American Mission and Core Values

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  • 1. Organization Missionand Strategic Plan Access Knowledge. Access the World.

2. Mission & VisionMissionA leader in international education, academicexchange, and overseas language immersion,American Councils creates opportunities thatprepare individuals and institutions to succeed inan increasingly interconnected world.VisionAmerican Councils is helping to build a world ofglobally competent citizens, successful institutions,and responsible nations. 3. Our Core Values Support international education and research. Advance the study and teaching of world languages andcultures. Deliver only the highest quality educational programs. Provide access to people from diverse backgrounds. Provide necessary support structure and tools to ensureeducational quality and outcomes. Recognize our employees as our most valuable asset. Develop and nurture lasting global partnerships. Evaluate performance to ensure success. Respect all cultures and peoples. Operate with fairness, transparency, and accountability. 4. American Councils Strategic PlanBecome a GlobalProtect and Grow Diversify the Leader in Our the OrganizationsBusiness ModelIndustry Asset Base Securethe DominantMarket Maintainand Develop aSolidify andExpand CoreShareinCore Activities World -ClassStaffActivities into Other Subject Areasand Geographies ExpandCore Activities intoGrow FinancialStrength New Geographies CreateNew Revenue Streams fromExisting Build a Global Brandby Clearly UpgradePhysicaland Competencies and AssetsCommunicatingCapabilities and Technological InfrastructureSuccesses to the World toFuel GrowthDevelopNew Capabilities IncreaseIndustry PresenceDefendAgainsttoTake Advantageof EmergingthroughThoughtLeadershipPotentially -DamagingEventsBusiness Opportunities


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