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    issues, womens spirituality, and Renais-sance print culture.Concerts. The Concert Committee, chairedby Neal Zaslaw (Cornell University) hasselected an equally colorful series of perfor-mances, ranging from parlour melodrama

    In This Issue . . .Presidents MessageExecutive Directors ReportCommittee ReportsGrants and Fellowships AvailableAwards, Prizes, and HonorsForthcoming ConferencesCalls for PapersSeattle Preliminary ProgramObituariesAMS Washington, D.C.News Briefs

    AMS/SMT Seattle 2004

    The American Musicological Society and theSociety for Music Theory will convene in Seat-tle, 1114 November. The joint national meet-ing begins Thursday with afternoon sessionsand a spectacular opening concert and con-cludes Sunday at noon. The Sheraton Hoteland Towers will house the conference. Nes-tled in the historic Seattle downtown, the Sher-aton debouches on museums, shopping, con-cert halls, and many superb restaurants. A shortstroll leads to the famed Pike Place Market, aferry tour of the Puget Sound islands, or a sea-food restaurant serving fresh chinook salmon.

    Seattle offers abundant tourist attractions,beginning with the idyllic setting. The snow-capped peaks of the Olympic and Cascaderanges frame the city to east and west, whileMount Rainier towers to the south. Ninebridges connect this watery city, which floatsamid lakes, bays, and inlets. The turning leavesmake November a visual feast. Rain falls spo-radically, mostly in refreshing drizzles, keepingthe air clean.

    Seattle culture encompasses one of thebusiest theater calendars in America, a thrivingrock-music underground, and some of the fin-est coffees and microbrews in the world. Hip-sters will gravitate to Capitol Hill, where theycan tour the vinyl bins at Sonic Boom, read allnight in Twice Sold Tales, or sip Kool-Aid inthe Bauhaus Caf. A fun monorail ride leadsfrom the Sheraton to the Experience MusicProject (EMP), an interactive popular-musicmuseum and Jimi Hendrix shrine. Numerous

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    VOLUME XXXIV, NUMBER 2 August 2004ISSN 0402-012X



    Seattle Skyline with the Space Needle Courtesy of the Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau

    restaurants surround the Sheraton, offeringseafood, sushi, pan-Asian, pub food, oreclectic European cuisines.

    Program. The AMS Program Committee,chaired by Robert Kendrick (University ofChicago), has assembled a diverse spectrumof papers, including sessions on film music,jazz, music and illness, African-American

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    Society Election ResultsThe results of the 2004 election of AMS offi-cers and the Board of Directors:Vice President: Jeffrey KallbergTreasurer: James LadewigDirectors-at-Large:

    M. Elizabeth C. BartletThomas ChristensenCristle Collins Judd

    AMS Membership RecordsPlease send AMS Directory corrections andupdates in a timely manner in order to avoiderrors. The deadline for Directory updates is 1December 2004. Send all corrections, updates,membership inquiries, and dues payments tothe AMS, 201 S. 34th Street, Philadelphia, PA19104-6313; 215/898-8698; toll free 888/611-4267 (4AMS); fax 215/573-3673; . See the AMS Web site formore information: .

    AMS Newsletter Address and DeadlinesItems for publication in the February issueof the AMS Newsletter must be submitted by4 November (21 November for reports) andfor publication in the August issue by 1 Mayto:

    Peter AlexanderThe University of IowaArts Center Relations300 Plaza Center OneIowa City, IA 52242fax: 319/384-0024

    The AMS Newsletter is published twice a

    year by the American Musicological Society,Inc., 201 S. 34th Street, Philadelphia, PA19104-6313; tel. 888/611-4267 or 215/898-8698; fax 215/573-3673; ; and mailed to allmembers and subscribers. Requests foradditional copies of current and back issuesof the AMS Newsletter should be directed tothe AMS Philadelphia office. Claims formissing issues must be requested within sixmonths of publication.

    Next Board MeetingsThe next meetings of the Board of Direc-tors will take place 10 November 2004 inSeattle, Washington, and 12 March 2005 inWashington, D.C.

    AMS Home PageThe AMS home page address is . The Web site includes virtu-ally all the things that might come in handyregarding AMS membership: JAMS deliv-ery, recent JAMS tables of contents, onlineconference registration and full annualmeeting information, membership renewalinformation, general collections of URLs formusicological subjects, links to our jobs &conferences electronic bulletin board, etc.Send any and all Web site suggestions to theAMS office, .

    to Balto-Finnish choral works (see the Pre-liminary Program, pp. 1117, for the fullstory).

