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Ambassador Newsletter - Barts Charity...Ambassador Newsletter Spring 2016 Spring into action ^The power of a personal connection to a cause cannot be underestimated. _ Ambassador Guy

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  • In this issue, we look back over the last six months at how Circulate, the Barts Charity heart health network, has gained

    momentum (page 2), and honour our 2015 Exceptional Ambassadors (page 3). We also say farewell to our Chief Executive

    Andrew Douglas, and Chairman Michael Smith, thanking them for their support over the years, and give a warm welcome to

    our new Chief Executive Fiona Miller Smith, and Chairman Paul Rawlinson (page 2).

    The Development Team has been actively cultivating our network of supporters and potential donors towards generating

    awareness of Circulate and funds for innovative cardiac research and equipment projects, as well as other life-changing

    projects across the Barts Health network of hospitals. As Ambassadors, we know that you are always looking for ways to

    help us achieve our goal of funding extraordinary healthcare.

    How can you help?

    Link us to Trusts and Foundations – One of the biggest indicators of success

    when we apply to trusts and foundations for funding lies with a

    connection to a member of their Board of Trustees. Do you have any

    contacts / friends / family members who are Trustees of grant-giving


    Corporates – We have been working with local businesses to engage their

    employees on various topics relating to cardiac health. Are you part of or

    do you know of any organisations that would be interested in joining the

    Circulate network, or discussing ways to create a bespoke charity

    partnership to boost employee wellbeing?

    Event Spaces — We have been incredibly lucky to have the support of our Ambassadors in the provision of excellent

    venues for our events. Do you have connections to any great spaces in the City for future events and receptions?

    Event Speakers — We are always looking to increase our database of engaging, high profile speakers to headline our

    events. For our Circulate events we are particularly interested in any speakers that have an expertise in topics which link

    to cardiovascular health e.g. fitness, nutrition, stress etc. Do you know any speakers?

    Prizes/Giveaways — A great example would be Ambassador Matt Hobbs who donated a dinner and night’s stay at the

    Groucho Club, which took our prize draw at the Circulate official launch to a whole new level. Can you facilitate any

    appealing prize items for upcoming events?

    The connections and introductions we’ve made through our

    Ambassador network are extremely valuable and we look forward to

    working together to further our mission of extraordinary healthcare

    for all. Best regards, Belinda, Danny, Ilia, Sophy and Shree

    The Development Team

    Ambassador Newsletter Spring 2016

    Spring into action

    “The power of a personal connection to a cause

    cannot be underestimated.” Ambassador Guy Innes-Ker

    The Duke of Roxburghe

  • In May, our current Chairman, Michael Smith and Chief Executive, Andrew Douglas,

    will be retiring from their positions at The Charity.

    Michael and Andrew both joined in 2007 and in their nine years at the helm they have confidently steered the Charity through a global financial crisis and on-going vicissitudes within the Trust - their clarity and strength leaves us stronger than ever. They will be missed, but we welcome and look forward to working with Paul Rawlinson as our new Chairman and Fiona Miller Smith as our new Chief Executive.

    Paul, Chartered Accountant; partner and former member of the Executive Board of PwC LLP, has been a Barts Charity Trustee since 2011 and is stepping up from his current position as Deputy Chairman.

    Fiona will become our new Chief Executive and she joins us from Social Finance Ltd. which partners with government, the social sector and the financial community to find better solutions to society’s most difficult problems. Fiona is an experienced entrepreneur who has run three businesses over the last ten years in the profit and not-

    for-profit sectors creating significant economic and social value.

    Speaking about the changes, Michael said: "I have really enjoyed working with the Trustees and excellent staff in developing the Charity, which is in good shape for a bright future."

    Andrew said: “I have been fortunate to have had a great team to work with during my time here. It is now time for someone with a new vision to take Barts Charity on the next stage of its journey.”

    We wish Michael and Andrew all the best for their next steps and look forward to welcoming Paul and Fiona in May!

    Since the launch in the Great Hall last November, Circulate has gathered significant pace and we are thrilled to have welcomed a number of new partners to the network.

    Alongside founding partner Linklaters, Circulate is proud to include Clinic, Osborne Clarke, Business Healthy, The Groucho Club, Beaufort Securities, Allen & Overy, the City of London Police, Hogan Lovells and Beet It Sport as key partners, with a total of nearly 500 individual ‘Circulators’ within the network.

