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  • 8/16/2019 American Free Press





    By John Friend


    news anchor from Fargo,N.D., has made nationalheadlines after exposing

    organized efforts to resettlerefugees in his town and other partsof the country, an agenda that isbeing pushed by open-borders ad-

     vocate George Soros and promotedby corporate groups, non-profit or-ganizations, religious groups, and alllevels of government.

    Chris Berg, a reporter for “ValleyNews Live” and host of the televi-sion news program “6:30 Point of 

     View,” produced an exposé high-lighting the efforts of outside groupsto resettle refugees in the area.

    The report focused particular at-tention on the role played by thePartnership for a New AmericanEconomy, an organization that“brings together more than 500 Re- publican, Democratic, and Inde- pendent mayors and business lead-ers united in making the economic

    case for streamlining, modernizing,and rationalizing our immigrationsystem,” according to its officialwebsite.

    In the report, Berg also exposedSoros’s role as well as large corpo-rate organizations that benefit from

    the cheap labor provided by ThirdWorld immigrants. He also looked atthe chaos and cultural, economic,and political degeneration that ac-companies massive Third World im-

    migration and refugee resettlement.Transferring large numbers of Third World peoples into America,and the insidious agenda behind it,are issues that simply cannot be ig-nored any longer by the average American.

    This follows reports that the StateDepartment is coordinating effortsto resettle even more than the 10,000Syrian refugees President BarackObama had pledged that the UnitedStates would take in.

    Thousands of Somalis, Iraqis, andother peoples from across the globeare resettled in the United States

    each year, and more and more Amer-icans are starting to voice their op-

     position to the systematic encour-agement and facilitation of resettlingforeigners into towns and cities allacross America.

    In response to the outrageousrefugee resettlement policies cham-

     pioned by the Obama administra-tion, Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho)introduced H.R. 4731, known as the

    Refugee Program Integrity Restora-tion Act of 2016, on March 14.The bill seeks to “restore congres-

    sional authority over refugee admis-sions” as well as place “an annualcap of 60,000 refugee admissions”into the United States, accordingto a summary written by the Feder-ation for American Immigration Re-form.

     A number of ethnic political lob-bies and religious organizations thatbenefit from the resettlement pro-cess, including the Anti-DefamationLeague and other organizations,have denounced the bill, and arecurrently organizing to lobby con-gressional representatives to voteagainst it.

    THOUSANDS MORE COMING• Local news exposes plan to resettle throngs of refugees in U.S. Globalists will discuss plansto enact global taxation.

    See page 4.

    U.S. training Latin American

    mercenaries to fight in Yemen.See page 22.

    Three-fifths of Americansthink Israel gets too much $$.

    See page 24.

    Congress explores link betweenmeds and veteran suicides.

    See pages 28-29.

    Message from the Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

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    Spotlight on Congress . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18-19

    Ukraine spirals into an abyss . . . . . . . . 20-21

    U.S.-trained mercenaries in Yemen . . . 22-23

    U.S. public: Israel gets too much . . . . . . . 24

    Non-intervention is patriotic . . . . . . . . . . . 26

    AFP’s Marketplace . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27

    Congress responds to vet suicides . . . 28-29

    Letters to the Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

    Ron Paul: Europe tires of U.S. meddling . . 31Paul Craig Roberts: President “Killary” . . . 31


    Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) introducedH.R. 4731, known as the Refugee Program

    Integrity Restoration Act of 2016, in an at-

    tempt to restore to Congress the right to

    handle the admission of immigrants.

    George Soros’s rolein mass immigrationpolicy exposed by

    news anchor.

  • 8/16/2019 American Free Press



    If we’ve learned anything from the

    2016 presidential primary and caucuscycle it is that the cat’s finally out of thebag when it comes to manipulating theelections of our democratic republic.

    Whatever you may think about bil-lionaire Republican presidential con-tender Donald Trump, he has won the

     popular vote and secured nearlyenough delegates to take the Republi-can nomination. But that has notstopped the establishment, which isthreatened by his economic national-

    ism and his criticism of perpetual war,from brazenly moving to steal the elec-tion from him.

    In this week’s issue, we are docu-menting moves in Colorado, South Car-olina, and Georgia to rob Trump of delegates in order to promote Sen. TedCruz (Texas), whose platform mirrorsthe agenda of the neoconservatives, theinternationalists, the bankers, the mili-tary-industrial-banking complex, andthe multinational corporations.

    Typically, they will destroy a candi-date through the usual channels by re- peatedly smearing him in the main-stream media, but that has not workedwith Trump. So they have decided toget it done by manipulating the electionresults to suit their whims. And, of course, we know that if that doesn’twork, they will certainly resort to out-right electronic vote fraud in order toensure Hillary Clinton is elected presi-dent. The same thing is happening toBernie Sanders as the establishment

    works to make Clinton the Democraticnominee—no matter what that party’s voters want.

    So the question we need to be ask-ing ourselves is, will our votes bewasted if we go out to the polls? That’snot an easy answer, as it depends onhow far removed your party’s state andlocal leadership is from the rank andfile. What it does signal, however, isthat it’s more important than ever to getinvolved in local politics, because the

    evidence is out there for all to see thatelections are rigged by those in power to advance their goals.

    We do know one thing: You can al-ways cast your vote for AFP by renew-ing your subscription or buying a giftsubscription for a friend today.

    You can’t trust the politicians, but you can trust A MERICAN FREE PRESS tobring you the honest election coverage you can’t get in the mainstream media.

    Right now, we have an AFP ElectionYear Gift Special that is $24 for a half-

     year. It’s the perfect gift for a student or relative who complains about votefraud but is not quite sure about the de-tails. See our detailed form on page 29for more on this.

    —CHRISTOPHER J. PETHERICK Executive Editor 

    From the Editor News You May Have Missed

    Growth Industry

    There may be one bright spot for the U.S. economy—the gun businessis booming. Thanks to gun grabberslike Hillary and Barack, citizens feelthis is urgently the time to buyweapons to protect themselves andtheir families. The gun industryadded 24,763 new jobs in 2015, for a total of 287,986 nationwide, says

    Newton, Conn.-based NationalShooting Sports Foundation (NSSF),which stated, “We are seeing anincrease in jobs by a remarkable 73% since 2008.” The jobs pay an averageof $50,180 in yearly wages andbenefits—keeping the firearms em-

     ployees out of the poorhouse,though earning less than what a federal bureaucrat makes.

    Government Gone Wild 

    Florida state Rep. Blaise Ingoglia (R) says the federal government hasgone out of control. Special interestgroups are a big problem in politics,but what some do not realize is thatthe central government has itself become a key special interest group,and as a result cutbacks in spendingare not likely. Yet our freedom “is at

    risk if we don’t cut governmentsoon,” he says. The government hasexploded in size over the past

    decade, and both major parties areto blame for this. “Over the lastdecade the number of private-sector employees has grown only 1%, butthe number of federal employees hasgrown by 15%,” he points out as oneexample of “government gone wild.”

    BP Oil Spill Disaster

    Dave Hodges warns folks livingby the Gulf of Mexico are in “gravedanger.” Remember the BP oil spillsome six years ago? Area residents’lifespans are being reduced by perhaps 25% as the effects of thespill linger on. Says Hodges, “Fromthe scientific evidence I have seen, if I lived by the gulf, I would imme-

    diately leave to a safer location.”Corexit, the chemical supposed tocontrol the spill, is still beingsprayed at night by BP. Corexit doesnot “correct it”; it merely submergesfloating oil, sucking all the CO2 fromthe water with “a devastating impacton the environment and the speciesinhabiting” it. The unprecedenteduse of chemical dispersants “hasbroken up the oil into toxic dropletsso tiny they have easily entered thefood chain.”

