Tearing them apart creating a rift slowly and measurably it destroys the bond All relations are lost and forgotten All pleasure is abandoned Unforeseen, it all comes to a saddening end That is Love the feeling Clement Banda

  • Her Name Skies Gave her a name. She invaded my head like Trojan Horse nerve ends Were loose ends trying to catch connection, she said her name is Helen. Beautiful sands of Rivers of life shaped her skin, Smile like shades of deformed gods looking for a vessel to occupy, then she came. Castles are decorated on the skies of unknown planets her eyes caught up with twinkles every blink gives birth to shooting star, Her bosom lent breath to blowing winds she breaths life in my devoid lungs, I live like titan brought back life, Reason for breathing came to me in Form of her smiles. Course of how eagles soar was in codes coded in her palms scrolls tossed in the skies like rain she speak in tongues like ancient drums. My heart skips a bit when her tongue unfolds the missing link. She was Victoria, false dreams never made it under her melanin. Tough as nails she a carve of rocks, it makes senses why I'm astound. Quick flexes like lighting strikes her Body movements fragile like clouds battered. She moves in steady pace to leap into Quantum spa