ALL-METAL VANS AND BUSES - GAZelle Next gaz.· ALL-METAL VANS AND BUSES ... low foot step, 1900mm

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    ALL-METAL VANS AND BUSESAny commercial vehicle is first and foremost a work tool which has to earn money. GAZelle NEXT with an all-metal body is a modern, reliable, efficient, safe, stylish and ergonomic vehicle, which can do it better than others!

    Along with all advantages of the vehicle, its price is 25% lower than the price of the closest analogs, and due to a long service life the residual value will remain high even in several years.

    High payload and increased body capacity allow to transport even more cargo and optimize the number of vehicle movements.

    High fuel efficiency, low costs for spare parts and maintenance service, fair 3-year warranty and 20 000 km service interval result in a substantial reduction in operating costs.

    Actual calculations suggest that costs for 1 km of mileage are 6.4 Rub. only, and the funds invested in Next, will be returned in less than two years.

    GAZelle NEXT will take your business to a new level!

    NEXT FAMILY DEVELOPMENTA new family takes origin from the drop-side truck GAZelle NEXT, the production of which was launched by GAZ in April 2013.

    At present, more than fifty thousands of NEXT vehicles successfully operate in the markets of Russia, CIS and other foreign countries.

    In just two and a half years Gorky Automobile Plant specialists have managed to develop and arrange the manufacture of more than two hundred modifications of a new family, including GAZelle NEXT chassis with single- and double-row cabin; CITILINE high-capacity buses; GAZon NEXT medium-duty trucks with a cabin with seating for 3 and 7, both with high clearance and low loading height as well as over 200 types of specialty vehicles of different applications.Today, we are pleased to introduce another premiere from Gorky Automobile Plant ALL-METAL VANS AND BUSES NEXT!

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    Work on model range expansion is in progress.

    NEXT vans and buses of other standard sizes, of different wheel base lengths and roof heights, body capacity from 8 to 11.5 cu. m as well as with single- and double-tire wheels will soon enter the market.

    You will be able to choose the vehicle that is best suited either for your business or family needs.

    V 8,0 m3, 3 seats

    V 4,0 m3, 7 seats

    8 seats




    Short wheelbase, 3005 mm*

    Medium wheelbase, 3145 mm*

    Long wheelbase, 3745 mm

    V 9,5 m3, 3 seats

    V 4,5 m3, 7 seats

    13 seats





    - 2


    9 m





    - 2


    5 m





    V 9,7 m3, 3 seats

    V 4,7 m3, 7 seats

    8-10 seats

    V 11,5 m3, 3 seats

    V 7,5 m3, 7 seats

    13 seats

    V 13,5 m3, 3 seats

    V 9,5 m3, 7 seats

    16 seats

    V 13,5 m3

    V 11,5 m3

    V 9,7 m3

    V 9,5 m3 V 8 m3

    * Advanced development models






    It is no coincidence that we start with a maximum capacity body. After all, the capacity is the functionality and commercial use efficiency of the vehicle.

    Three versions of all-metal NEXT vehicles are presented here: a van, COMBI cargo-passenger van and a bus.

    3745875 1537





    R 5,5


  • TRIPLE PROFITEverything in NEXT panel van is designed for functionality.

    Provisioning of the maximum loading capacity, making the rear and sliding door openings wide and convenient as well as ensuring secure fixation and cargo safety condition are the primary goals implemented in GAZelle NEXT van design.

    The vehicle nature is obvious from its appearance: dignity and commitment, confidence and internal strength. The horizontal lines of the cabin are effectively drawn along the whole body. The appeared shallow cavities and bulges have efficiently hidden the huge side panels, made the outline of an unusually large vehicle look fancy and sweeping. People usually say about such solutions, The vehicle looks smaller on the outside. And these are not just words. It might surprise you when you see the amount of cargo this 13.5 m3 van can hold.


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    The upholstery of the side member up to the roof of the cargo compartment made of fiberboard with decorative coating and 9mm plywood floor plates which are included into the standard features of the vehicle protect the body surface against scuffing and damage. Two upholstery variants are optionally available: up to the

    A set of 10 lifting ears allows the cargo to be securely fastened.

