Amazing Africa - Unique Ways to Enjoy a Holiday in Vilanculos

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Vilanculos, Mozambique is a melting pot when it comes to marine diversity, eco-tourism, and making memories while on a holiday. The scenic sights, fun activities, amazing accommodations, and warm people make this small coastal town such a nice place to visit.


  • Amazing Africa - Unique Ways to Enjoy a Holiday in Vilanculos

    Take a trip down Mozambique and bask in the white sands and turquoise waters found in its sunny seaside town of Vilanculos. The local 'pescador' or fishermen, along with their families, actually work to keep the coastlines and islands immaculate. You won't be able to help but be captivated by the picturesque scenery, warm comfort, diverse wildlife, and over-all appeal of this African tropical paradise.

    There are plenty of ways to do here other than relaxing at the amazing hotels in Vilanculos you are eyeing. Here are some suggestions.

    Oddyssea Dive

    Equipped with the latest equipment and maintained by licensed instructors, this world-class dive centre offers services for people to get a closer look at Mozambique's underwater wonders. Learn the procedures of snorkelling and deep-sea diving with your friends and families.

    Mozambique Horse Safari Explore and discover the history of the different sites in Vilanculos while on horse-back. Accompanied by a tour guide, you can roam the trails, and learn more about the culture and ways of the locals. Enjoy different viewing points when you pass the hills, beaches (where you can swim with the horses), and lastly, the romantic red cliff that is more charming during sundown. The tours occur during the day, so make sure to wear comfortable clothing. Bring a hat, don't forget your camera, and, most of all, have tons of fun.

    Sailaway Dhow Safari

    If you prefer more conventional ways of touring, you are sure to enjoy the cruises of Sailaways Dhow Safari. Its tours include fun activities such as snorkelling, walking on the island trails, and climbing sand dunes. Each tour takes a couple of hours, so it's good to bring extra clothes, and wear sun protection, suitable footwear, and jackets. The cruise provides all the meals and beverages for the duration of the trip. They also have a vegetarian menu for the figure-conscious and alcoholic drinks are available if you want a bit of a party.

    Coastal Wildlife Sanctuary

    A biodiversity hotspot located at San Sebastian Island, this wildlife sanctuary covers both land and sea, incorporating mangrove swamps, coral reefs, freshwater lakes, and coastal dunes. The settings are quite peaceful; explore to see birds, fish, and other animals in their natural habitat. There are also lodges in

  • the area where you can rest and from which you can just gaze at the beautiful sunset after a day of roaming around the reserve.

    Sport Fishing

    Primarily fishermen, people in Vilanculos and the nearby islands of Bazaruto and Benguerra take pride in their beautiful waters that are teeming with myriad aquatic life. In this locales, you can capture different kinds of sea creatures, namely the giant king fish, yellow fin tuna, barracuda, and mackerel. Fly and shore fishing off the islands also make for a fun and exciting activity. The local pescador can teach you how to cast bait and haul the catch. Whether or not you've gone fishing before, you'll enjoy your time here.

    Pescador in Vilankulo, Mozambique rests along Beach Road, within the borders of Inhambane Province. Just 4 km north of the village, the hotel is also within proximity of the harbour and international airport.