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Amedeo 2012 collection available now.


  • LOOKBOOK 2012

  • We help you share your storyYou are so much more complex than anyone could know from just one glance. Like a detailed book, your thoughts, expressions, presentation and clothes tell other people about you. But you cant be summed up in one look. You are so much deeper than that. There are so many important points and finer details about you. At the heart of Amedeo lies our passion for luxury and self-expression which is why we make garments that help tell your story. Made with you in mind, our core brand range encompasses mens lifestyle wear, business apparel, sportswear and glamorous styles for special events.

    Make them read deeper. Make them look twice -- Amedeo

  • Pattern Hero Tie Set (Inc. matching Cuff Links & Handkerchief) ...MSRP $88

    Custom-Made Grey Suit ...MSRP $495

    Patterned Chester French Cuff Shirt.

    Light Pink ...MSRP $128

  • Business Card Holders ...MSRP $48 ea

    Personal Grooming Kit MSRP $48

    Money Clips ...MSRP $28 ea

  • Tuxedo ... MSRP $495 Black Bow Tie Set. (inc. matching Cuff Links) ... MSRP $88

    Classic White William Button-Down Shirt ... MSRP $128

  • Classic Black 3 piece Slim-Fit Suit

    ...MSRP $535

    Patterned Chester French Cuff Shirt. White ...MSRP $128

    Pink Paisley Tie Set (Inc. matching Cuff Links & Handkerchief) ...MSRP $88

  • AEO12 New Classic 3" Tie SetsOver 30 new styles to choose from. Come with matching Tie, Cuff Links

    & Handkerchiefs. ...MSRP $88 ea

  • AEO12 Credit Card Holder. ...MSRP $48

    AEO12 Slickster Wallets. 3 Styles. ...MSRP $98 ea.

    Cuff Link &Tie Clip Set. Over 30 new styles. ...MSRP $78 ea

  • AEO12 New Classic Gentlemans Fedora

    ...MSRP $78

    Gentleman Cut Ash Grey Suit. ...MSRP $495

    Aqua Stipe AEO12 New Classic Tie Set

    (Inc. matching Handkerchief) ...MSRP $88

    Classic William Button-Down Shirt.

    Luster Black ...MSRP $128

  • AEO12 New Classic Gentlemans Fedoras.

    25 styles to choose from. ...MSRP $78 ea

  • AEO12 Knitted Ties20 styles.

    ...MSRP $68 ea

  • AEO12 New Classic Newsie Cap ...MSRP $48

    AEO12 Checkered Prof

    Slim-Fit Blazer...MSRP $348

    AEO12 Slim-Fit Pants. Brown ...MSRP $148

    Le Rvolution Blue Button-Down Shirt ...MSRP $128

    Brown AEO12 Exclusive Skinny Tie

    ...MSRP $48

  • Dress ShirtsOver 100 colors & styles

    ..MSRP $128 ea

  • AEO12 Slim-Fit Suit Jackets. 16 colors & styles ...MSRP $348 ea

  • AEO12 Corporal Military Cap

    ...MSRP $48

    AEO12 PacificSlim-Fit Blazer. Grey ...MSRP $348

    Beaded Love T-Shirt. Black ..MSRP $78

    AEO12 Slim-Fit Pants. Grey ...MSRP $148

  • AEO12 Discharge Printed T-Shirts ...MSRP $78 ea

    Beaded Love T-Shirt. White ...MSRP $78

  • AEO12 Slim-Fit Pants Charcoal Grey ...MSRP $148

    AEO12 Slim-Fit Pants

    Crosshatch Grey ...MSRP $148

  • AEO12 New Classic Gentlemans Fedora

    ...MSRP $78

    AEO12 Pique Polo. Blue ...MSRP $98

  • AEO12 New Classic Ivy Cap ...MSRP $48

    AEO12 Pique Polo. White ...MSRP $98

  • AEO12 Pique Polos. ...MSRP $98 ea

  • AEO12 Slickster Wallet ...MSRP $98

    AEO12 New Classic Ivy Cap ...MSRP $48

    AEO12 Pique Polo. White ...MSRP $98

    Plaid Pink AEO12 Relax Shorts ...MSRP $88

  • AEO12 Newsie & Ivy Caps ...MSRP $48 ea



  • AEO12 New Classic Khaki Cap ...MSRP $48

    AEO12 Half-Sleeve Dress Shirt. Paisley

    ...MSRP $98

    Greyscale Plaid AEO12 Relax Shorts ...MSRP $88

  • Hatch GreyAEO12 Relax Shorts ...MSRP $88

    AEO12 Corporal Military Cap ...MSRP $48

    Discharge Printed T-Shirt ...MSRP $78

  • AEO12 Corporal Military Caps

    ... $48 ea

  • AEO12 Half-Sleeve Dress Shirt. Checkered

    Blue with Paisley Accents ...MSRP $98

    Gregory Grey AEO12 Relax Shorts ...MSRP $88

  • AEO12 Checkered Slim Fit Pants ...MSRP $148 ea

  • AEO12 New Classic Vest. Black ...MSRP $108

    AEO12 New Classic Tie.Black ...MSRP $88

    Chester Slim-Fit Shirt. Checkered Pink ...MSRP $128

    AEO12 New Classic Dress Pants. Black ...MSRP $148

  • AEO12 Exclusive Skinny Ties. 15 new styles available. ...$68 ea

    Pink Paisley

    Aqua Stripe

    Monochromatic Black & Pink Stripe

  • Chester Slim-Fit Shirt.

    Checkered Blue ...MSRP $128

    AEO12New Classic Dress Pants. Ash-Chalk Grey ...MSRP $148

    AEO12 New Classic Bow Tie. Red including matching Handkerchief ...MSRP $88

  • AEO12 New ClassicBow Tie Sets. Come with matching Bow Tie, Cuff Links & Handkerchief....MSRP $88 ea

    Red Paisley (self-tie)

    Purple Aristotle

    Steeped Green

  • Amedeo Hand Crafted Gold Plated Calligraphy Pen & Gold Plated Fountain Pen ... MSRP $148 ea

  • Esecutivo Double Gusset Briefcase with Strap. ...MSRP $328

  • Esecutivo Double Gusset Briefcase ...MSRP $329

  • Ready to feel the love at Amedeo?

    Whether you are looking for a fresh look for an upcoming event or just want to treat yourself, we are here to help. Well do everything you can to ensure you have an extraordinary experience!

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    Share the extraordinary experience by purchasing your corporate gifts from Amedeo. We can help you pick out the perfect item for your companys incentive drive or recognition program. Call or visit us today!

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    We specialize in custom clothing; made to suit your needs according to your unique body. Come see us today and get a Brand YOU wardrobe.

    Visit us:

    Amedeo *Flagship storeEdmonton City Centre Mall 102 Street and 102 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta

    Online at

    Label Credits:

    Imran HassamKunal KhannaMike Zouhri


    Directed & Shot by: Eugene UhuadModels: Sahr S. & Caleb F.Stylist: Mila ThenMake-up: Nickol Walkemeyer

    Video Credits:

    Directed by: Tom Gunia & Eugene UhuadCinematography/A Camera/Jib/Editor: Tom GuniaB Camera/Dolly Grip: Oliver McgarveyGaffer/Grip: Mike Gobeil & Eugene UhuadModels: Sahr S. & Caleb FischerStylist: Mila ThenMake-up: Nickol Walkemeyer

    Contact Us:

    Ph: 587.520.8669

    Ph: 780.242.2606

    *All prices in this booklet are listed in Canadian ($)