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AMRITA SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Bengaluru · PDF fileAMRITA SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Bengaluru NEWS LETTER. Amrita TBI Pitch Fest 4 th & 5 th February 2017 Satsang 7 th February 2017 Planetarium

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  • Volume : 8 Issue : 8 : February 2017




  • Amrita TBI

    Pitch Fest 4th & 5th February 2017

    Satsang 7th February 2017

    Planetarium Visit 19th February 2017

    Voice of Amrita 19th to 27th February 2017

    Dance Day 23rd February 2017

    Shivarathri 25th February 2017

  • Roasted Kon The Humour Club organised an event titled 'Roasted Kon' on 1

    st February, 2017. The event revolved around

    the popular concept of roasting, which involves humour targeted at a certain personality.

    The large gathering was welcomed by Ms. Roshni Maniraj (S4, ECE) who described the rules of the event. A demo of a

    traditional roast by the panel members followed. Subsequently, volunteers from the audience were given a shot at

    picking a celebrity name randomly. Depending on the names they chose, they were given a chance to exhibit their

    humour quotient in answering questions posed.

    School Highlights

    February 2017 PAGE 1

    Quiz on TV Shows A quiz on TV shows was conducted by the Quiz Club on 2

    nd February, 2017 as part of the Quiz League.

    The quiz was hosted by Mr. Nukala Suraj (S4, ME) and comprised of over 20 questions. The theme of TV shows

    evoked a large audience. The quiz had questions from famous shows and some were based on famous celebrities and


    The innovative facts and novel presentation of the quiz made for a memorable session.

    Similarity Different Similarity Different, a session on homophones, homonyms and figures of speech, was conducted by Lekhani

    on 3rd February, 2017.

    The session was hosted by Ms. Ashwini Nayak (S4, CSE) and Ms. B. Toshitha Royan (S6, ECE). Ms. Ashwini and

    Mr. Manoj A. (S4, ECE) began the event with an impromptu dialogue involving similes and metaphors. Ms. Nayak

    introduced the difference between homophones and homonyms, and posed such words requiring the audience to

    highlight the differences in usage through sentences. Mr. Roshan S. Sharma, Secretary, Lekhani (S6, ECE) then took

    over and discussed the importance of puns, similes and metaphors in making written and verbal expression appealing,

    and encouraged the audience to contribute humorous examples.

    Workshop on PTP A workshop on Publication Tracking Portal (PTP) was organized for the faculty of ASE, Bengaluru campus on

    1st February 2017 from 2 pm to 3.30 pm.

    Mr. Snehal Shetty, from Amrita TBI gave a live demo stating the highlights of the portal which was followed by a hands

    -on workshop on the next day. The outcome of this workshop is to track all the papers that were submitted or


  • Amrita Technology Business

    Incubator, one of the most

    prolific start-up incubators in

    the world supported by

    Govt. of India and Amrita

    University, conducted its

    annual mega event,

    PitchFest on 4th and 5

    th of February, 2017.

    The event had over 700 applications from start-ups

    across 20 different states in the country. The top 30

    start-ups were chosen to compete against each other

    for funding worth $200,000.

    The inaugural ceremony commenced with the lighting

    of lamp by the dignitaries Dr. N. Manjula (IAS,

    Director IT&BT and Tourism, Govt. of Karnataka),

    Mr. Hemal Patel (Sr. V.P., Sophos) and Mr. Chinu

    Senthilkumar (Venture Partners, LCP), following

    which the dignitaries were felicitated with mementos.

    The dignitaries started the event with speeches and

    anecdotes about their experiences, which inspired the

    participants. A video conference with Shri. Amitabh

    Kant (IAS, CEO, Niti Aayog, National Institution for

    Transforming India, Govt. of India) gave an insight

    into several successful start-ups which originated in a

    short span and made India a smarter and safer

    country. He also focused on Make in India campaign

    and encouraged the youngsters to think big.

    The event progressed with Mr. Hemal Patel

    inaugurating the new Cyber Security Lab set up by

    Amrita TBI. A sumptuous lunch was arranged for the

    gathering. 20 start-ups pitched their ideas on the first

    day and three of them were selected as wildcard

    entries into the top 13 start-ups.