    Bible Bill Defeated 

    Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam (R) vetoed a controversial bill thatwould make the Bible the officialstate book of Tennessee. Had hesigned the bill, Tennessee wouldhave become the first and only statein the union to recognize the Bible asits state book. Haslam wrote: “Inaddition to the constitutional issueswith this bill, my personal feeling isthat this bill trivializes the Bible,which I believe is a sacred text.”

    Black Mob Attacks

    When Nashville, Tenn. policeofficer Matthew Cammarn tried toarrest a man for assaulting a woman,

    the suspect, Brian Shannon, beganto scuffle with him and the duowound up on the ground. As theycontinued fighting, bystanders be-gan pushing and kicking not the manwho attacked the woman but thecop. Cammarn sustained a head in- jury that later sent him to the hos- pital, but Shannon fled, and the in- jured Cammarn chased him. Shan-non was later arrested, and one 17-

     year-old was charged for attackingthe officer. The attack was thesecond in two days on police patrol-ling the James Cayce housing project.Cammarn was earlier named thedepartment’s 2015 Officer of theYear for saving a gunshot victim.

    Obama Slap in the Face

    In yet another shocking move,President Obama broke with proto-col by naming a U.S. warship after a liberal, left-wing politician and acti- vist with no history of military ser- vice. Jumping ahead of about 200Medal of Honor recipients in theNavy and Marine Corps, Obama hadNavy Secretary Ray Mabus an-nounce the naming of the Arleigh

    Burke class guided missile destroyer after Carl Levin, a retired Michigansenator who never served in themilitary a day in his life. This violatesNavy guidelines and tradition andserves to help push a far-left agenda.

    Saudis Threaten U.S.

    Saudi Arabia has told the UnitedStates government it will sell hun-

    dreds of billions of dollars’ worth of  American assets held by the Mideastkingdom if Congress passes a bill toallow the Saudis to be held re-sponsible in U.S. courts for any rolethey may have had in the attacks on America on Sept. 11, 2001. Most of the so-called hijackers, as well asOsama bin Laden, were Saudi citi-zens. The Obama administration haslobbied Congress to block passageof the bill, warning of “diplomaticand economic fallout from the legis-lation.” AFP has reported exten-sively on the Sept. 11 attacks and has pointed the finger of blame at other culprits. If the Saudis were involved,we want to know about it.



    Federal government out of control.


    Will get Navy ship named for him in 2020.

  • 8/16/2019 American Free Press


    By Victor Thorn


    weden was once lauded as a Scan-dinavian utopia, but in a September 2010 UN Human Development Re-search Paper, researchers Jana Asher 

    and Beth Daponte cited grave dan-gers awaiting this country in the

    future. Since that report’s release, Europeanmedia outlets have run headlines saying, “SwedenWill Become a Third World Country by 2030.”

    The greatest scourge afflicting this nation is itsembrace of multiculturalism via unchecked im-migration. Sweden’s leftist leaders accept morerefugees per capita than any of its Europeanneighbors. Most of these migrants originate from Africa and the Middle East. In fact, 16% of Swe-

    den’s population now consists of non-whites.One of the primary attractions for blacks and

     Arabs is Sweden’s generous welfare programs. Journalist Ingrid Carlqvist, a distinguished sen-

    ior fellow at the Gatestone Institute and editor-in-chief of Dispatch International, can no longer hide her dejection.

    On April 2, she complained in an article postedonline: “We had a perfectly good country, a richcountry, a nice country, and in a few years’ timethat country will be gone.”

    The UN projects sharp declines in Sweden’s prosperity. Schools are overcrowded due to largenumbers of immigrants, with some elementaryclassrooms now accepting adult refugee menwho share seats alongside eight-year-old whiteboys and girls. In cities, violence is on the rise, a situation compounded by foreign killers who of-

    tentimes confess to selecting their victims be-cause they “look Swedish.”

    In refugee asylum housing complexes, notonly do trash and human feces litter the grounds,but police officers must continually break upfights, stabbings, and assaults. Lowlife elementsalso open the door to weapons smugglers, drugdealers, drunk driving and other criminality.

    Perhaps worst of all is the fact that Swedenhas now been recognized as “the rape capital of the West.” On Oct. 24, 2015, a Congolese manstrangled to death a pregnant Swedish woman.The day before, three Muslim men gang-raped a 

     young Swedish teenage girl.In their own homes, some Islamic fathers have

    conducted forced “virginity tests” on their unwill-

    ing daughters, who protest such horrible inva-sions of their bodies.

    If these examples aren’t appalling enough,Stockholm has been forced to open a homosex-ual rape clinic for men, who have been sexuallyassaulted by immigrants.

    On April 6, AFP interviewed four individualswith valuable insights into these atrocities.

    Dr. Elisabeth Ward of the Scandinavian Cul-tural Center at Pacific Lutheran University told AFP: “Over the past 20 years, politicians havedone everything possible to push an attitude of ‘Sweden is part of the world.’ They’re actually

     providing the same benefits to immigrants asthey do to their own citizens. What it’s done iscause less nationalism among the citizenry.”

    Chloe Hagstroem, a reporter for Norwegian American Weekly, explained: “Sweden’s immi-gration policies have been quite extreme, and

    now many citizens are skeptical of the govern-ment’s policies. Swedes have grown more xeno-

     phobic over the past decade.”Regrettably, many in the political class still

    don’t get it. Johan Marcus, executive director for the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce,could only muster this response for AFP: “Thirdworld countries are moving up.”

    On April 11, Jonas Norlin, a senior advisor atthe Swedish Embassy, doubted the veracity of the aforementioned UN report. He wrote to AFP,“My personal view is that the predictive power of this model has been poor so far, so we should nottake their forecast too seriously.”

    If this type of mindset continues to prevailamong politically correct Swedes, it’s a certaintythat widespread peril will not be abated in thatonce idyllic nation.

    Sweden Will Be Third-World by 2030• Massive influx of unassimilable immigrants, embrace of multiculturalism a disaster



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  • 8/16/2019 American Free Press



    By Mark Anderson

    When the Bilderberg group claimedon its website around April 9that the group’s 2016 meetingwill take place in Dresden,Germany June 9-12, the “Pana-

    ma Papers” had just erupted, revealing that big-name companies, politicians, and celebritieshave been hiding funds outside the U.S. to avoidtaxes. But some wondered if that headline-grabbing “paper caper” was just a handy issueto exploit in a “psy-op” to justify a Bilderberg-blessed world tax system.

    Such a development would vindicate late AFP Bilderberg hound Jim Tucker’s frequentreferences to the long-sought Bilderberg goal of global taxation for various reasons, including totransfer money from wealthier nations to

     poorer ones to underwrite the latter’s ability to pay their debts to the world banking consor-tium.

    It’s worth noting that the International Con-sortium of Investigative Journalists credited

    with breaking the provocative “Panama Papers”story is a project of the Center for Public In-tegrity (CPI), whose 40 or so top financiers in-clude George Soros’s Open Society Foun-dations, the Rockefeller Family Fund, the Rock-efeller Brothers Fund and the Carnegie Corp. of New York. The CPI’s claim of a “strict firewall”between editorial content and these plutocraticinterests, with history as their guide, just won’twash. Rockefeller and Carnegie interests areBilderberg mainstays.

    UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Os-borne—that country’s treasury chief—a faithfulBilderberg fixture, has been outlining a plan inwhich the UK leads European calls for theGroup of Twenty (G20) to tackle tax evasion.Osborne had plenty to say about this April 14 inthe House of Commons.

    “Today, we deal another hammer blowagainst those who hide their illegal tax evasionin the dark corners of the financial system,” hedeclared, adding: “Britain will work with our 

    major European partners to find out who reallyruns the secretive shell companies and truststhat have been used as conduits for evading tax,laundering money, and benefitting from corrup-tion.”

