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Amherst Media 2009 Photo Books Catalog

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Amherst Media is the leading publisher of instructional photography books written by photographers for photographers. With 24 books published each and every year on topics ranging from wedding, posing, lighting, business and much, much more, there's always something new from Amherst Media!

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Bill Hurter

128 pages 8.5"x11" 150 color photographs index, glossary ISBN 978-1-58428-228-0 $34.95 list Order number: 1858 LEARN TO MODIFY AND SUPPLEMENT EXISTING LIGHT TO CREATE MORE NATURAL-LOOKING IMAGES

n recent years, wedding and portrait photography styles have become increasingly natural and relaxed. As a result, the whole world has become a studiowith images being shot everywhere from abandoned buildings, to beaches, to lamp-lit city streets. The varying light in these locations presents great creative opportunities for photographers, but also significant challenges. In this book, youll learn how to take control of each situation you encounter and walk away with great images your clients are sure to love.



Understanding the nature of light and its role in portrait photography Lighting diagrams that show how classic lighting styles are created Diffusing and redirecting sunlight and window light to create elegantly lit portraits Adding flash or reflected fill to supplement existing light Using existing light as fill with flash or studio strobes Supplementing existing light to achieve the perfect lighting effects, indoors or out Tips and images from top industry pros Comprehensive glossary that defines terms that may be new to beginning photographers

FEATURING TECHNIQUES AND IMAGES BY . . .Jennifer Baciocco Fernando Basurto Marcus Bell Don Blair Joe Buissink Drake Busath Mark Cafiero Anthony Cava Dan Doke Mauricio Donelli Gary Fagan Brett Florens Al Gordon Tibor Imley Kevin Jairaj Dennis Orchard Parker Pfister Joe Photo Jeffrey and Julia Woods Reed Young . . . and more!




Damon Tucci

128 pages 8.5"x11" 175 color photographs index ISBN 978-1-58428-237-2 $34.95 list Order number: 1868 DELIVER THE TOP-QUALITY IMAGES YOUR CLIENTS DEMAND WITH THE TIPS IN THIS ESSENTIAL BOOK


Conducting an efficient and informative client consultation Starting out with the right mind-set and preparing for an efficient, productive shoot Posing the bride and groom, attendants, and families for flattering results Developing a strategy for maximizing your results at every phase of the wedding day Tricks for transforming ho-hum backgrounds and average-looking people into show stoppers Seven time-saving strategies that will maximize your captureand your profits Making the most of the time constraints inherent in wedding sessions

odays wedding photographers face incredible demands, shooting in ever-changing conditions, with no do-overs. In this new book, Damon Tucci shows you how to rise to the occasion and produce beautiful, magazine-quality images at every event. Youll learn how to conduct a thorough client consultation to ensure your clients needs are well matched to your own requirements. Next, youll get the inside scoop regarding the equipment youll need to get the job done. Tucci also shows you what shots you simply must capture at the site of the ceremony, during the reception, and off site. Because time is of the essence on the wedding day, youll also learn how to make the most of your photo opportunities. Simple strategies for posing the bride, groom, couple, attendants, and the family are provided, as are helpful discussions on selecting lighting that takes your image to another level. Finally, youll gain insight into the Photoshop processes and other software applications that can be used to simplify your workload and maximize the appeal of your images.


PHONE: 1-800-622-3278, FAX: 1-800-622-3298




Kirk Tuck

128 pages 8.5"x11" 250 color photographs index ISBN 978-1-58428-230-3 $34.95 list Order number: 1860 LEARN HOW TO SPEND LESS TIME HAULING EQUIPMENT AND MORE TIME BEHIND THE CAMERA

hotographers who shoot on location with traditional studio lighting equipment may spend more time packing and porting their expensive equipment than designing beautiful lighting. Fortunately, Kirk Tuck has found a better way. Using small, computerized, battery-powered flash units and lightweight accessories, Tuck shows you how to get the topquality results you demandwith a wide variety of subjects and in a host of locations rife with lighting challenges. Youll learn how to use simple one-, two-, and three-light setups and how to modify and control existing light to get the desired direction, intensity, and sculpting to bring out the very best in your subjects. With the technical and business tips and techniques in this unique book, commercial, wedding, and portrait photographers will find that they can arrive on location with more energy, more time to spend behind the camera, and an enhanced ability to focus on the creative problem solving location work requires.



