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ALQ155 AAG Conversion Clinic

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ALQ155 AAG Conversion Clinic. Team Members David Gedge Nate Decker William Sackett Spencer Little Advisors Dr. Priyank Kalla Thomas Dixon Special Thanks to Craig Gordon, Tim Price, and Ryan Yoshida. ALQ155 AAG Clinic 2008. 1. Intro & History. Presented by David Gedge. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of ALQ155 AAG Conversion Clinic

ALQ155 AAG Conversion ClinicIntroduction…
Thanks to other members of the team, Tom, Dr. Kalla, and
Craig Gordon, Tim Price, and Ryan Yoshida
ALQ155 AAG Conversion Clinic
LRU – Line Replaceable Unit
USB – Universal Serial Bus
PCB – Printed Circuit Board
Bitmap – Program loaded on the FPGA
UCF – User Constraint File
March 2008
March 2008
Updated Bitmap and UCF for the FPGA
Updated Firmware

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