    He noted that Britain is helping to pursue an“automatic tax-data exchange” while encourag-ing the Organization for Economic Cooperation

    and Development (OECD) to devise new rulesto tax multinational companies. He then re-marked, “No single country can tackle interna-

    tional tax evasion alone.”The G20, a forum of politicians and central

    bankers that affects two-thirds of the world population and 80% of world trade, is pushingthe global taxation mantra. The G20 was createdin 1999 by German Finance Minister Hans Eichel—in collaboration with former U.S. TreasurySecretaries Larry Summers and Timothy Geith-ner (both of whom have Bilderberg and Trila-teral Commission pedigrees, with Summershaving served on Bilderberg’s Steering Com-

    mittee). That also was the year that Bilderbergmet in Portugal to discuss “Redesigning the In-ternational Financial Architecture.”

    In a new report on battling tax evasion,delivered April 14, 2016 to the G20’s Washingtonmeeting with the Panama Papers fresh ineveryone’s mind, OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría said: “[A] number of jurisdictionshave yet to properly implement the exchange of tax information on request, first agreed [to] in2009.” He also informed the G20: “Our standardson tax transparency are robust. They need to beeffectively implemented worldwide, by every-one, with no exceptions, so there’s nowhere leftto hide.” ——

    Mark Anderson is a longtime newsman now working as the roving editor for AFP. He is also the chairman of the America First Action Committee, a group dedi-cated to mobilizing grassroots Americans to pressure Congress on bad legisla tion andsupport Congress on good legislation. Email him at [email protected]

    Bilderberg Agenda ExposedBetter Secrecy for Tax Haven Abusers,Global Taxation Sure to Be Discussed  AFP Article on BilderbergLocation Spurs Group toRelease Confab Info Early 

    Official Bilderberg website

     posts 2016 Dresden location

    a full two months in advance

    By Mark Anderson

    In the immediate wake of an A MERICANFREE PRESS article that pointed outwhy this year’s Bilderberg meetingsmight take place in Virginia, the Bil-derberg media managers, in an appar-

    ent response to the article, decided to an-nounce their meeting rather early. They

     placed a passage on the group’s officialwebsite around April 9, stating the 2016Bilderberg meeting will take place in Dres-den, Germany, June 9-12.

    The announcement, evidently timed toembarrass AFP and any other media thathad reported other tentative locations for the Bilderberg 2016 meeting, was placed atthe bottom of never-changing, general in-formation “about” the Bilderberg meetingsthat has been posted on the group’s websitefor several years.

     A similar thing happened in early 2013when James P. Tucker Jr., who passedaway in April of that year, had reason to be-lieve that the secretive conference for 2013would take place in Chantilly, Va., thoughthe conference ended up taking place that June in Watford, UK.

    The Dresden gathering will be thegroup’s 64th meeting and the 6th meetingin Germany, the last one there having beenin May 2005 in Rottach-Egern in the south-

    ern Bavarian region near the Austrian bor-der. Dresden is in the central-eastern regionnear the Czech Republic’s border.

    The “criminals,” as Tucker referred tothem, will most likely stay at the HotelTaschenbergpalais Kempinski Dresden.

    Henri de Castries, chairman of Bilderberg.

  • 8/16/2019 American Free Press


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  • 8/16/2019 American Free Press


    By Dave Gahary


    rguably emboldened by the currentoccupant of 1600 Pennsylvania 

     Avenue, who promised to “funda-

    mentally transform” the UnitedStates of America, black activistshave begun their assault on the

    last state to fly a flag containing Confederatebattle imagery: Mississippi.

    It was Republican Gov. Dewey Phillip Bryant’sdecision on Feb. 24 to proclaim April “Confeder-ate Heritage Month” that brought the Magnolia State into the crosshairs of the Cultural Marxists.

     Although Confederate Heritage Month is not a new event and had been issued by previous ad-ministrations, the “blacktivists” pounced on thechance to rewrite history to their liking. Bryant,a white Mississippi native, chose April 25 for Confederate Memorial Day, which is also ob-served as a state holiday.

    Less than a week after Bryant’s proclamation,a black personal injury lawyer, who recently re-branded himself as a “civil rights” attorney, fileda federal lawsuit against Bryant seeking to de-clare Mississippi’s state flag “an unconstitutionalrelic of slavery.”

    “I got sick and tired of being a second-class

    citizen,” said Carlos E. Moore, the only partner of the four-member all-black Moore Law Groupin Grenada, Miss.

    Moore revealed his vendetta against the gover-nor’s decision in an interview with a “black” web-site: “That was very vile. That was very offensive.I think it was intentional. It was an insult to every

     African-American in Mississippi. He did it duringBlack History Month. We’re gonna make him payfor that offense, and that flag is gonna comedown.”

    Moore replied to an email seeking comment onthe suit: “The state flag with its Confederate em-blem represents white supremacy, slavery, beat-

    ings, rape, lynchings, murders, insurrection, andtreason. . . . It is a constant reminder of the op- pression African-Americans had to endure in the past and an implicit threat that it could happenagain. Removing the flag will change the heartsand minds of many in Mississippi because it willlet those stuck in the past know that the state nolonger sanctions or ratifies racial bigotry.”

    Moore, 39, argued in front of the judge as-signed to the case that the Supreme Court deci-sion legalizing same-sex marriage protects a fundamental right of dignity, and the flag violateshis dignity and that of other American blacks.

    Claiming the flag creates a hostile work envi-ronment for him in courthouses where it flies,and that “anxiety has created more stress in mylife and has probably contributed to or causedthe exacerbation of medical ailments, includingbut not limited to hypertension, insomnia, andabnormal EKGs,” Moore is no ordinary ambu-lance chaser. He’s using his official website tofund his mission to erase U.S. history by accept-ing donations:

    Your gift will help support this litigation to ad-dress Mississippi’s long-standing history of ex-clusion to its black citizens. Symbols matter, andwe want a flag that makes all Mississippians

     proud to call this great state home. Any flag thatalienates and divides Mississippians is doing itscitizens a tremendous disservice, and we will no

    longer accept symbols that offend a segment of the population. With your donation, we are tak-ing a step in the right direction toward a moreinclusive Magnolia State.

    Moore launched his lawsuit after no less than12 different bills to change Mississippi’s flag, in-troduced by various state lawmakers, stalled incommittee before the Feb. 23 deadline.

    Moore’s chances of success got a boost on April 12 when U.S. District Court Judge for theSouthern District of Mississippi Carlton W.Reeves called the flag “anti-American,” becauseit represented secession.

    Reeves, the second black federal judge fromMississippi, nominated by President Barack Hus-sein Obama in 2010, ruled in 2014 that Missis-sippi’s same-sex marriage ban violated the DueProcess and Equal Protection Clauses of theFourteenth Amendment.

    It seems Reeves, however, will base his rulingon whether or not federal court is the proper 

     venue for such a case, whether Moore has legalstanding to sue, and whether he is able to provehe has been harmed by the flag. Another questionReeves will address is whether flag design issomething that can be decided by a court.

    Interestingly, Mississippi, which contains thehighest percentage of blacks, 37%, of any U.S.state, voted in 2001 to keep the current state flag,in use since 1894, via a statewide referendum.———

    Dave Gahary , a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s “Under-ground Interview” series. See for more.

    Mississippi’s Flag Is Making Me Sick!• Black attorney says Confederate symbolism on Southern flag causing his bad health



    Attorney Carlos Moore has filed suit against the state

    of Mississippi and Gov. Dewey Bryant for declaringApril to be Confederate heritage month. In response,

    Moore has begun a vendetta against Mississippi’s

    state flag. Moore says seeing the flag over court

    houses where he represents clients has exacerbated

    his high blood pressure and other health ailments.

  • 8/16/2019 American Free Press



  • 8/16/2019 American Free Press



    By Dustin Howard


    ayPal cares. Or at least the onlinebanking giant wants you to thinkthey do, as they issue statementsfilled with bromides about fairnessand equality in the wake of their decision to terminate a planned 400-

     person facility in Charlotte, N.C. But do theyreally care? You know, about the equality in allthose countries they do business in?