    Since the beginning of the year, with the kind support of Barts Heart Centre consultants, Circulate has been invited to a number of neighbouring companies to present to employees on a host of cardiac related topics - from general cardiac care and prevention to arrhythmias and the effects of stress on the heart. All have been positively received, resulting in question and answer sessions that have opened up the discussion on cardiovascular disease to a wider audience – the cornerstone of Circulate’s original mission.

    In March, Circulate held its first official event – ‘Feeding Your Heart Healthy’ – an interactive cooking experience combining heart health research with food science and culinary creativity. Sponsored and hosted by Aveqia, a culinary events space offering cooking

    experiences with Michelin trained chefs, Circulators were invited to hear from Barts Heart Centre clinical and research experts Andrew Wragg and Amrita Ahluwalia, and elite sports nutritionist Matt Lovell on good cardiovascular diet and lifestyle choices, before taking to the kitchen to create two delicious dishes using heart healthy ingredients. ‘Feeding Your Heart Healthy’ was enthusiastically attended and its success has since paved the way for a series of creative events that will deliver the latest scientific thinking and insights in engaging and innovative formats for improved heart health.

    As we move into Spring, the Development Team continues to plan forthcoming Circulate events whilst widening the network by arranging further presentations to local firms and businesses. Please visit the Circulate website for fresh updates and event announcements and if you have any contacts who would be interested in hearing more about Circulate, please get in touch with the Development Team.

    A new leadership era at Barts Charity

    Circulate update

  • On 26th April 2016, 2015 Exceptional Ambassadors Josephine Chui, Lord Tim Clement-Jones CBE, Charlotte Frost and Cormac Mac Crann were honoured as their plaques were unveiled in the atrium of the King George V, in St Bartholomew's Hospital. Josephine, Charlotte and Cormac were in attendance, joined by their families.

    The unveiling was followed by drinks in the James Gibbs flat and a short thank you by Chairman Paul Rawlinson.

    We will be submitting nominations for 2016 Exceptional Ambassadors to the Board of Trustees in July. The honourees will be announced at the 2016 Ambassador Dinner.

    Barts Heart Centre has gone from strength to strength since opening its doors just 12 months ago. It now treats 5,000 patients on a monthly basis making it the largest cardiovascular centre in Europe. Barts Charity is supporting a number of state-of-the-art equipment projects to ensure Barts Heart Centre continues as a global epicentre of excellence, leading the way in innovation, research, teaching and clinical outcomes.

    One such innovative project is the 3-D Transoesophageal Echocardiography machine (TOE). This is an extremely advanced piece of imaging equipment which is used to assess the structure and function of the heart.

    An ultrasound probe is passed down the patient’s gullet to the back side of the heart where the operator manipulates the ultrasound beams directly onto the cardiac muscle. Very precise 3-D images of the heart’s valves and chambers are then projected onto a HD screen for review by the cardiologist in control.

    3-D TOE can be used on patients suffering from a wide variety of cardiac conditions and is mainly used to enhance diagnosis pre-operation and improve planning and assessment of the surgical repair, post operation. TOE also has the potential to save lives as it has the unique ability to identify and precisely locate undetected bleeding which is not possible with current equipment.

    Barts Heart Centre will carry out 3,500 surgical procedures a year all of which will require the use of a TOE machine pre, during and post operation. Therefore TOE will have a huge impact on a large number of patients, between the ages of 18 and 80, including those suffering from heart failure, heart attacks and heart rhythm problems.

    The 3-D TOE will not only improve the accuracy of clinical outcomes it will offer outstanding teaching, training and research opportunities with 130 trainees having the opportunity to develop their skills each year.

    Overall, this equipment will project Barts Heart Centre’s already outstanding imaging department to a gold standard. Patients will have better clinical outcomes, will spend less time in hospital and be given the best chance to recover from heart surgery. Specialists at the BHC have requested funding for five 3-D TOES, each machine costing £152,000. Click here to donate or contact Belinda Dee to find out how you can help us to fundraise.

    Project Spotlight: 3-D Transoesophageal Echocardiography machines

    Save the date reminder– 3rd Anniversary Ambassador Dinner

    Hopefully you’ve all marked 28th September 2016 down in your calendars! Once again, the dinner will take place at the House of Lords with drinks in the Cholmondeley Room and dinner on the River Terrace.

    Exceptional Ambassador plaque unveiling

    No. 7. Spring 2016

    Matt Hobbs — Managing Director, The Groucho Club

    Matt Sparkes — Global Head of Corporate Responsibility, Linklaters

    Other news

    Welcome to new Ambassadors:[email protected]://