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Amherst Media Fall 2011 Catalog/Brochure of New Photography Books!

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New Instructional Photography books available from your favorite Photo Book Publisher, Amherst Media!

Text of Amherst Media Fall 2011 Catalog/Brochure of New Photography Books!

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Christopher Greys

Vintage Lightingdigital photographers guide to portrait lighting techniques from 1910 to 1970 Available September 2011

engagement Portraituremaster techniques for digital photographers

Lighting essentiaLsa suBJect-centric approach for digital photographers

Available September 2011

Available October 2011

hristopher Grey shows you how to capture the lighting styles of bygone erasbut with todays cameras, light sources, and postproduction tools. Learning to produce these rarely attempted styles will take your portrait work to the next level. $34.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 200 images, Grey. (ISBN 978-1-60895-221-2) Order no. 1945.Features: 1910s: simulating skylight and window lighting


ngagement portraits are a traditional rite of passage for couples. In this book, Tracy Dorr shows you how to go beyond whats expected, delivering images that will delight couples and boost your bottom line. $34.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 200 images, Dorr (ISBN 978-1-60895-227-4) Order no. 1946.Features: maximizing your booking interviews



on Giannatti demonstrates an approach to lighting that puts the subject firstchallenging you to explore the contours and textures of each subject, determine exactly what you want to say in your image, and develop a plan for achieving that look through careful lighting. $34.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 215 images, Giannatti (ISBN 978-1-60895232-8) Order no. 1947.

planning personalized sessions formal and informal sessions Boosting your sales and market visibility developing your personal stylecontributors incLude: dave and quin cheung, evan laettner, Jeff and snjezana fisher, Jenean mohr, Joseph priore, Kelly moore, rick and Bernadette unis-Johnston, nicole Knauber, riccis Valladares, and Yuliya shevchenko.

Features: previsualizing more thoroughly

1920s: soft shadows, upward shadows, crosslighting 1930s: deep shadows, tonal mergers, backlighting, under- and overexposure 1940s: hard light, deep shadows 1950s: action portraits, classic pinups 1960s: street-style lighting, colored gels, tight headshots

taking control of every quality of light and using them to your advantage shooting with natural light, studio strobes, speedlights, or any combination of light sources Working in the studio or on location sample shoots to exploreand sample assignments to try yourself

Painting with a Lensthe digital photographers guide to designing artistic images in-camera Available October 2011

ake a more purposeful approach to your shooting by making critical artistic decisions in the presence of the scene or subject that inspired yourather than hours (or weeks) later in front of a computer. $34.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 280 images, Deutschmann. (ISBN 978-1-60895-237-3) Order no. 1948.the portrait photographers



dividing a scene into tiers and making decisions about how they should relate creative lighting effects for adding color and enhancing the mood in your images inventive techniques for multiple exposures, panning, and zoomingas well as ripping, punching, and finger painting

guide to Posing, 2nd ed.Available november 2011

angefinder editor Bill Hurter teaches you the rules of posingand when to break them. With insights from top photographers, this book will help you please your clients and achieve your artistic goals. $34.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 180 images, Hurter. (ISBN 978-1-60895-243-4) Order no. 1949.



techniques for photographing weddings, families, seniors, children, and more posing basics and refinements taking your posing beyond the ordinarycontributors incLude: salvatore cincotta, Brett florens, Beth forester, Jim garner, and Jerry ghionisri

the Art Of oFF-camera FLash PhotograPhytechniques and images from professional digital photographers Available november 2011

ou Jacobs Jr. goes behind the scenes with top photographers, exploring their approaches to using off-camera flash in the studio and on location. This book is packed with great images and important insights for pros! $34.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 215 images, Jacobs. (ISBN 978-1-60895-275-5) Order no. 2008.