    Let’s take a look. PayPal is silent on the treat-ment of lesbians, gays, bisexual, and transgen-dered (LGBT) people on their long list of partner countries, including Saudi Arabia that executeshomosexuals, as well as Cuba, Singapore, and

    Malaysia that imprison them. Oh, and PayPal ap- parently has no problem employing Malaysiansto do what North Carolinians can’t do. Excludingthe possibility that PayPal is just plain hypocriti-cal, this leads to an obvious conclusion: PayPalis hostile to democracy, and prefers tyranny.

     After all, PayPal decided to locate in Charlotteafter the people of North Carolina voted resound-ingly in 2012 against same-sex marriage. PayPalwas still willing to do business with them then.Shouldn’t they have reproached North Carolina,

    or did PayPal simply act in a knee-jerk fashion inaccordance with the news cycle? If PayPal weretruly consistent, there would be few transactionsconducted in the Muslim world, where LGBT

     people enjoy few of the privileges of their West-ern counterparts.

    PayPal, as an American entity, has the freedomto locate wherever its leadership likes, and wewouldn’t presume to tell them otherwise. How-e ver, when they seek to punish North Caroliniansfor enacting a law regulating their own facilities,barring transgendered people or anybody elsefrom using opposite-sex bathrooms and locker rooms in public schools and other governmentbuildings, PayPal is engaging in small-scale eco-nomic imperialism.

    To the point, PayPal is imposing their prefer-ences on states that legislate against their pref-erences via democratic processes, while ignoring

     policies in countries that are truly hostile to their stated values.

    PayPal is hardly isolated in its preference for tyranny over democracy, as their seeming act of 

     protest is in reality part of a larger phenomenon,the Californication of American society, whereCalifornia-like values are forcibly imposed byelites.

    Silicon Valley and Hollywood are exerting a corporate conformity to elite values rather thanto democratically enacted laws and their under-

    lying public support—but then turning a blindeye to egregious abuses overseas.

    Evidence of this phenomenon is pervasive.For example, take the anti-gay marriage Prop-

    osition 8. A CEO to Internet giant Mozilla, Bran-don Eich, was purged because he supported themeasure as a private citizen. Then, the SupremeCourt added insult to injury by disregarding thewill of most states to preserve traditional mar-riage.

    Or in Oregon where the First Amendment’s ex- plicit protection of the individual’s freedom of re-

    ligion is being disregarded and bakers must actagainst their own conscience in catering to gayweddings that contradict their beliefs.

    PayPal is complicit in this, but not alone. Whatis clear is that democracy in North Carolina andacross the country is being subjected to valuesarrived at yesterday in the boardroom or the

    courtroom, but not on Main Street itself.Lt. Gov. Dan Forest was well within his rights

    when he said if the new law protects one child or one woman “from being molested or assaulted,then it was worth it.” He added that “North Car-olina will never put a price tag on the value of our children . . . they are precious and priceless.”

    If North Carolina officials determine there is a  public safety issue at stake, or if the state wantsto forbid male students from dressing up as fe-males to get into the girls’ locker room, who isPayPal to dispute that?

    Some Americans may think that they are freer when these corporate elite values are forced intolaw and policy, but in reality, they are now more

    likely to be compelled to act against their con-science than ever. Rights Americans once tookfor granted have now taken a back seat to enforc-ing the expediency of the day.

    The power of North Carolina to define how toregulate its own facilities is clearly protected inthe 10th Amendment. That explicit grant of the

     power of states to make their own law stands incontrast to more recent rights contrived to sup-

     plant it.These new rights not explicitly provided for in

    the Constitution do not limit government, but in-stead use it as a cudgel to promote conformity,by PayPal as an example, and undermine the veryessence of democracy—which is the legislature’s

     primacy in making law. ——

    Dustin Howard is a contributing editor at Americans for Lim-ited Government.

    PayPal’s Duplicitous Practices• PayPal doesn’t really care about people; it cares about maintaining massive profits

    “PayPal punishes U.S. states

    whose citizens have voted

    against gay marriage, but has

    no problems making money

    in nations that condemn it.

    PayPal’s decision to open a corporate office in North Carolina have been scrapped because Carolinians don’t

    want men in women’s bathrooms and women in men’s bathrooms. But PayPal has no problem doing business

    in foreign countries that actually execute people for being homosexual. Go figure.

  • 8/16/2019 American Free Press




    lthough the public is largely unaware of it, according to leading national securityexperts, terrorism is a serious danger to

    America’s electric power grid and foodsupply infrastructure.

    The FBI’s highly respected Law Enforcement  Bulletin warns that: “Terrorists consider Amer-ica’s agriculture and food production tempt-ing targets.” In fact, U.S. troops in Afghanistanhave discovered terrorist training manuals thatare targeting America’s food supply.

    Utility executives and energy officials havelong worried that America’s electric grid is vul-nerable to sabotage by even a small-scale attack.In a previously unreported study, the Federal En-

    ergy Regulatory Commission warns that if onlyless than 1% of the nation’s power substations aresabotaged ... the entire U.S. power grid wouldcollapse... causing “coast-to-coast blackoutsthat would last up to 18 months” and destroy-ing America’s food supply infrastructure.

    Modern computer technology makes the threat of a nationwide blackout even more ominous. The con-servative Washington Times newspaper reports that thehead of the U.S. Cyber Command, Admiral MichaelRogers, warns that computer hackers from China andother countries have “the ability to launch a cyberattack and shut down the entire U.S. power gridand critical infrastructure.”Admiral Rogers predicts‘It is only a matter of when, not if, that we are goingto see something traumatic.”

    If something traumatic does happen, will you andyour family have enough food to eat?

    America has been called the land of plenty. That’swhy we don’t think twice about where our food comesfrom. It has always been there at the grocery store,week in and week out.

    However, most grocery stores only have 2 or 3 days

    worth of food on hand at any given time. A major dis-aster would cause a stampede that would clear out storeshelves in as little as 24 hours.

    That’s exactly what happened when the power wentout after Hurricane Sandy. Things were so bad that TVnews reported people were seen scavenging throughgrocery store dumpsters looking for discarded scraps.

    But an extended nationwide power outage wouldbe much more terrible than any hurricane or naturaldisaster. If predictions of coast-to-coast blackouts last-ing up to 18 months are correct, life as we know it inAmerica would drastically change.

    Your lights ... your hot water heater ... your furnace... your air conditioner ... your refrigerator and freezer... all of them would be gone. Store shelves would beempty and the food in your home would be spoiled.

    If you woke up tomorrow morning facing a night-mare scenario, how long before your food runs out?

    Now, a nutrition technology breakthrough called Emergency Gourmet Meal Kits is available that gives

    you and your family a reliable emergency food reservethat will help you survive and thrive in any crisis.

     Emergency Gourmet Meal Kits are made with re-markable Vacuum Freeze Drying technology usingrecipes created by gourmet chefs. They’re easy to prepareand ready to serve in minutes.

    This technology breakthrough locks-in wholesomenutrients, freshness and flavors better than any othermethod ever developed.

    Here’s how vacuum freeze drying works. Fresh orcooked foods are flash frozen at temperatures 50 degreesbelow zero and placed in a vacuum chamber where oxy-gen and about 98% of the water content of the food is re-moved.

    The food is then sealed in waterproof and oxygen-proof Mylar pouches.

    That’s because water and oxygen are the 2 biggestfactors that cause food to spoil ... and removing themlocks in natural an extra food reserve.

    This enables Emergency Gourmet Meal Kits to re-main delicious and fresh tasting up to 25 years withoutusing any chemicals or preservatives. You can store themanywhere at room temperature because they don’t needrefrigeration and don’t need any special care.