    Five among the top 13 start-ups were chosen as

    winners on day two, after the judges contemplated all

    the ideas presented. Cookifi, Swasti Agro &

    Bioproducts, Bizbee, Nextsky and Miqasa were the

    winners and will be funded by Amrita TBI to

    accelerate their start-ups. The event drew to a close

    with the distribution of mementos, prizes and

    certificates to the winners.

    Amrita TBI Pitch Fest

    February 2017 PAGE 2

    School Highlights

  • Satsang by Poojya Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri

    The 7th of February 2017 dawned bright at the campus which prepared to receive Poojya Swami

    Amritaswarupananda Puri, the senior most disciple of Sadguru Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, fondly known as AMMA.

    Ritualistic chants of "Om Amriteshwaryai Namaha" and a formal parade procession welcomed Swamiji to the august

    gathering. Swamiji ascended the dais following a devotional rendering. Ms. Sreevidya B. from the Dept. of CSE

    welcomed the multifarious audience gathered from different parts of the city. Swamiji was garlanded by prominent

    members of the society including Commander T. L. P. Babu, recipient of the Navasena Gallantry Award; Capt. Arun

    Nair; retired DGP-IP Shri Omprakash -IPS and Associate Dean Dr. Rakesh S.G.

    Swamiji formally launched Ayudh, an acronym of Amrita Yuva Dharmadhara, which is an international youth movement

    started by the Math in 1985 to empower the youth to integrate universal values into their lives. Volunteers who made

    significant contributions to the Ayudh movement were recognized and awarded certificates.

    Swamiji's discourse began with his observations on the westernization of our culture, and he urged the youth to

    understand the facets of Western culture before absorbing them. He characterized youth, a great blessing, as a reservoir

    of energy and an embodiment of change. He cautioned the audience to use their formative years wisely, and highlighted

    the role of parents in developing good citizens.

    He also corrected a general misconception that discipline is slavery and asserted that discipline is a necessity. He then

    quoted Amma's belief "We need to blend science and technology with spirituality to serve the poor and needy".

    School Highlights

    February 2017 PAGE 3

  • IQ Test Sankhya, the Mathematics Club held IQ Buzz on Friday, the 17

    th February, 2017. The club aims to revisit the

    fundamentals of mathematics, explore new theories, and designs intellectually stimulating events for students.

    The event was an IQ test comprising questions designed and commenced with a few words from Ms. K. Dharmini,

    Joint Secretary (S6, ECE) and Mr. Ankit Sharma, Secretary (S6, ECE), who briefly explained the instructions. Papers

    were distributed and the starting time was recorded. The crowd of around thirty students from different years thorough-

    ly enjoyed solving the questions.

    School Highlights

    February 2017 PAGE 4

    Workshop on LaTex Lekhani, the Press Club, organised a workshop on LaTeX, document preparation software on 17

    th February,


    Ms. Supriya M., Asst. Prof., Dept. of CSE presided over the event. She started the session by discussing the advantages

    and disadvantages of LaTeX over the other documentation software, and elaborated on its importance in articles,

    documents, papers etc. The syntax was discussed, and examples delivered helped the participants to understand the

    basics of the software. In the hands on session, commonly used document classes, document class options, section and

    subsection tags, mathematical expressions, graphics and various packages were introduced.

    Planetarium Visit VYOM - The Astrophysics Club organised an informative visit to the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium on the 19


    of February, 2017. A total of 160 curious students and five faculty members, were enlightened about the workings of

    the institute.

    The congregation was welcomed by Dr. Praveen D., Mentor, VYOM club, who laid out the ground rules for the subse-

    quent space show.

    Once inside the auditorium, the gathering was witness to a mesmerising show describing the characteristics of the vari-

    ous moons in our system and an account of the stars and constellations as viewed from outer space. During the visit, a

    one hour show titled Our Universe was attended by all in the sky theatre.

    Subsequently, insights were given on the life of Galileo, the Father of Astronomy, and his theories and with the theories

    of some other renowned astrophysicists such as Aristotle.

  • Voice of Amrita Voice of Amrita, the flagship event of Raaga, the music club, was conducted from 19

    th to 27

    th February, 2017.

    The Closed Auditions, held o