The advantages of working with minimal lighting equipment How to select and use the tools you need for indoor and outdoor lighting setups Modifying and supplementing light to ensure the desired direction, intensity, and sculpting Powering up: selecting the right batteries for your camera and lighting units Simple one-, two-, and three-light setups Lighting individual portrait subjects, groups, still lifes, action shots, rooms, and more Tips for interacting with your business clients and models/portrait subjects to ensure the best-possible photographic results




Childrens Portrait Photography

128 pages 8.5"x11" 215 color photographs index ISBN 978-1-58428-234-1 $34.95 list Order number: 1859 LEARN THE ART AND BUSINESS OF CHILDRENS PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHYSTART TO FINISH


Designing a kid-friendly studio that also impresses parents and creates a great first impression The importance of conducting a thorough pre-session consultation with a well-trained staff member Tips for working with kids of all agesfrom fussy infants to unenthusiastic teensand drawing out expressions that will sell Strategies for engaging your young clients and making the portrait experience a rewarding one Enhancing your income with client-pleasing location sessions Powerful marketing and selling techniques you can use immediately

cclaimed childrens portrait photographer Sandy Puc leads you through each facet of designing a complete kid care system. From the moment clients enter the studio, Puc shows you how to offer the ultimate portrait experiencefrom greeting your clients as guests to providing an area with activities for toddlers to teens. When it comes time for the shoot, Puc shows you the secrets of eliciting the expressions that will melt hearts. Also covered are lighting and posing techniques designed to yield top-quality results at each and every session. Specific advice for working with kids of each age group is also included (with tips for creating age-specific products that moms will love). A business-savvy professional, Puc pairs her creative images and customer-service excellence with powerful marketing and selling techniques that all boost her bottom line. Armed with these techniques youll be well on your way to success!


PHONE: 1-800-622-3278, FAX: 1-800-622-3298





Reaching your desired demographic Using loyalty-building programs to keep customers coming back for years Amplifying your product line to create the luxury appeal high-end clients desire

emaining profitable in todays mar- 128 pages ketplace requires a well-conceived 8.5"x11" marketing plan and top-notch sales 175 color photographs skills. In this book, Kathleen Hawkins index shows you how to achieve those goals. ISBN 978-1-58428-232-7 Youll learn how to supercharge your $34.95 list studios profits by implementing simple Order number: 1862 product-bundling strategies and giftwith-purchase programs to enhance your income from each sale. Youll also learn how to use the Internet to more effectively reach your desired client demographic, and to create client-loyalty programs to keep clients coming back. Hawkins also discusses the advantages of branding your business to increase visibility and profitability. This book also includes sample scripts and letters that will facilitate your communications with prospective clients.



Lou Jacobs Jr. o behind the scenes with ten top 128 pages professional portrait photographers 8.5"x11" and learn the secrets behind their artis- 175 color photographs tic and financial success. Every aspect of index the portrait business is discussedfrom ISBN 978-1-58428-229-7 selecting equipment, to working with $34.95 list clients, to sales and marketing tech- Order number: 2003 niques that really work. Also covered are techniques for both studio and location portraits, as well as engagement portraits, family portraits, senior portraits, and much more. This unique guide is packed with beautiful images and helpful insights that will both inform and inspire. This book features interviews and images from ten top portrait photographers, including Steven Begleiter, Frank Frost, Suzanne Maitland, Vicki Taufer, Carl Caylor, and more.



Choosing the right equipment Tips for capturing great expressions Effective and evocative lighting strategies for photographing your clients Popular products and pricing strategies



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