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  2. 2. 2 American Pop: Clients and Campaigns
  3. 3. 3 Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. - Mark Zuckerberg American Pop was founded in 2009 under the idea of focusing on the social part of social media. We view Social Media as a platform that facilitates engagement. This has been refined into Influencer Engagement. The top line view is that a brand message will get amplified through all viable social channels by Influencers. Our edge over other competitors include: We deliver on-target/high value impressions with compelling content creation We build lasting relationships between brands and their target consumers Our vetting process ensures brand safety We are nimble enough to adapt to changes in any environment We would love the chance to work with you and show you what a great partner American Pop can be. Why American Pop and Influencer Engagement?
  4. 4. 4 American Pops primary goal is to spread awareness in a way that compels consumers to engage and spread our message within their sphere of influence in social media. INFLUENCERS Engagement Channels that Influencers Use The diagram at right shows the most common channels for cross-promotion, and how information is shared among them. Contact typically originates on Blogs then extends as influencers share to their preferred networks, Content is easily re-posted on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social networks.
  5. 5. Influencer Sampling Programs Large Scale Influencer Engagement Content Distribution/Placement Our Services Community Management Experiential Amplification Through Social Twitter Parties
  6. 6. Facebook Sweeps Tab Facebook Sweeps Tab Here are examples from a sweeps that we ran for Hunter Fans just recently Achieving Maximum Engagement Keep it simple On Point Incentivize Sharing Facebook Twitter Instagram CGC to speak back to brand Promote via Influencers Gather Emails Over 17K Entries in just 10 days 69,775 VPM 4,671 Total Engagements 3,207 Giveaway Entries 1,136 Reactions 328 Comments
  7. 7. Overview Make it engaging Enlist help of charismatic and influential bloggers as co-hosts Know your audience Tactics and Goals #Hashtag Legacy Coupon Seeding Product Giveaways Fan Chatter & Engagement Using surprise Celebrities makes it even more engaging Peer-to-Peer Product Recommendations via Micro-Sweeps Results Large-Scale Impressions Increase Twitter Followers Consumer Engagement with Brand Coupon Seeding in Relevant Environment Hashtag Seeding Twitter Parties
  8. 8. We created this infographic on behalf of Cracker Jack brand to be used in official press release. Infographic highlighted the brands 120 year anniversary and it being the All-American Treat over many generations. best-homemade-cracker-jack-an-all- american-giveaway.html We promote via Influencers, entertainment sites, contests, apps, paid placement, etc. Infographics
  9. 9. 9 The goal of reporting is to represent the numbers of impressions and engagements in an accurate and honest way coupled with real world success stories. There is no Universal Number that points to word of mouth success. Our reporting tells a story and builds a case for success, sustained return on engagement, and ROI. Within reports we include cumulative data reflecting our quantity of outreach, volume of campaign posts, unique reach, and impressions created both per channel and as an overall total. Data is collected via Quantcast/Compete, Radian6, and other available sources. In addition to statistical reporting, we include screen shots of placement and data to illustrate how campaign information was passed along from our ambassadors throughout blogs, Twitter, forums, and social networking channels. TOTAL COVERAGE POSTS IMPRESSIONS ENGAGEMENT BLOGS 35 9,249,442 302 TWITTER 1,294 8,736,147 n/a FACEBOOK 32 454,072 1,088 TOTAL 1,361 18,439,661 1,390 RESPONSE SENTIMENT # % Positive 41 82.00% Neutral 6 12.00% Polite Decline 3 6.00% Total 50 100.00% Influence: 41,839 Twitter Metrics # Total Tweets 1,294 Cumulative Impressions 8,736,147 Average Followers 6,751 Most Followers 437,314 Target Breakdown Placeme nt Impression s Comment s Entertainment 14 4,559,912 100 Rap/Hip Hop 17 4,329,546 87 Urban Culture 2 151,706 114 City News 1 139,376 0 Music 1 68,902 1 TOTAL 35 9,249,442 302 Influence: 845,105 Reporting
  10. 10. 10 Case Studies
