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AMRDEC Technology As It Pertains To the Global War on Terror 39th Annual Gun & Ammunition / Missiles & Rockets Conference & Exhibition Jason Gilliam US ARMY AMRDEC Systems & Warheads

AMRDEC Technology As It Pertains To the Global War on Terror

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39th Annual Gun & Ammunition / Missiles & Rockets Conference & Exhibition. AMRDEC Technology As It Pertains To the Global War on Terror. Jason Gilliam US ARMY AMRDEC Systems & Warheads. AMRDEC Support of Global War on Terror. Introduction. Hellfire Mod-K Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of AMRDEC Technology As It Pertains To the Global War on Terror

  • AMRDEC Technology As It Pertains To the Global War on TerrorJason GilliamUS ARMY AMRDECSystems & Warheads

  • IntroductionHellfire Mod-K ProgramAdvanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS)TOW Bunker Buster

  • HELLFIRE Mod-KDevelopment ConceptExternal Modification to Current Fielded Missile SystemAbility to Modify Missiles and Containers in Field LocationsMinimize Logistics ImpactAbility to Ship Modified MissilesField in Four Months

  • Purpose of the ProgramAdd An Anti-Personnel / Anti-Material Capability for Hellfire Missile SystemOptimize Fragment Lethality Against Broad Range of TargetsMinimize Shaped Charge Performance DegradationMeet Urgent Operational NecessityMission Capable Limited Qualification

  • Elements of DesignSleeve DesignAttachment / HingeFragment Size and MaterialInternal ScoringAdhesiveMissile IntegrationAdapt Shipping Container to Accommodate Missile Sleeve

  • Comparison of Baseline Missile& Steel Sleeve FragmentationMod-K Fragment SleeveBaseline Hellfire II

  • Comparison of Baseline Missile& Steel Sleeve FragmentationMod-K Fragment SleeveBaseline Hellfire II

  • SUV Door PenetrationMultiple External PerforationsSeveral Internal Perforations

  • Flight Test ResultsNo Launch Rail InterferenceAerodynamics ProvenFlight Stability ProvenHit Accuracy Not Compromised

  • Mod-K ConclusionsSignificant Increase in Number of Lethal FragmentsProvides Capability Against Personnel and Light Vehicle TargetsSleeve Design Has Minimal Effect on RHA PenetrationFragment Sleeve Expands the Role of HF Missile for Targets of Opportunity

  • Block I: Precision Guidance for 2.75 rockets

    Block II: Warhead & Fuze Development

  • Develop, flight demonstrate, and integrate onto the AH-64 APACHE a low cost, accurate 2.75 inch guided rocket that provides a standoff range surgical strike capability against specified soft point targets.Supports APKWSSDD StartProvides precision strikecapability to HYDRA-70rocketsMNS APPROVED02/96 ORD APPROVED03/00 Hydra-70 range HELLFIRE-like accuracy Reduced fratricide Enhanced survivability Reduced cost/kill Increased stowed kills Reduced collateral damage Minimize platform mods Current logistics (1-6Km) (~1m) (accuracy)(standoff)(2x to 4x)(4x to 20x)(>2x)(screw-on kit)(screw-on kit)Requirements SummaryBLOCK I OBJECTIVES

  • Expanded Target SetTruckMANPADSMOUT / Non-Hardened Field StructuresIFV

  • TECHNICAL APPROACHSemi-Active Laser (SAL) Lock On After Launch (LOAL)Engagement of individual targets with high probability of single shot hit requires terminal or command to line-of-sight guidance. Low signature targets embedded in complex, cluttered environments can only be reliably engaged through visual acquisition & operator designation.M423 FuzeM151 10lb HE WarheadBASELINE HYDRA-70 ROCKETSAL Laser SeekersInbedded in Delta WingGuidance SectionMK66 Mod IV Rocket MotorProvides precision strikecapability to HYDRA-70rockets

  • Proposed APKWS Block II ObjectivesInsensitive Munition Compliance Is Main FocusImproved Warhead and Fuze LethalityImproved MIL-STD 1316 FuzeProgram Ends in FY05 with TRL 6 Prototype Designs and Supporting Test DataLow Risk Transition to APKWS Block II SDD in FY06Integrate Technologies to Replace the Current M151 and M423

  • M151 Warhead Description

  • Fragmentation TechnologyEfficient Mass/EnergyOptimized Lethality, More CostLess Wasted Mass/EnergyImproved Lethality, Low CostWasted Mass/EnergyPreformed FragmentationEmbossed FragmentationNatural FragmentationTungsten fragmentsPearson or V-Notch ScoringM151 WarheadOptimization Balances Cost and Performance

  • Effects of Enhanced BlastMany Structures Survive High Load, Short Duration, Blast PressuresIncreased Impulse (Pressure Over Time) Causes Greater Damage

  • Features of the APKWS Block II FuzeIntegrated Development With Block II WarheadMeet Applicable Safety Standards (i.e., Dual Safe)Fuze May Include These Modes:Point DetonatingDelay DetonatingProximity Function

  • APKWS Program SummaryDesign for IMEnhanced FragmentationEnhanced BlastDual Safe Fuze

  • TOW Bunker BusterObjective:Provide Stryker ATGM with capability to breach masonry walls and defeat bunkers until Mobile Gun System becomes available.500 Missiles Delivered on Schedule and Within BudgetSystems & Warheads Led Effort12 Months R&D3 Months ProductionDevelopment ConceptDesigned WarheadMissile Integration/ RetrofitWarhead and Missile TestHardware FabricationDeveloped TDPLed Production Effort

  • TOW BB WarheadConduit CoverWarhead, Explosive FilledPad, SealPlate, Seal (welded)Forward SkinBooster PelletDelay AssyAft RingInsulator RingCompression PadS&A (M114)Insulator DiscScuff PadsCrush Switch Assy

  • TOW Bunker BusterThermobaric VariantPotential Opportunity2Q FY023Q FY024Q FY021Q FY032Q FY03FinalDesignFlight TestingQual TestingInitial DesignStatic/Flight TestingPRODUCTION

  • TOW Bunker Buster Wall Engagement

  • TOW Bunker Buster Building Engagement

  • TOW Bunker Buster Program Summary Quick Reaction Program- 12 Months R&D- 3 Months Limited Production at Army Depot

    Currently Fielded for Stryker Brigade- 500 Missiles

    Primary Mission to Support MOUT Wall Breaching

  • AMRDEC Support to Global War On Terror Expertise With Army Precision Guided Missiles Enables Quick Reaction Modifications to Support Unique and Urgent Mission Requirements

    Prototype and Limited Production Capability

    Working Relationship with All Missile Prime Contractors and Other Stakeholders

  • TOW Bunker Buster Bunker Engagement