Features: mixing flash with ambient light

photographing portraits, weddings, and more Working with remote strobesFeatured PhotograPhers incLude: Bill cramer, claude Jodoin, Bert stephani, pete Winkel, sergio, david perris, and mike duhon

AdvAnCed underwater PhotograPhytechniques for digital photographers Available december 2011


nderwater photography is fun, but it becomes even more enjoyable as you advance your skills. In this book, Larry Gates shows you how to create images that are technically flawless and shares photo tips from a variety of talented underwater shooters. $34.95 list, 8.5x11, 128p, 230 images, Gates. (ISBN 978-1-60895-253-3) Order no. 1951.


understanding what makes a perfect image using one- and two-light strobe setups for enhanced control seeking unique subjects and unusual behaviors for more compelling underwater images tips for planning a shoot and conceptualizing the images you want to create

BOutique baby PhotograPhythe digital photographers guide to success in maternitY and BaBY portraiture Available december 2011

behind the shutterthe digital Wedding photographers guide to financial success Available January 2012

studio Lighting unPLuggedsmall flash techniques for digital photographers

Available January 2012

outique photography is all about choice and experience. In fact, far more than price, its style and quality that attract perfect-fit clients to this type of studio. In this book, Mimika Cooney shows you how to make all the right decisions when building your businessfrom targeted marketing, to stellar customer service, to image and product designs that will help you stand out from the crowd. $34.95 list, 7.5x10, 160p, 200 images, Cooney (ISBN 978-160895-259-5) Order no. 1952.Features:


s Salvatore Cincotta demonstrates in this must-have book, you dont have to be a business-school graduate to build a thriving photography venture. With these no-nonsense approaches to establishing and maintaining a profitable operation, youll learn how to make a good living doing what you love! $34.95 list, 7.5x10, 160p, 200 images, Cincotta (ISBN 978-1-60895264-9) Order no. 1953.Features: establishing a solid business plan and setting goals to help you progress


hanks to advances in flash technology, studio photography is now within the reach of everyone with a camera. As Rod and Robin Deutschmann show in this book, all you need is your creative vision, a few small flash units, and a place to experiment! $34.95 list, 7.5x10, 160p, 300 images, Deutschmann (ISBN 978-1-60895-269-4) Order no. 1954.Features: selecting some basic gear that will give you lots of flexibility without breaking your budget


understanding what women (and particularly moms-to-be) want and targeting your marketing efforts to reach them customizing your maternity, newborn, and childrens portraits to meet the highest standards of qualityand exceed your clients expectations maximizing your on-line presence with tips for search-engine optimization, blogging, and social networking Branding your business for a consistent message that strikes a chord with your target demographic

getting the most out of bridal shows harnessing the power of blogging and social networking differentiating yourself in the market so potential clients understand why they should choose you Boosting your efficiency for bigger profits and a better quality of life designing customized packages and pricing mastering the art of the soft sell, leading to enhanced profits and a great relationship with your clients

creating a studio in your kitchen, living room, garage, or backyard lighting techniques for portraits and still-life images setting up a wireless triggering system tips for supporting your flash units modifying the light from your flash to create just the look you have in mind Building your own flash modifiers adding colored gels for special effects dozens of exercises to put your new skills to the test

mASterS Guide tO oFF-camera FLashprofessional techniques for digital photographers Available february 2012


o you notice how some images just pull you in? In this book, Barry Staver shows you how adding off-camera flash can help you attain more of these powerful, emotional results in your own photography. $34.95 list, 7.5x10, 160p, 180 images, Staver. (ISBN 9781-60895-248-9) Order no. 1950.


adding flash to improve the existing lightor designing setups where flash is the sole source triggering one or more off-camera flash units techniques for portraiture, wedding photography, editorial images, and more practical examples showing how off-camera flash was used on actual assignments

PhotograPhing architecturelighting, composition, postproduction, and marKeting techniques Available february 2012

ohn Siskin guides you through the process of designing professional interior and exterior imagesfrom attracting clients, to planning and executing each shoot, to refining your images in postproduction. $34.95 list, 7.5x10, 160p, 180 images, Siskin. (ISBN 9781-60895-300-4) Order no. 1955.


Features: choosing the right camera and lighting gear

the challenges of architectural photography using the existing light or augmenting it attracting clients to your business a portfolio of images created on assignment and discussed in detail

hoLLywood Portraitshot-light techniques