    Vacuum freeze drying also reduces food weight byabout 90%, so they only take up a minimum of storagespace. A one-year supply of ready-made meals for 2 peo-ple takes up about as much room as a washer and dryer.The easy-to-open, space-saving kits can be tucked away

    in the trunk of your car, as an extra food reserve.Tasty Emergency Gourmet Meals Kits are easy toprepare and ready to serve in about 15 minutes. Simplyadd hot or cold water to immediately restore the food’soriginal, flavor, aroma and fresh taste. They’re so easyto prepare a child can do it.

    A wide variety of delicious meal options are avail-able. They contain wholesome natural ingredients that

    are nonGMO and low in sodium. Menu itemsinclude Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini,Savory Stroganoff, Rice Pilaf, Potato Pot Pie,

    Tomato Basil Soup, Southwest Beans andRice, Granola Crunch, Brown Sugar andMaple Multi-Grain Cereal, Apple CinnamonCereal and Orange Drink Mix.

    Roast Beef, Chicken, Banana slices andApple slices are just some of the other foodoptions available.

     Emergency Gourmet Meal Kits are deli-cious, as well as economical.

    They cost as little as $1.22 per serving, areal bargain, so people are also enjoyingthem on a non-emergency basis to reduce

    their daily meal costs or when they just don’tfeel like cooking.

     Emergency Gourmet Meal Kits can helptake a bite out of the high price of food., butin a crisis, they will be worth their weight ingold.

    It is impossible to predict when a disaster willstrike, but it is possible to be prepared. The choice isclear. When disaster strikes, you can hope that a gov-ernment agency like FEMA will take care of you oryou can take the personal responsibility to protectyourself and your family.

    For the next 10 days, readers can get a supply of  Emergency Gourmet Meal Kits and get free shipping.

    • A 30-day supply for one person is $149 (112Servings. Cost per serving $1.33.) Regular $15 ship-

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    also get a FREE copy of The Emergency Crisis Sur-vival Manual , a $12.95 value, that is yours to keepeven if you return your meals for a refund.

    TO ORDER BY PHONE: Call 1-888-396-7771

    toll free. Operators are on duty Monday- Friday 8:00

    AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time. Ask the operator for 

    Free Shipping Code EM704.

    TO ORDER BY MAIL: Simply PRINT the words“Emergency Meals” and the meal supply you want ona piece of paper and mail it along with a check or

    money order to: American Emergency Foods, LLC,

    Dept. EM704, P.O. Box 8619, Canton, OH 44711.

    After 10 days we reserve the right to either accept or

    reject orders at the special discounted price.

    Anti-Terrorism Experts Fear

    Blackouts & Food ShortagesOfficials worry that terror hackers can shut down power grid 

    causing blackouts that last 18 months . . .

    Terrorism is the Most Powerful Threat to America’s electric grid, not

    Mother Nature. Read why authorities predict coast-to-coast blackouts.

  • 8/16/2019 American Free Press


    10 AMERICAN FREE PRESS • IS SUE 17 & 1 8 • A PRIL 25 & MAY 2, 2 016 • W WW.A MERI CA NFREE PRES S. NE T A FP O N T H E I R S

    By Dave Gahary

     Anew book released by a former employee of the Internal Reve-nue Service (IRS) confirms whatmany A MERICAN FREE PRESS read-ers have suspected for decades:the revenue collecting arm of the

    U.S. Department of the Treasury is a rogueagency whose range is only limited by theamount of power each employee can grab. Infact, the IRS’s culture is one that rewardsaggressive collection of taxes, and encourages

     violating the due process clauses of the 5th and14th amendments of the Constitution.

    Richard M. Schickel was not just a life-longIRS revenue collector, but a highly regarded,and awarded, one as well. Not only did he re-ceive 65 performance awards, a record, includ-ing the Albert Gallatin Award, Treasury’s highesthonorary career service award, but he receiveda letter from President Ronald Reagan for sav-ing the life of a nine-year-old girl in a burninghouse, while in the field (a fascinating story de-

    tailed in the book).He also wrote a book called Asset RecoveryGuide for the IRS, which is still in use, and wasa whistleblower punished by IRS for reportingcases of inequality in the application of the taxlaws, including abuse techniques used to singleout and punish taxpayers.

    His new book,  IRS Whistleblower: My 33Years as an IRS Insider Will Show You the Se-crets of How to Engage the IRS and Win, detailshis 33 years at IRS, revealing warts-and-all, aswell as a how-to-guide to interacting with thehated agency.

     AFP caught up with Schickel and conducteda 30-minute exclusive interview with the former revenue henchman, who started off by explain-ing what he did for the IRS.

    “I was a senior revenue officer,” he began,“which means I was the guy who would take your bank account, take your wages, seize your house, your car, your business, whatever it was,in an effort to collect taxes.”

    Schickel worked 22 years in Chicago and 11

    in Tucson, retiring in December 2013. AFP asked Schickel the motivation for the

    book.“I’ve always thought that the tax code should

    be enforced the same way in New York andChicago and Philadelphia and Los Angeles andeven here in Tucson, Ariz.,” he explained, “and I

    was just shocked with the discrimination I saw.”The uneven application of the tax laws wasn’t

    the only reason he wrote the book, however.“The biggest reason was I was outraged that

    the IRS pays out $50 billion every year in falserefunds,” he said. “Why are we allowing thisagency that has such power and control over usto do this? I thought this was something that people need to learn about.”

    The central themes of the book are power,fear, and abuse.

    “Part of the book is my memoirs,” he ex- plained, “and part of it is about how the IRSabuses people and how I abused people with myofficial powers, and how the taxpaying commu-nity abuses the IRS, by filing fraudulent re-turns.”

    “So,” he continued, “part of the book makes

    me want to go down to Belize, which doesn’thave an extradition treaty with the UnitedStates, and file tax returns. Because the IRS willsend you checks.”

    The book details how the one constant withall IRS employees is fear, an everyday fear of doing something wrong.

    “I remember one case where I went out andcollected from a prominent person who was inthe newspaper at least once a week,” he said. “Iknocked on the door of his house, and I left a letter with his housekeeper. He owed $1 million,and the next day, there was a certified check sit-ting in my office for $1 million.”

     An amazing accomplishment you might think,but not in the IRS.

    “I felt pretty good about myself that day,”

    Richard explained, “so I went into the manager’soffice and said, ‘Wow. Look, it cost very littlemoney. I drove up and knocked on the door, andI got a check; the case is closed.’ And the man-ager gave me a negative recommendation be-cause I hadn’t filed a notice of federal tax lienwithin so many days of receiving the case.”

    Schickel explained how this type of reactionto a job well done filters down to the rest of theworkforce.

    “Other employees see that and it makes them

    reluctant to go and show off anything good thatthey were doing,” he said. “So it’s kind of likehunker down, stay hunkered down, be produc-tive, and always get to the next case. You’re notdoing enough.”

    He also explained why the job was so diffi-cult.

    “This kind of work was mentally and emo-tionally exhausting,” he said. “I wasn’t just a taxcollector, because you get involved in people’slives. I was a marriage counselor, a socialworker, a financial advisor, because I had to goin and find out what went wrong in people’slives that they owed these taxes.”

     AFP asked why someone should spend $20 tobuy this book.

    “The biggest part of IRS is about fear,” he ex- plained, “and I teach in the book how to talk tothe IRS and how to take away the power theyhave over you by getting yourself together be-fore you go and talk to them. This book explainsthe rights that you have. You need to know thesecrets of the IRS, and part of it is procedural.”

    He continued: “When you take away the fear, you give people hope, and that was the idea of the book.”

    For those who owe taxes, there is a light atthe end of the tunnel.

    “Even if you do owe taxes,” Richard explained,“the IRS only has 10 years to collect.”

