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    All Livestock prize money will be directed credited after the show. Please include your name and bank account number on your Entry Form.

    Convener: Dave Power Cell 0274 500 283Marshalls: G Ruddenklau, C Ewing, P Ewing, J Osborne, G Brown, R Power, G Morris, Miss H Power Judges: Wayne Mclaren & Jane AllanAssociate Judge: Fraser Wilson




    Entry Fee: $8 Prize Money: 1st $50, 2nd $30, 3rd $20, and ribbons.

    Entries must be in by due date FRIDAY 9TH FEBRUARY 2018

    PLEASE use Gate # 4 entrance; cnr Brownston & McDougall Streets.

    Rules and Regulations

    C1a. T.B. TESTING - All cattle 1 month and over, must come from herds with a TB status of C2 or greater. All exhibitors are required to complete the Animal Health Board TB declaration form, declaring that all cattle shown have been TB tested in the last 12 months.

    A copy of their test certificate and the AHB TB form must accompany the entry form.

    C1b. DECLARED MOVEMENT CONTROL AREA: In this case, cattle must be tested within the preceding 60 days and a copy of their test certificate accompanies the entry form.

    C1c. EARTAGS: All cattle must be tagged to Animal Health Board specifications or have an exemption permit. Ring 0800 4Tb info.

    C1d. HALTERED: All cattle must be haltered and be capable of being led. All bulls born before December last, must be led by a ring through the nose, and under adequate adult supervision. Failure to observe this can mean the animal can be disqualified from parading.

    C1e. CATTLE AGE: Cattle age shall be computed as at 1st June.

    C1f. The date of birth of all Breeds of Cattle must be stated at time of entry. In all classes breeding cows over 2 years must have calf at foot (unless otherwise stated). All

    purebred cattle must be led into the show ring when required by Stewards or Judges.

    C1g. In all classes of female stock, judges to withhold awards for cattle which, in their opinion, are barren.

    C1h. All pedigree cattle one year old and over must be entered in a recognised herd book.

    C1i. a valid RAS Highland Passport must accompany Highland cattle entries into RAS classes. Entries received without a passport will not be accepted.

    C1j. All Cattle exhibited on the Show Grounds Must be tagged in accordance with the NAIT scheme. This will include a NAIT approved RFID tag.

    C1k. Nait No 480901. Participants will need to enter the type of movement, the date of movement, the event and tag numbers of animals going to the event.

    Protests, Judges & Committees Rights

    C2a. The Stewards in the various classes are enjoined and empowered to prevent any persons interfering with the Judges during adjudication and no exhibitor or other person other than the Judge, Stewards and Livestock Secretary will be permitted to go inside the ring while the exhibits are being judged, except in such cases as the Stewards may deem necessary.

    C2b. The Committee may reserve the right to allot Specials in lieu of prize money mentioned in this schedule.

    C2c. All Protests to be lodged with the Livestock Secretary accompanied with a deposit of $50, within half an hour of adjudication and if, in the opinion of the committee such protest is deemed frivolous, the deposit to be forfeited.

    C2d. The Committee will not under any circumstances hold itself responsible for any loss, damage or mis-delivery of stock or other exhibits at the Show.

    C2e. Any person infringing the rules of the Society will be liable to a penalty not exceeding $50.The attention of exhibitors is particularly directed to the foregoing provisions which will be strictly enforced or will revert to the funds of the Society.

    C2f. Any exhibitor or person in any way interfering with or using improper language to the Judges or any officer of the Society in, or as to, the execution of their duty, or being guilty of improper conduct on the Showground, may be disqualified upon exhibiting in future shows of the Society, and if exhibiting at this Show, may forfeit all prizes they have won.

  • 38 | Official Show Partner FARMLANDS

    Queenstown Building 6, Five Mile, 24 Grant Rd, Frankton. (03) 442 8840

    OPEN Mon Fri 8.30am 5pm

  • Official Show Partner FARMLANDS | 39

    C2g. The decision of the committee shall be absolutely final on any subject on Show Day.

    C2h. Officials have the power in Cattle Section to move stock to their correct classes with the approval and on advice of judges.

