All Natural, All Cola, All Down To Earth

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Young Lions 2014 MEDIA Competition. All Natural, All Cola, All Down To Earth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Young Lions 2014 MEDIA CompetitionAll Natural, All Cola, All Down To Earth

The Red Bull Energy Drink gives you wings. Weve created an idea to play with this well-known slogan in connection to Red Bull Cola.

Although flying is great, there are a lot of situations where you just have to be Down To Earth.

The concept plays with the products strong USP that is also totally Down To Earth: Natural ingredients which create a pure Cola.

For the digital campaign the slogan All Natural, All Cola will be extended with All Down To Earth and therefore works perfectly with the already established TV spot.

Young Lions 2014 MEDIA CompetitionCommunication

In addition to the #AllDownToEarth-Moments of the users, there will be content generated by the Red Bull Heroes, who also function as multipliers. USER-GENERATED CONTENTMICROSITESOCIAL MEDIABANNERBesides our Down To Earth communication concept we want to use user-generated content as a comprehensive strategy for the digital campaign.We ask our users to share their personal #alldowntoearth moments with us. Well collect all the content thats generated using our hashtag on our microsite. The moment with the most votes wins a Meet & Greet with one of the Red Bull Heros.

3Young Lions 2014 MEDIA CompetitionMicrosite & Social MediaCentral Hub for own and user generated content.Content by users will be aggregated via a hashtag. #AllDownToEarth will be used in various social networks to share personal #AllDownToEarth-moments.Red Bull Heros will be featured in between the user-generated content to intensify the Down To Earth Idea.

Young Lions 2014 MEDIA CompetitionOnline & MobileOverlay Ads in form of relevant Red Bull Heros who are jumping across the screen when the user scrolls down the website.Skyscraper and Flashbar with the message All Natural All Cola #AllDownToEarth appears.In addition to that general skyscrapers will be booked via the AdVice network to especially reach out to opinion leaders.

Young Lions 2014 MEDIA CompetitionBudgetOwned MediaEarned MediaPaid MediaMicrosite, RB-Website, RB-SM-Channels, SM-Channels of RB-HerosUser-Generated-Content, Seeding in Social Media

MediaplanMediaplan fr Paid Media %Online: Layer Ads on target group-relevant websites35 %Online: Skysraper-Ads in the AdVice-Network20 %Mobile: Tablet Ads in target group-relevant magazines20 %Social Media: Facebook-Logout-Experience-Ads20 %Social Media: Youtube-Prerolls5 %


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