    IRS Whistleblower Confesses• 33-year Internal Revenue Service employee confirms agency is out of control• Richard M. Schickel pens tell-all book about government’s most hated agency 

    Richard Schickel spent 33 years in the IRS, receiv-

    ing 65 performance awards. But now he has turned onthe out-of-control agency and written a book for tax-

    payers, offering advice on how to deal with the rev-

    enuers. Check out the ad on page 22 to get the book.

    See page 22 for Schickel’s bookIRS WHISTLEBLOWER . . .

  • 8/16/2019 American Free Press



    Carotec’s Alpha Lipoic Acid . . .

    Rejuvenate Your Liver, Heart & More!Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of the most important dietary supplementsand it’s well-known to European anti-aging doctors. But areAmericans missing out on this “meta-vitamin superstar”?

    Carotec’s Alpha Lipoic Acid rejuve-nates your liver and your heart, pro-tects your eyesight, strengthens yourimmune system, maximizes your brain-power, helps vitamins and an-

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    You can fly to Germany and pay threetimes our price; or, get it from Carotec.

    Just one 300 mg capsule of our Alpha LipoicAcid a day will do wonders for you. Our alphalipoic is sourced from a noted Italian pharmaceu-tical firm which supplies its product to Europeancountries; it is not an unproven cheap Chinesecopy—it is a high quality validated ingredient,with full drug master file. We take it one importantstep further by using Capsugel’s plant-based gas-tro-resistant capsule which insures alpha lipoic isdelivered in the small intestine, for maximum bio-availability.

    Back in 1987, we introduced alpha lipoic underthe name “thiox,” and in 1990, noted nutritional au-thority Dr. Sheldon Saul Hendler of the Universityof California, San Diego wrote that “thioctic acid

    could become the next meta-vitamin superstar ,like L Carnitine and coenzyme Q-10.”Today, not only has Dr. Hendler been verified

    as a biochemical prophet for his early recognition,Dr. Lester Packer in The Antioxidant Miracle out-lines how Alpha Lipoic Acid is the linchpin of the vital glutathione system, as well as the co-en-zyme Q-10, vitamin C, and vitamin E systems.

    Scientists have known for decades that Alpha Lipoic Acid is a vital part of cell energy and oxi-dation control. It is known to be a key part of theKrebs Cycle, which serves to convert blood sugar

    into cell energy. Alpha Lipoic Acid is soluble in both water and fat, a fact that encouraged scien-tists to label it the “missing link” between vitaminsE and C in the body metabolism; alpha lipoic acidenhances and actually recycles both fat soluble vi-tamin E and water soluble vitamin C.

    The power of alpha lipoic is well known to Eu-ropeans—not only as an anti-aging supplement

     but also a life saver. Professor Lester Packer wrotein The Antioxidant Miracle:

    “Exposure to radiation produces a cascade of free radicals that causes severe damage and can be fatal. Radiation decimates the body’s supply of glutathione, which allows free radicals to severelydamage the body’s tissues and organs. Several an-tioxidant compounds have been used to treat ra-diation damage, with varying degrees of effective-ness. In fact, virtually every army in the worldequips its soldiers with anti-radiation drugs thatare similar in molecular structure to two antioxi-dants—glutathione and alpha lipoic acid. Re-cently, researchers at the Russian Institute of Pediatric Hematology and the Vitamin ResearchInstitute in Moscow have found that lipoic acidmay prove to be one of the most effective anti-ra-diation treatments to date.”

    “Radiation is so deadly that when animals areexposed to high levels of radiation, only 35% of them will survive. Lipoic acid is so powerful thatif the animals are treated with lipoic acid beforeexposure, the survival rate increases to 90 percent.Although we don’t know precisely why more mice

    survive, I suspect it is because of lipoic acid’s abil-ity to boost the immune system, enhancing the body’s ability to fight against disease generated byfree radicals.”

    “Fortunately, most of us have never been ex-posed to lethal levels of radiation, but accidents dohappen. The near-meltdown of a nuclear powerplant in Chernobyl, Ukraine, in 1986 led to ra-dioactive fallout and massive soil contaminationin the surrounding area. People who continued tolive in Chernobyl were exposed to constant lowlevels of radiation. As a result, the incidence of 

    cancer is much higher than normal, particularlyamong children.”“Researchers examined the effects of lipoic acid

    treatments on the level of oxidative damage inchildren living in areas affected by the Chernobylincident. The higher level of blood per-oxidation,the greater the sign of damage caused by free rad-icals. After 28 days of lipoic acid supplementa-

    tion, researchers had some extraordinarily goodnews to report. They found that in childrentreated with lipoic acid blood peroxidation levelshad fallen to those seen in normal children. Even better, the children’s liver and kidney functionswere normalized. Even against the powerful freeradicals generated by radiation exposure, alphalipoic acid was able to hold its own.”

    ALPHA LIPOIC ACID . . .Each bottle of Carotec’s Alpha Lipoic Acid has

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    CODE: ALA176

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    By Victor Thorn


    ankruptcy, bailout, breakdown, or a federal financial control board:these are some of the options facingPuerto Rico, an island-territory in

    the midst of an economic deathspiral. With $73 billion in govern-

    ment debt—three times what Detroit recentlyfaced—Puerto Rico has seen negative grossdomestic product (GDP) growth rates in eight of the last 10 years.

    Unable to meet its obligations, Puerto Ricowent into default last August. Spooked by thiscrisis, over 10% of the island’s population hasfled, many to the mainland U.S. Of those adultswho remained, only 40% have jobs.

    Without productive professionals and highlyskilled laborers, Puerto Rico’s revenue base has plummeted. Also, real estate prices have tanked,with homeowners oftentimes only receiving 40cents on the dollar for their property.

    Most alarming, though, is the dramatic drop inbond values.

     Approximately 30% of Puerto Rico’s debt isheld by everyday citizens who’ve lost tens of thousands of dollars. Another 15% of these bondsare carried by mainland U.S. citizens who nowfear that their paper is worthless.

    Puerto Rico’s problems can be traced to a phe-nomenon that also plagues the rest of the U.S.,namely, bloated, corrupt government. The tiny is-land employs 78 mayors. One-third of all workers

    report each day to government jobs.In addition to frivolous spending, Puerto

    Rico’s businesses are strangled by burdensomeregulations.

    Despite all these alarm bells, politicians kepttheir heads in the sand year after year and failedto correct a looming financial catastrophe.

    On April 7, AFP contacted Charles Venator-

    Santiago, a political science professor at the Uni- versity of Connecticut, to provide insights intowhat is going on in Puerto Rico today.

     Venator informed AFP: “The growth of PuertoRico’s economy is lower than that of Haiti. SincePuerto Rico’s economy is stagnant, and becausethey can’t borrow from China like the [mainland]U.S. can, they’re totally reliant on the Federal Re-serve and Congress for funding.”

    The reason behind this quandary is found inPuerto Rico’s status as an unincorporated territory

    of the U.S. Such an arrangement troubles Venator.“There’s a problem with Puerto Rico beingbailed out because [Washington] may want to pri- vatize the island, which means a decrease in their sovereignty,” he said. “Plus, for decades, PuertoRico’s political system has been devastated bycorruption and ‘clientelism’ where elected offi-cials gave jobs to their friends. Ultimately, allthese politicians know that they’re beholden tothe Congress.”

     Venator further elaborated: “70% of PuertoRican pensions are bankrupted. They don’t even

    have enough money to pay for police cars andfirefighters. So, the question is: Does the govern-ment pay off its bank debt or fulfill pension


    On April 10, AFP also reached out to Dr. Nel-son Colón Tarrats, the president of the Founda-tion Community of Puerto Rico, a nonprofit that

    seeks to promote economic self-sufficiency for the Caribbean island.Colón lamented: “Fiscal incompetence on the

    government’s part got them used to functioningin an economic bubble. Artificial wealth was cre-ated, and when this bubble disappears, we’ll

     pretty much be in the tank.” As for remedies, Colón offered a suggestion:

    “We need to develop local wealth, not that whichis based around a highly centralized government.Our hope is for solid community-based develop-ment and growth. Puerto Ricans were led to be-

    lieve that, as a democratic country, they hadownership of their destiny. They want the solu-tion to be in their own hands, not somebodyelse’s.”