    C2i. Any person having been expelled from membership, or disqualified from exhibiting, riding or competing by any kindred association shall not be allowed to become a member, or to exhibit, ride or compete at this Societys exhibitions, until such expulsion be rescinded or such disqualification be removed, provided such expulsion or disqualification be confirmed by the Executive of this Society.

    C2j. Arrears: No person who is in arrears with regard to entry fees, subscriptions or any other show charge is eligible to compete at any A & P Show. Proof of payment will be required before any restriction will be lifted.

    C2k. The Judges are empowered to withhold the prize-money in any department in which there are not sufficient funds.

    C2l. The RAS Yellow Card system; please read full rule wording under the General Information Section of this schedule.

    Ground Rules

    C3a. Entries to be on the ground, and stock yarded between 8am and 8.30am Saturday.

    Judging to commence at 8.45am sharp and on no account will be delayed for exhibits not to hand. All judges are requested to be on the ground at 8.30am. PLEASE use Gate # 5 for judges car park

    C3b. No exhibits can be removed from the ground before 4pm except with an order from the Livestock Secretary.

    C3c. Admission to the Showground: Two-day adult pass - $25; One day Adult pass (18 and over) - $15; Youth, 13 to 17 years - $5; AND school children 12 years and under FREE.

    C3d. Ticket allocation - 2 x 1 day pass every 2 animals or at the discretion of the office

    C3e. Police and security will protect property as far as possible. Security staff will be on duty from Thursday 6pm 7am Friday; Friday 6pm Saturday 7am; Saturday 6pm Sunday 8am till Sunday 9am.

    C3f. Temporary Pens - pens constructed of electric fence tape and electric fence standards are not permitted at affiliated shows.

    C3g. There will be no overnight parking in the main area. Overnight cattle truck parking is available via the Horse Float entry Gate # 3 off Brownston Street.

    C3h. Judging of Individual Beef Breeds Special Prize Classes may be completed after the Grand Parade if unable to complete prior.

    Special Prizes and Entries

    C4a. Any commendable extra stock to receive honorary mention.

    C4b. Honorary Certificates will be given as fourth prize when there is sufficient competition.

    C4c. All Livestock prize money will be directed credited after the show. Please include your name and bank account number on your Entry Form.

    C4d. Points for Special Prizes in the aggregate: first 5, second 3, third 1, unless otherwise specified.

    C4e. All cattle entries close with the Livestock Secretary on FRIDAY 9TH FEBRUARY 2018

    C4f. Entry Fees must accompany all entries. Late Entries will be charged an additional $15.

    C4g. In the event of a single entry in any class, the competitor will be awarded half the first prize money.

    C4h. Entry Fees must accompany all entries. Late Entries will be charged an additional $10. Refund of entry fees will only be considered if scratchings are made officially with the Livestock Secretary either prior to the Show or in sufficient time to avoid disruption to the smooth running of the competition.i.e. full refund if scratching is made before Thursday 1st March. 75% refund if scratching is made before Thursday 8th March 2018, 4pm. No refund will be given after this time unless a vet certificate is produced. Yard fees will be refunded in full.

    C4i. If a veterinary certificate is produced refunds will be in full.

    C4j. Any prize winner of horse, or led cattle sections not taking part in the Grand Parade may have his/her prize money forfeited.

    Disclaimer of Liability

    Neither the organisers of the event to which these rules apply nor any agent, employee or representative of these bodies accepts any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders, spectators, land, vehicles, their contents and accessories or any other personal property whatsoever whether caused by their negligence, breach of contract, or in any other way whatsoever.

    NB. Under law it is not possible to sign a waiver which would protect a facility owner, farmer, employer or other person from liability should an accident occur as a result of neglect to take all practicable steps. The facility owner, local authority or farmer etc cannot contract out such responsibilities by requesting a waiver of liability. All practicable steps have been taken by the

  • 40 | Official Show Partner FARMLANDS

    organisers to ensure your safety and we ask you to take particular heed of hazard signs that have been posted, and avoid these areas.

    Children must be under adult supervision at all times.


