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  • 1. All About Love Introduced byMichelle Chuang 13925014

2. Are you in love, between relationships, or searching for love? ...Yeah, we have beengoing outfor two years. Are youseeinganyone? I have acrushon you. A rich man is not always agood catch . 3. Three Types of Women that American Men Fall For

  • Hot babe (n.)
  • Those girls on the soccer team are reallyhot babes !
  • Fox (n.) Foxy (adj.) : They are aware of their sexuality.
  • Wow!Is she ever afox !She must have a boyfriend.
  • Witty (adj.)
  • I like Jennifer because shes sowitty .

4. !!WomentoAvoid

  • Bimbo (n.) ,
  • Linda is always saying stupid things. What abimbo !
  • Floozy (n.)
  • Amy is always wearing very revealing outfits. I could never trust afloozylike her.
  • Valley girl
  • Valley girlsannoy me because they always say the word like after everything.

5. I likeMachoMen!!

  • Macho (adj.) masculine ,
  • I love seeing guys work out at the gym because they look somachoand masculine.
  • Beefybuffcutripped
  • David is socutI can see hissix packthrough his shirt .


  • Hunk (n.)
  • That Bruce Willis is such ahunk !
  • Stud (n.)
  • Have you checked out that newstudatmuscle beach ?

7. Stay Away From Me , You Dork!

  • Dork (n.)
  • Geek (n.)
  • Nerd (n.)
  • Slimeball (n.)
  • Sleaze (n.)
  • loser (n.)


  • Pick up Someone
  • Make a Pass at Someone
  • Set sb up with .../ got set up
  • My colleague at work is so cute. I know it would be easy to set someone up with her.
  • I got set up with my new girlfriend by a mutual friend of ours.
  • Hook sb up with.../ got hooked up
  • I would love to hook someone up with my handsome brother.

9. Classic Pickup Lines...

  • Can I buy you a drink?
  • I only have eyes for you.
  • Can I have my heart back? You stole it when you walked into the room.
  • I only hit on girls when its a matter of life and death. Did I mention that Im dying? Dying for your love?

10. ShortReview...

    • Hot babe
    • Fox / Foxy
    • Witty
    • Macho
    • Masculine
    • Beefy-buff-cut-ripped
    • Hunk
    • Stud
  • * Dork
  • *Geek
  • *Nerd
  • *Slimeball
  • *Sleaze
  • *loser
  • *Bimbo
  • *Floozy
  • *Valley girl

11. 14 Ways to Say I Love You!

  • Im crazy/ nuts about you!
  • You drive me crazy/nuts!
  • Youre driving me insane!
  • I am infatuated with you.
  • Im obsessed with you.
  • You intoxicate me.
  • Im head over heels for you.

12. 14 Ways to Say I Love You!

  • I get weak-kneed whenever you walk by.
  • You make me so lovesick. My heart pounds whenever you walk by.
  • You make me feel like a million bucks!
  • I feel I am on top of the world when I am with you!
  • Im in heaven!
  • Whenever you kiss me, I feel moonstruck.
  • You take my breath away and leave me breathless.