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    The content & information provided in this brochure are indicative only. Nothing in this brochure constitutes Advertising, Marketing, Booking, Selling or an offer for sale or invitation to purchase a unit in any project by the company. It does not constitute part of an offer or contract. Design & specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Computer generated images are the artist's impression and are only indicative of the designs intent. To know more about the project/development, please contact our sales team or visit our sales office during office hours and speak to one of our sales personnel.

  • 8venue Sector- 81A, Gurugram

    The Outlet Mall 

  • Established in Year 2013 Mahamay Building Solution Pvt. Ltd. as a Real Estate

    Company is focused in delivering international quality residential and commercial

    projects across the nation.

    The Mahamay Management comes with a philosophy and principles of :




    Customer Satisfaction

    Mahamay Building Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a focused and customer centric team of

    professionals who are dreamers, thinkers and visionaries. We believe in creating

    architectural marvels using state of art technology, global architectural techniques and

    construction skills.

    We keep our valued customers on the highest pedestal and assure them of quality,

    satisfaction, integrity and sincerity. At Mahamay Building Solution Pvt. Ltd. we believe

    that Architecture is a visual art and any architecture speaks for themselves and hence

    we are committed to create world class architecture marvels and 81A Venue is just the


  • Gurgaon or Gurugram also known as the 'Millenium City' is an important part of the

    National Capital Region of India. Owing to its rapid urbanisation, infrastructure

    development activities, brilliant connectivity and increasing economic and cultural

    activities Gurgaon has become a leading financial and industrial hub with the third-

    highest per capita income in India.

    The city whose economic growth started with a manufacturing plant of Maruti in 1970's,

    today has local offices for more than 250 Fortune 500 companies. Today Gurgaon's

    skyline with its many skyscrapers is nationally recognized. It is a home to estimated

    1,100 residential highrises and more than 50 shopping malls. Real estate is a major

    force in the city's economy.

    Gurgaon is home to some of the nation's most valuable real estate especially the

    commercial segment. The commercial market especially office space continuously see

    robust demand here and several million square feet of it is absorbed each quarter of a

    financial year. Golf Course Road, DLF Cyber City and NH8 contributes to almost 50% of

    leasing activity here & IT and SEZ spaces are preferred options by occupiers.

    This positive traction in the office space market, improving clarity around RERA, coupled

    with the effects of the demonetisation drive dissipating, are resulting in transaction

    activity in Gurgaon's residential segment witnessing an uptick in recent months.

    According to our research, Gurgaon's dominance as a corporate hub is due to the

    availability of quality residential options, continuously improving infrastructure and

    connectivity to Delhi as well as expansion of civic amenities in and around NH8, Golf

    Course Road & Dwarka Expressway. The demand is concentrated in the highend/mid-

    end segments and primarily in the upcoming micro-markets of the city including the

    Southern Periphery Road (Sectors 68-74), New Gurgaon (Sectors 78-85), Sectors near

    Manesar (Sectors 86-95) and the Dwarka Expressway (Sectors 88-115).

  • Disclaimer- This is a Conceptual image


    Landscaped Surroundings. Innovative Design. Stylish Façade. World Class Amenities.

    Spread across 2 acres of a prime location, with a built up area of 3,10,000 Sq. Ft.

    (approximately) with a combination of retail spaces, food court and next-gen office

    space’s spread over 12 floors. The project is designed for the next generation

    demands and meets the highest international standards of excellence in commercial

    development be it the architecture, aesthetics, intelligent use of space, choice of

    material or the facility management. A wide stepped frontage and a grand facade not

    only make it an epoch-making structure in its immediate neighborhood, but also in and

    around the city. The distinctly planned interiors suit the vibrant experience that will be

    characteristic of this impressive edifice.

    The aesthetically designed traditional step-well format with receding fronts and efficient

    circulation spaces help in maximizing footfalls. Natural light and ventilation plays in

    ample through the wide courtyard and open passages. The structure gets its

    phenomenal look with a dedicated office block that rises over the retail space and a

    food court with semi-covered spilled out spaces to sit the top floor.

    8venue Sector- 81A, Gurugram

    The Outlet Mall 

  • A seamless shopping experience

    81A Venue has been conceived as a premium retail destination, offering consumers

    the pleasure of finding everything from fashion to fine dining, hair spas to household

    requirements, under one spacious roof. The stepped frontage, unlike a typical vertical

    format, highlights visibility of the retail frontage across all the five floors, allowing brands

    to stand out.

    Driving into a beautifully landscaped plaza, every customer will find the location ideal

    for shopping, complete with details of all the brands. Well-planned drop-off points lead

    vehicles into the two levels of parking. The large glazed windows and high-visibility

    signage provide an ample display for your brand to attract your customer. Strolling into

    the grand entrance lobby, the cool air-conditioning and well-planned wide corridors

    make the walk around the retail gallery a delight.

    Wide open passages and good visibility to all retail spaces.

    Total area of 310000 Sq. Ft. (approximately) is planned with world-class features.

    Promenade with fountains and landscaping.

    Dedicated Flea Market area for shopping on the go.

  • Fun, food and a whole lot more....

    No shopping experience is complete without an excellent food court with an extensive

    setting capacity and multi-cuisine restaurants and coffee shops. The food Court at

    81A Venue caters to the culinary tastes of varied palates as the ambience makes you

    feel rested yet cheerful. It provides you a space to spend quality time with friends and

    family. And with semi-covered, spilled out spaces to sit, it is just the place to get more

    out of your moments......!

    Soothing lobby music.

    Strategic lighting to ensure a warm ambience.

    Fun dining experience with friends and family.

    nd rdLocated on the 2 & 3 floor with semi-covered, spilled out spaces to sit.

    Multi-Cuisine Restaurants and Coffee shops.

  • Let your office do it for you!

    The infrastructure is here. The demand is here. The amenities are here. Isn’t it time

    your office was here?

    Today’s global professionals expect much more from their workspaces than just four

    walls, a desk and a chair. 81A Venue, with its sprawling 2 acres in a premium location

    and unique design, caters to the demands of any modern professional or corporate.

    The office space with its state-of-the-art, world-class amenities, breakthrough design

    that incorporates aesthetically landscaped gardens, and perfectly balanced with the

    desired retail mix, provides for a befitting place where business blooms into success.

    Here your office signals your stature, showcases your company’s image and reflects

    your global lifestyle. The uniquely flexible, customized office spaces can expand to

    accommodate the needs of the growing businesses. 81A Venue is an address which

    is the most effective way to announce your arrival.

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    75 mtr pataudi


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    75 mtr pataudi road


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    90 mtr Southern Periphery Road

    90 MTR Mu lti Utility C

    orridor Ro ad