  11. 11. Campaign Hotel For The Holidays Target Moms, Travel Enthusiasts Campaign Duration Four Weeks Objective Test campaign to amplify the Hotel For The Holidays message via Influencers Create large scale Social Media Impressions through just 10 Influencers Strategy We vetted 10 Influencers to spread the word about the Wyndham Hotel For The Holidays during and just after the Christmas/New Years Holiday Blogger Reviews Gave Bloggers Wyndham Rewards Points to book hotels and review the experience Hotel Room Giveaways We gave bloggers extra points to host giveaways with their audience Asked some bloggers to host their giveaways on Twitter Measured Coverage We measured the coverage we sparked using Compete/Quantcast, Radian6 and logging posts and views. We also logged sentiment, how certain assets performed, highlights of coverage, etc. Results Created 6.7 million campaign impressions 14 targeted blog placements (geo-targeted) Over 1,300 Tweets Glowing blogger recommendations with pictures Case Study
  12. 12. Campaign Circle K Need My Polar Pop Cup Instagram Contest Target Millennials, Men and Women, Moms Campaign Duration 4Weeks Objective Spread the word about the Circle K Need My Polar Pop Cup Instagram Contest Spark sharing of #PolarPopCup and facilitate chatter about Circle K Polar Pops Geo-Targeted primarily to Ohio Markets Strategy This campaign was targeted at specific Ohio DMAs and our job was to spread the word of the overall Instagram Contest to targeted consumers: Influencer Reviews and Content Creation We gave Influencers gift cards to try the product We encouraged Influencers to enter their own Pic of them with the product and share with their audience Influencer Giveaways We gave Influencers gift cards to host Micro-Sweeps with their audience The giveaways are to facilitate sharing of #PolarPopCup They are designed to make the overall campaign very engaging Results Created 6.3+ million campaign impressions to targeted to specific DMAs 2.7K Placements 75K Engagements Compelling User Generated Content 70k+ Entries to Influencer Hosted Micro-Sweeps Client Centro Case Study Hashtag/Content Contest
  13. 13. Objectives Create large scale buzz about the Wiz Khalifa Under The Influence of Music Tour Sell Tickets Client Campaign Wiz Khalifa Under The Influence of Music Tour Target Hip Hop Fans, General Entertainment, Electronic Music Campaign Duration One Month Results 10.6MM+ direct impressions from Blogs, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook Twitter Impressions alone were 2.5MM+ 20+ Blog Posts and 300+ Tweets recommending the tour Strategies and Tactics Strategic Influencer Outreach Secured earned coverage with bloggers who write about general entertainment, Hip Hop as well as influential Electronic Music Bloggers High Influence Bloggers were offered tickets for giveaways to their readers American Pop suggested that ticket giveaways involve Twitter ensuring widened virality 160,330 TWITTER FOLLOWER S 9 Case Study
  14. 14. Client Las Vegas Campaign DJ Spinoff Target Nightlife Enthusiasts, DJs, Electronica and Music Fans Campaign Duration 12 Weeks Objective Tell a compelling story of why Las Vegas nightlife is second to none Connect with DJs and their fans Scale up coverage with each phase Strategy This campaign consisted of three phases with coverage to scale up with each phase and in the final phase tell the story of Las Vegas Nightlife: Recruit DJs High quality DJs were asked to join the contest to remix the same song and show off their skills Submissions judged by celebrity judges such as Little John and LMFAO Push Voting Empower DJs to promote themselves Reach out to a scaled up list to push voting Promote Final Spinoff Event Largest scale outreach Get key influential bloggers to attend event and help tell the story of how Las Vegas nightlife is the best Results Created 9.7+ million campaign impressions 2,100+ targeted blog placements (geo-targeted) Twitter was dominated by the DJs and their fans organic pass-along extremely high Enthusiastic blogger coverage with pictures Agency R&R Partners Case Study
  15. 15. Objectives Create large scale buzz about the 2014 Essence Festival 20th Anniversary Sell Tickets Client Campaign 2014 Essence Festival Target AA Lifestyle, R&B, Pop, Hip Hop Fans, General Entertainment, Fashion Campaign Duration One Month Results 11MM+ direct impressions from Blogs, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook 3.2MM+ Twitter Impressions 6.1MM+ Blog Impressions Strategies and Tactics Strategic Influencer Outreach Secured earned coverage with bloggers who write about general entertainment, R&B, Hip Hop as well as fans of acts such as Prince High Influence Bloggers were offered tickets for giveaways to their readers Twitter Sweeps Incentivized followers to share The giveaway on Allie is Wired (398,000 UVPM) asked readers to tweet as a means of entry, generating 31 total tweets with over 1.4MM impressions earned by way of second-order followers the most impressions earned of any Twitter giveaway held for our campaign. 11,555 Followers Case Study
  16. 16. Campaign The Fan Fan Sweepstakes & Influencer Engagement Target Moms, Home Dcor, Home Design Campaign Duration Four Weeks Objective Drive Engagement with the Hunter