    A plastic rear bumper on a reinforced metal base serves as a foot step (130 mm depth).

    The grab rail on the right rear quarter pillar makes the boarding easier without compromising the passenger range of visibility.



    Payload volume is up to 13.5 m3

    Number of seats is 2+1

    Maximum height of cargo compartment is up to 1927 mm

    Length of cargo compartment is 3.6 m, maximum load length is up to 5 m

    Loading area 6.7 m2

    Convenient access to the cargo compartment:

    Maximum height of rear doors opening, ceiling height is without blind spots

    Wide and high sliding door equipped with a new Rollmech Automotiv reliable mechanism simplifies the load-unload process.

    Special opening under the passenger seat allows to transport long cargo of up to 5 meters

    Full-size rear doors are locked in the intermediate position at an angle of 900 and fully opened at an angle of 2700, which provides some flexibility even in the streets and warehouses with limited spaces.

    Locking at the maximum door opening (approx. 2700) is conducted automatically by a magnet lock.

    Simple, ergonomic and reliable rear door release: an outside handle is on the right door which is similar to those on the side ones and a compact inside handle is on the left door.

    Cargo compartment is equipped with two interior lamps located near the side sliding and rear doors.

  • THE WINNING COMBINATIONGAZelle NEXT COMBI panel van combines both the advantages of a spacious van and a comfortable minibus.

    In addition to the driver, the cabin can easily accommodate 6 persons. Meanwhile, the van preserves all advantages of NEXT cargo vehicles in carrying capacity, and a convenient entrance through a separate door, high quality seats, multiple niches and shelves provide all passengers with maximum comfort.

    GAZelle NEXT van in COMBI version is a perfect variant to be used as maintenance and road service vehicles, mobile workshops and immediate response vehicles. Moreover, you can successfully use this multi-purpose assistant both for work and rest.


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    Another niche is an extension of second row seats and it conveniently holds both water bottles and other things, which will be necessary while travelling.

    As well as in the van, the basic configuration of COMBI is already equipped with floor plates with smooth anti-skid seamless surface providing convenience and safety of loading. Lifting ears are provided for cargo fastening.

    COMBI basic configuration is equipped with Webasto starting preheater. A ventipane above the second row of seats and a ventilating wing in the left window of the second row provide driver and passengers with comfort at any time of the year.

    Number of seats is 6+1 Payload volume is up to 9.5 m3

    Maximum height of cargo compartment is up to 1927 mm Loading area is 5.5 m2

    New business tasks and horizons open new routes. Russia lives with roads, and one not always manages to complete the ride in one day. Apart from comfortable passenger accommodation, COMBI features the second row of seats which can be folded and easily transformed into a fully functional rear rest. While a roomy niche under the second row seats will allow to hide drivers personal belongings and bedding.

    A deep luggage rack with the loading capacity of up to 30 kg is located above the front row of seats.

    In addition, the folding tables, mesh pockets, 12V socket, USB-port and a glove compartment are provided for the convenience of the passengers of the second row. LED lighting in the passenger compartment will ensure additional travel comfort.

  • CARING FOR PASSENGERSWhen designing the bus, we have focused on comfort and safety of the passengers.

    This version can easily seat 16 passengers.

    Passenger convenience is achieved due to a high opening of the side door, low foot step, 1900mm high passenger compartment , ergonomic seats, LED lighting and panoramic windows.

    An optimal climate in the compartment is maintained with 3 heaters and an air conditioner, if necessary.

    All seats are equipped with seat belts.

    It can be said with confidence that the driver and the passengers will be reliably protected due to high-rigidity body and programmable crumple zones in the structure of load-bearing elements of NEXT vehicles.


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    Two variants of power plant: new modern Evotech gasoline engine and already well-known fuel-efficient Cummins diesel engine. Evotech is a joint project of GAZ Group and Tenergy, a leading South Koreas company in the development and engineering of power plants.

    Radically new brake system has a threefold safety margin and record values of braking. MANDO brake gears, vacuum booster and the ninth generation BOSCH ABS 9 system.

    Complete modernization of gearbox and rear axle has allowed to not only increase their safety and service life, but also to increase the transmitted torque up to 330 Nm, which allowed to increase engine maximum power to 149 h.p.

    The u