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6. 7. 8. An idea always strike in my mind that by teaching traders(all over India basis) technical analysis (in mass way),we can build a very strong client-base for you. As per my primary calculation, we can add a minimum of 10,000 to 20,000+ new clients in 1 year. However, I am confident that we can make the number of new clients much higher than that with a sound planning. The Idea is to hold seminars in select cities and we give 2 hours presentation of Magic and Wonders of Technical Analysis for our Equity and Commodity market. These seminars will sure attract a large number of traders towards technical analysis classes if a planned advertisement is done ahead of the scheduled seminar dates. We can charge participation fee per participant basis for these seminars and those who are/become client of your broking houses get discount in the participation fee. My classes are of 2 Days/27 hours duration where I can teach complete Basic + Advance + Practical Dow Theory or Elliot Theory or Gann Theory. There are many more advantages to unfold with this Idea of mine if you are interested to discuss. I can discuss in full details, if you provide me an appointment. Your Financial Trainer & Technical Analyst - Alok Surana 9. SL Particular Download Link (CLICK ON IKON) 1. AN INTRO ALOK SURANA AS EQUITY & COMMODITY TECNICAL ANALYST.doc.file 2 NIFTYPREDICTATION 6000 ON DATED: 6JUNE, 2009 WHEN NIFTY WAS @ 4200.ppt.file (SEE THE DATE OF UP-LOADING, WHEN YOU DOWNLOAD THE FILE SO YOU JUDGE THE ACCURACY OF PREDICTION.) 3 NIFTY OUTLOOK 9TH JUNE 2009.ppt.file 4 Khud ko kar Buland Itna .ppt.file 5 Alok Surana Success.ppt.file 6 Classical Method of Technical Analysis Course !!.ppt.file 7 Why Ratan Tata not in Worlds' Billionaire .ppt.file 10. As written last week, Nifty major support @ 5620 is broken with larger volumes, Last week starts with positive notes on 24 Jan.. Nifty gain 47 points, On 25 Jan Nifty firm in morning.. Went up to 5801 after RBI POLICY but then real hammering starts Nifty close 114 Points from day high this days hammering clearly indicate to all that bears not stop and they continue hammer market some more days. Continue 11. On.. 26 January market was closed but on 27 Jan Bear again trap bulls This day Nifty breach not only 200 DMA but also psychological LVL 5600 too Lastly Nifty close @ 5604. On 28 thJan Friday The day of weekly closing Nifty fall badly Its almost a Black Friday !! Nifty fallen till 5459 but settle at 5512 due to bears short covering + Bears profit booking. Now... Its certain and confirm that Nifty is in ICU (below 200 DMA) *ICU = Incentive Care Unit, On Daily Charts Nifty is very weak MACD is falling below 0 Line, The Daily RSI at 30.31, +DI and DI are running negative to each other, The Daily Stochastic - %K and %D both line coming down... %K reach at oversold position @ 16 but % D still at 35. In total, Nifty which is falling last 3 weak is not at huge oversold may Monday orTuesday after a initial Fall Nifty may bounce ... That time we need to see the velocity of bounce / reversal... If the reversal is in slow to mild then may Nifty again go weak after some breathing / sideways movement. For any strangeness Nifty need to show V shape sharp recovery ... coz the huge - huge oversold market if not show fastest reversal then bear again trap bulls. Continue 12. On weekly charts Nifty is weaker, I assume that 1 H&s formation is occur... The H&S neck Line at 5690 around + 1 more pattern made Nifty more weak that is Double Top at 6357 on 11 January 2008 and 6335.90 on 12 November, 2010... These combine factors reaction is stronger than we anticipated but these support levels of Nifty 5,200 and Sensex 17,500 are fairly strong. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Are Indian stocks too expensive after the breathless rally of the past few months?yes. Its price earnings multiple, at 26.9 based on past years earnings, definitely looks stiff both in relation to long-term trends and in comparison to its peers in other emerging markets. The Sensexs PE multiple now is several levels above its five-year average of 18. Over the past five years, the bellwethers PE multiple has swung between 10 and 27 times its historic earnings. It has averaged 15 for a 10-year period. The Sensex also appears dear compared to many other emerging market indices that figure on the radar screens of institutional investors.The Sensex is much more expensive than Brazils Bovespa, which trades at about 15 times, Taiwans Taiex (21 times), Thailands SET (21 times) or Koreas KOSPI (16 times). The only exception is the Shanghai Composite index of China, which trades at a whopping 68 times.Why nifty is sliding or correcting last few months... ? 18. Indian companies will have to deliver much higher growth rates in earnings than most other emerging market peers to justify the current Sensex valuation. The PE of 27 assumes that earnings of the constituent companies would sustain a 25-30 per cent annualised growth at least over the next five years. Is it time to raise the flag of caution? Especially after the slowdown in earnings growth reported by India Inc in the September quarter. However, investors can probably take heart from the fact that not all of the Indian stock market is as expensive as the Sensex.With the recent market rally bypassing large swathes of mid- and small-cap stocks, the PE multiples of these stocks are far below those of the Sensex constituents. The PE multiple of the BSE Midcap index is, for instance, at just 22. What is more, a good 60 per cent of the stocks listed on the NSE are still trading at a PE multiple of less than 20, based on their past years earnings. 19. 1.Essar Oil P/E 1,212.00 2.Spectacle Ind P/E 956.76 3.Sunteck Realty P/E 575.46 4.GI Engineering P/E 517 5.MMTC Ltd P/E 477.44 6.Vimta Labs P/E 436.43 7.Karuturi Global P/E 334.44 8.Sun Pharma Adv P/E 270.15 9.EIH P/E 249.19 10.OCL Iron P/E 244.62 11.Alpa Laboratori P/E 223.33 12.Adani Enterpris P/E 216.52 13.Advani Hotels P/E 213.42 14.Ashco Niulab P/E 211.67 15.Religare Enterp P/E 197.83 16.Neha Internatio P/E 174.83 17.IndiaBPower P/E 171.67 18.JCT Electronics P/E 170 19.Country Condos P/E 166.67 20.Zandu Realty P/E 157.09 These are only 20 Companies Name ! We have full data of BSE / NSE Listed companies, Higher P/E as well as Lower P/E (means cheapest available Company in India for BEST Investment Buy.) ASK US !! Note:Dec2010 Quarter Result may not applied on above figures Check all Data at your source and must re-confirm before any action. 20. WE ARE ONE OF THE COSTLIEST MARKET IN WORLD !! Source : Internet Note: The above Data is Sep / Oct 2010, The Current PE of India is @ 18 to 20, Final Data you can check fromNSE. 21. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER FOLLOW US ONYAHOO MESSNGER SGX NIFTY 0 - 9681402315