    TROPHIES FOR SECTIONCATTLE FLAT STATION TROPHY for Best Hereford Yearling Bull - Class 304W HUNT TROPHY - Class 305JUNIOR HERDSPERSON TROPHY presented by High Country Herefords - Class 307.R SCAIFE TROPHY - Champion FemaleG SCAIFE TROPHY - Champion MaleHIGH COUNTRY HEREFORD TROPHY Presented by Earnscleugh and Locharburn Studs for Supreme Breed Champion


    BNZ Champion Hereford PM: $100

    Reserve Champion Hereford

    ROSETTE for Supreme Champion Hereford presented by NZ Hereford Society

    BNZ Champion Angus PM: $100

    Reserve Champion Angus

    ROSETTE for Supreme Champion Angus presented by NZ Angus Society

    BNZ Champion Galloway PM: $100

    Reserve Champion Galloway

    ROSETTE for Supreme Champion Galloway presented by NZ Galloway Society

    CRAWF AG Stewards Choice special prize for whatever catches the Stewards eye on the day but must be an entered exhibit PM $100

    Class 300 - 1st product donated by BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM

    Class 302 - 1st SLAMMER worth $250 donated by TJ SLAMMER

    Class 304 - 1st product donated by BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM

    Class 305 - 1st halter donated by LANDPRO LTD

    Class 307 - 1st halter donated by LANDPRO LTD

    Hay for Cattle Section is proudly donated by WANAKA AGRICULTURAL CONTRACTING LTD

    Please note Classes 300 and 304 - if entries are sufficient classes will be split into two, based on animals date of birth or breed; done at Marshalls discretion on the day.

    Phone Luggate 03 443 8221Phone Wanaka 03 443 7833

    Stock CartageBulk Cartage


    Gravel Supplies

    Site Excavation DrivewaysSoakpits ect Landscaping, House Pads, Posthole, Boring, Demolition, Landscape Supplies Tip Trucks

    Upper Clutha TransportNo Job too Big or SmallUppe Clutha Transport

  • Official Show Partner FARMLANDS | 41


    SATURDAY, 10 MARCH 2018Cattle Ring 08:45 AM

    300 DEVON DAIRY FARMS LTD Heifer Calf, born 1st June 2017.

    PM: $ 50, 30, 20

    Placings 1-6. Plus product donated by BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM

    301 CROMWELL TRANSPORT Heifer born since 1st June 2016(1 year).

    PM: $ 50, 30, 20

    302 ALLFLEX Heifer born since 1st June 2015, with or without Calf at foot (2 year)

    PM: $ 50, 30, 20

    Plus special prize of Slammer donated by T J SLAMMER

    303 DEVON DAIRY FARMS LTD Cow any age with calf at foot.

    PM: $ 50, 30, 20

    304 DEVON DAIRY FARMS LTD Bull Calf born since 1st June 2017

    PM: $ 50, 30, 20

    Placings 1-6. Plus product donated by BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM

    305 ALLFLEX Bull born since 1st June 2016 (1 year)

    PM: $ 50, 30, 20

    Plus special prize of a halter donated by LANDPRO LTD

    306 POLSON HIGGS & CO Bull born before 1st June 2015 (2 year and over).

    PM: $ 50, 30, 20

    307 LANDPRO AND WANAKA SPRAYING Junior Herdsperson

    PM: $ 50, 30, 20

    LANDPRO donates show halter to winner. This class will be run at the conclusion of

    the cattle judging. Handlers to be under 24 years. Depending on entry numbers the committee has the discretion to split class in to age and novice sections.

    308 DEVON DAIRY FARMS LTD PAIR: Bull and Heifer Calf

    PM: $ 50, 30, 20

    309 DEVON DAIRY FARMS LTD PAIR: Yearling Bull and Heifer

    PM: $ 50, 30, 20

    310 POLSON HIGGS & CO Pair: Progeny Two animals under 24 months Not necessarily the same sex, but by same sire or dam.

    PM: $ 50, 30, 20

    CHAMPION FEMALE PM: $ 250 CHAMPION ribbon plus special prize voucher $250 donated by AGRISEEDS $250 voucher donated by AGRISEEDS

    CHAMPION BULL PM: $ 250 CHAMPION ribbon plus special prize voucher $250 donated by AGRISEEDS

    SUPREME ALL BREED CHAMPION Plus Special Prize $500 of product donated by MAINLAND MINERALS


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