    Bailout for Puerto Rico• Will U.S. taxpayers be on the hook for $73 billion in debt?

    Conspiracy Facts: Neocons UnmaskedB Y  CUSHMAN  CUNNINGHAM

    Conspiracy Facts: Neocons Unmasked is about 

     America’s powerful neocons and their deceptivetakeover of American foreign policy and the dele-

    terious effects it has on our economy and public policies.If you really want to know what is taking place and whois causing it to happen in the 21st century, you need toread this book. It is an expose of a thousand years of truehistory never revealed by the Controlled Major Mass

    Media, with over 45 riveting chapters by patriotic authorsand independent blogs never before available in book form. Featuring Cushman Cunningham, author, World

     War II pathfinder and Harvard graduate, this one-of-a-kind volume of true history is augmented by many visu-

    als including maps, graphs, photos, captions and chartsthat will further educate the readers. Also includes an ar-ticle penned by Victor Thorn about the 1967 USS Liberty attack. This is a book you need to read and pass on to afriend: Neoconservative isn’t conservative at all. Its basictenets rest on a plank of radicalism, perpetual war anduncontrolled debt. It is the movement of the New WorldOrder and, thus, many of its adherents have no loyalty to the United States. Softcover, 351 pages, $19 plus $4S&H inside the U.S. AFP R EADERSHIP COUNCIL  members

    may take 10% of list prices of all products from AFPBOOKSTORE. Order from AFP, 16000 Trade Zone Avenue,Unit 406, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774. Call toll free at 1-888-699-6397 to charge, Mon.-Thu. 9-5 ET. You may also purchase online at


    People outside of Wall Street against cutbacks and

    austerity measures forced onto the severely indebted

    island of Puerto Rico last December.

  • 8/16/2019 American Free Press



     Airlines Pocketed

    $3 Billion in FeesJust on This ScamTEXAS TRUTH

    By Jim Hightower

    If you take the word “free” and rip the “r” out

    of it, what do you get? Two things, actually:You get a “fee”—and then you get mad. Thisis happening to millions of airline pas-sengers who are discovering that the adver-

    tised price of a ticket isn’t the half of it. Airlines have added beaucoup fees, charging

    us for items that previously were—and stillshould be—free. People’s rage-ometers zing intothe red zone when they see that these fees-for-former-freebies will often more than double thecost of a trip.

    Like diabolical bankers did years ago, top ex-ecutives of airline corporations have learned togoose up prices and profits—as well as their own pay—by nickel-and-diming customers. Only, their fees are way more than nickels and dimes. For 

    example, say you schedule a flight, but some-thing comes up and you have to change the time,day, or destination. Bam—airlines zap you witha $200 fee. Basically for nothing.

    Computers quickly make the change, costingthe corporation a mere pittance. But rather than

    graciously accommodating your need and mak-ing you a satisfied customer, they pick your  pocket and make you angry.

    Gouging and infuriating ticket buyers mightseem like a poor business model for the longrun, but airline CEOs these days insist that their duty isn’t to please consumers—it’s only tomake their major stockholders happy by maxi-mizing their short-term profits.

     And, indeed, the rip-off is very lucrative for the corporate elite. Airlines pocketed nearly $3

    billion last year just from fees they charged pas-sengers who needed to alter their flights.

    Forget the old tales of railroad heists. This isa great American plane robbery. ——

    Jim Hightower is a radio commentator, writer and public speaker. He’salso editor of the populist newsletter, The Hightower Lowdown. For morecolumns by Hightower, visit the website

  • 8/16/2019 American Free Press



    By John Friend


    en. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), the GOP estab-lishment, and many segments of themainstream mass media are working

    overtime to prevent billionaire Repub-lican presidential hopeful Donald Trumpfrom obtaining the GOP nomination and,

     potentially, the White House.Trump and his campaign staff, including most

    notably Paul Manafort, a veteran political con-sultant who recently joined the Trump cam- paign, are on the offensive, openly declaring thatthe system is “rigged” and corrupt followingCruz’s recent voterless victories in both Col-orado and Wyoming, where it has been allegeddelegates supporting Trump were systematically

    disfranchised and marginalized.Trump supporters held a large rally in Col-

    orado on April 15 to voice their frustration withthe delegate process, which they argue is unfair,confusing, and outright rigged to prevent maver-ick candidates such as Trump from winning. De-spite his popularity, Trump did not win even a single delegate in the selection process in Col-orado, where no vote was taken.

    “They’re taking your vote away,” Trump toldsupporters at a recent rally in New York, where

    the leading GOP candidate has been campaigningthe past week. “They’re disfranchising people.”

    Trump continued:

    I say this to the RNC and I say it to the Repub-lican Party: You’re going to have a big problem,folks, because the people don’t like what’s goingon. What we have going is a movement. Now,they’re trying to subvert the movement. Theycan’t do it with bodies. They can’t do it with peo-

     ple because they don’t have near the people thatwe have. So what they’re trying to do is subvert

    the movement with crooked shenanigans. Andwe’re just not going to let it happen.

    Trump and his supporters have consistently voiced criticism directed against both the Cruzcampaign and the GOP establishment, who theyargue are working behind the scenes to under-mine Trump’s candidacy and steal delegatesfrom the populist front-runner.

    “We should have won a long time ago but wekeep losing where we’re winning,” Trump noted

    during the rally. “Today, winning votes doesn’tmean anything!”

    In addition to dealing with the corrupt natureof the Republican nomination process, Trump isalso facing hostile media coverage and large or-ganized protests at his rallies and campaignevents. Trump’s campaign and message havetriggered hysterical and unhinged reactions fromleftists and anti-Trump protesters for monthsnow. In recent weeks, radical feminists, anar-chists, and other leftists disrupted the inauguralmeeting of the “Students for Trump” group atPortland State University, resulting in the meet-

    ing being entirely shut down. During a recentrally in Portland, a self-professed transgender in-dividual spit in the face of a Trump supporter and then shouted: “I’m a tranny. Go ahead, puncha woman!”

     At Tulane University in New Orleans, theKappa Alpha fraternity enraged minorities andsocial justice warriors by building a wall madewith sandbags with the message of “Make Amer-ica Great Again” written across it. The make-shift wall, which was built on private property to

     Will GOP Elite Derail Trump Train?• Plans already under way to convince delegates to abandon GOP frontrunner 


    Dan Pilla (Sr.)


    “Theft by SWINDLE =Bill of Attainder,

    Art. 1 Sec. 9 U.S. Constitution

    NO Victim No Crime”See our ad on page 20.


      Has talented staff. Outmaneuvered. New campaign boss. Can’t buy a vote.

    “What we have goingis a movement. Now,they’re trying to subvert

    the movement.

  • 8/16/2019 American Free Press



    surround the fraternity house, is constructedeach year as part of a long-standing tradition of the fraternity. In a video posted on YouTube, a group of black anti-Trump protesters are showndismantling the wall, throwing the sandbags into

    the street.Latino students and other leftists at Tulane de-

    fended the actions of the individuals who toredown the wall, arguing that the wall was “filledwith connotations of hate and ignorance.” Ana De Santiago, a member of Tulane’s GeneratingExcellence Now & Tomorrow in Education(GENTE) group, and other leftists took to socialmedia to generate support for the individualswho tore down the wall.

    “These connotations most directly mocked

    the experiences of Latino immigrants and work-ers throughout our nation,” Ms. Santiago wroteon Facebook. “By writing Trump in large, red let-ters across the ‘wall,’ KA [Kappa Alpha] changedwhat was a tradition of building a wall into a tra-dition of constructing a border, symbolizing sep-aration and xenophobia. This issue not onlyaffects Latinos but all other marginalized immi-grant groups in this country.”

    Dillon Pérez, an associate of Ms. Santiago,stated: “We fully understand that KA has a rightto freedom of speech, especially on their own property, and GENTE respects that. However,KA’s right to free speech does not protect themfrom the consequences of their speech; KA’sright to free speech does not negate our right tofreedom of speech to respond to their actions,make our sentiments clear, and find solidaritywith others who see KA’s actions as being intol-erable on Tulane’s campus.”

    Trump supporters on college campusesacross America continue to be targeted by theenforcers of political correctness. On a number 

    of college campuses recently, Trump supportershave used sidewalk chalk to write pro-Trumpmessages on campus, once again creating con-troversy for a simple expression of the First Amendment. Earlier this month, Hailey Puckett,a member of the University of Tennessee atChattanooga’s student government coalition,was asked to resign by her fellow coalition mem-bers after it was discovered she had participatedin chalking pro-Trump messages on the school’scampus.

    So much for free speech, at least when itcomes to expressing support for Trump.The Trump team certainly has its work cut out

    for itself as the primaries wrap up this summer and the GOP prepares for the Republican Na-tional Convention, where a candidate will benominated to run in the 2016 general election.

    Despite a commanding lead in the overall del-egate count and a crushing lead in overall votes,where Trump currently has over 2 million more votes than his nearest rival, the prospect of a brokered convention and eventual nominationof Cruz is a very real possibility.

    Will the GOP party establishment and Cruzcampaign derail the Trump train? Time will tell,and there’s no doubt Trump will be fighting untilthe very end. ——

    John Friend is a writer who lives in California.

    As we age, the occasional aches and pains of

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    For over 50 years, the Jacuzzi®  Design

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    shower and give you a lifetime of enjoyment,

    comfort and pain-relief. They’ve thought of

    everything. From the high-gloss acrylic surface,

    slip-resistant flooring, a hand-held shower

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    storage, this shower has it all.

    Why wait to experience the Jacuzzi® Hydrotherapy Shower? Call now… it’s the first

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    The Jacuzzi ® 

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    AGING = PAINFor many, arthritis and spinal

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    Hydrotherapy Shower, we worked

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     F R E E

    Introducing The new and revolutionary 

     Jacuzzi ® Hydrotherapy Shower.

  • 8/16/2019 American Free Press



    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    In the race for the Republican nomination,Donald Trump would seem to be sitting inthe catbird seat. He has won the moststates, the most delegates and the most

     votes—by nearly 2 million. He has broughtout the largest crowds and is poised for 

    huge wins in upcoming primaries.

    Yet there is a growing probability that thebackroom boys will steal the nomination fromhim at a brokered convention in Cleveland.

    In early April, Colorado awarded all 34 dele-gates to Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas). The fix had beenin since August, when party officials, alarmed atTrump’s popularity, decided it would be best if Colorado Republicans were not allowed to voteon the party’s nominee. After all, these poor folksmight get it wrong.

    In South Carolina, where Trump swept the pri-mary, a plot is afoot for a mass desertion of Trumpdelegates after the first ballot. The RepublicanParty in Georgia, another state Trump won, is alsotalking up delegate defections. In state after state,when Trump wins and moves on, the appa-ratchiks arrive—to thieve delegates for Cruz.

    “This is a crooked system, folks,” says Trump,“the system is rigged. . . . I go to Louisiana. I winLouisiana. . . . Then I find out I get less delegatesthan Cruz because of some nonsense. . . . I saythis to the RNC. I say it to the Republican Party:You’re going to have a big problem, folks, be-

    cause the people don’t like what’s going on.”Something rotten is also going on in the Dem-

    ocratic race.Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) was on a roll, having

    won seven straight primaries and caucuses. Yethe keeps falling further behind.

    “I watch Bernie, he wins. He wins. He keeps

    winning, winning,” said Trump in Rochester.

    “And then I see, he’s got no chance. They alwayssay he’s got no chance. Why doesn’t he have a chance? Because the system is corrupt.”

    Sanders seems to be shorted every time hewins a primary or caucus. And the insurmount-able hurdle he faces was erected against folkslike Sanders some time ago—the 700-plus su-

     perdelegates.These are Democratic congressmen, senators,

    governors, and party officials. By more than 10-1, close to 500 of these superdelegates have linedup to back Hillary Clinton and stop Sanders.

    The Democratic Party believes in democracy,up to a point—that point being that Democratic

     voters will not be permitted to nominate a candi-date to whom the party elites object.

    Richard Nixon’s 49-state triumph in 1972 curedthe Democrats of their naive belief in democracy.The George McGoverns and Bernie Sandersescan run. But they won’t be allowed to win.

    Yet, since it is Trump and Sanders who havestirred the greatest passion and brought out thebiggest crowds, if both are seen as having been

    cheated by insiders, then the American politicalsystem may suffer a setback similar to thatcaused by the “corrupt bargain” of 1824.

     Andrew Jackson ran first in the popular voteand the Electoral College, but was short of vic-tory. John Quincy Adams, who ran second, gotSpeaker Henry Clay to deliver the House of Rep-

    resentatives, and thus make Adams president.Clay became Adams’s secretary of state.

    In 1828, Jackson got his revenge, winning the presidency. Clay would never make it. On hisdeathbed, Jackson confided that among the greatregrets of his life was that he did not shoot Clay.

    While the turnout in the Democratic primariesand caucuses has not matched the Obama-Clin-ton race of 2008, Sanders has rallied the youngand working class, turned out the biggestcrowds, and generated the greatest enthusiasm.

    But on the Republican side, the party has hadthe largest turnout in American history. And the

    reason is Trump. And if, after having won the most votes anddelegates, Trump is seen as having been swindledout of a nomination he won, by intraparty schem-ing in Cleveland, the GOP could suffer a self-in-flicted wound from which it might not recover.

     Another matter that could prevent a return tonational unity? The deepening split over tradeand foreign policy, both between the parties, andwithin the parties.

    Sanders, recently, was saying that what dis-qualifies Mrs. Clinton as president is her supportfor free trade deals that gutted American industryand cost millions of jobs and her support for anIraq War that was among the costliest, bloodiestblunders in U.S. history.

    On both issues, Trump agrees with Sanders.Cruz, an uber-hawk and free trader, is morealigned with Mrs. Clinton.

    If the “America first” stance on foreign andtrade policy, close to a majority position today, isunrepresented by either party this fall, and we geta free trade, pro-war president, the divisions

    within the country will widen and deepen.If Sanders and his revolution are sent packing

    in Philadelphia, and Trump is robbed in Cleve-land of a nomination Americans believe he won,

     political disillusionment, and political realign-ment, ma  y be at hand.



    Cleveland is the site of the 2016 Republican National

    Convention. Should the RNC decide to bypass Trump for

    another candidate, millions of voters would be outraged.

    Will GOP Makea Big Mistakeon the Lake?

    • Plan to betray Donald Trump in Cleveland could meanmillions of Republican voters will defect from GOP

    • Democrats have already ensured Hillary victory

    “There is a growing probabilitythat the backroom boys will stealthe nomination from Trump

    at a brokered convention.

  • 8/16/2019 American Free Press



    By John Friend


    ontrary to what the controlled massmedia would have us believe, Don-ald Trump’s populist political plat-

    form and frank, politically incorrectdiscourse are resonating deeplywith millions of Americans of all

    racial backgrounds. The renegade businessmanturned leading GOP contender has touched thehearts of countless Americans across the nation.The hysterical attacks leveled against Trumpfrom both the left and right demonstrate theextent to which his presidential candidacy hasshaken up the political establishment. Thecontrolled mass media, in particular, has devoted

    endless hours to covering his every move andstatement in an attempt to discredit the American populist.

    Rev. Jesse