    The evening entertainments spotlightSeattles early-music community. GalleryConcerts and Seattle Early Dance lead offThursday night with Theatre Music andDance of the French Baroque Court, apageant of dances by Lully, Rameau, andLeclair. Andrew Manze and the EnglishConcert follow on Friday with program-matic concertos by Vivaldi, Schmelzer,Biber, and Locatelli. Finally, on Saturday abus will convey concert-goers to magnifi-cent St. Marks Cathedral to hear theTudor Choir and Cappella Romana presentEverlasting Light, a concert combiningByzantine chant, English polyphony, and amajor new work by Greek-Canadian com-poser Christos Hatzis. On Saturday after-noon the Experience Music Project willhost the first AMS popular-music concert,presenting rising Seattle band Visqueen.EMP has graciously offered half-pricemuseum tickets to all AMS/SMT mem-bers. Tickets for all events will be availableonline through the meetings Web site. Interviews. A limited number of rooms atthe Sheraton will be available for job inter-views during the meeting. To reserve aroom, please consult the Web site or con-tact the AMS office; reservations receivedprior to 15 August will appear in the pro-gram booklet. Job candidates can sign upvia the Web or (if spots are still available)at the interview desk, located near thehotel registration area. AMS policy prohib-its interviews in private rooms withoutappropriate sitting areas.Benefit programs. Members of the Soci-ety are urged to support the Committee onCultural Diversity Travel Fund, the HowardMayer Brown endowment, and the AHJAMS 50 endowment by contributing $50or more to these worthy causes. All mem-bers who contribute on their registration

    forms will receive complimentary beveragetickets at the Thursday evening reception. Ifyou contribute $100 or more, you willreceive five tickets to share with yourfriends.Registration. This mailing includes a regis-tration form. All members registering on orbefore Friday, 1 October will enjoy a dis-counted rate. The AMS Web site alsoincludes online and PDF registration forms.Child care. In response to individualrequests, the AMS is considering a moreextensive child care program in Seattle thanwe have done in recent years. Please com-municate your interest to the AMS office assoon as possible.Transportation. Seattle-Tacoma Interna-tional Airport serves the Seattle area. TheGray Line Airport Express, running everyhalf hour, will get you to the hotel for only$8.50 (taxis run about $30). You can buyyour ticket online at . Members wishing todrive can take I-5 almost to the hotel garage.Take the Seneca Street exit from the southor Union Street from the north and drive afew blocks west. The hotel is on the right.Weather. Rain is always a possibility inSeattle, despite an unusually dry year so far.Umbrellas are seldom essential, although ashell or raincoat will help. Expect tempera-tures in the low 50s, dropping into the 40s.Scheduling. Please contact the AMS officeto reserve rooms for private parties, recep-tions, or reunions. Space is limited, so pleasecommunicate your needs as soon as possi-ble. The AMS Web site provides furtherinformation.Student assistants. The Local Arrange-ments Committee, chaired by StephenRumph (University of Washington), seeksstudents to help during the conference inreturn for free registration and $11 per hour(six hours minimum). If this is of interest,please see the Web site or contact the AMSoffice.

    Stephen Rumph

    AMS/SMT Annual MeetingHotel InformationA hotel block is being held for the Seattleconference attendees at the conferencehotel: Sheraton Seattle Hotel, 1400 SixthAvenue, Seattle, Washington 98101; tel.888/627-7056 or 206/621-9000; fax 206/621-8441. A link from the AMS Web sitededicated to room reservations is alsoavailable.

    We have reserved a block of rooms atthe Sheraton Hotel at the special rate of$159 per night (single) / $179 (double) forreservations received prior to 14 October2004, 5:00 p.m. PST.

    In order to qualify for the conferencerate, you must identify AMS Annual Meet-

    ing when making reservations. Budget15.9% additional for state and local hoteltaxes.

    The AMS negotiates a contract formeeting space and hotel room-nights withhotels four or five years before eachannual meeting. We agree to occupy a cer-tain number of rooms and contract withhotels for this, in exchange for their agree-ment to provide hotel rooms as well asmeeting space and services. We are liableto pay significant supplemental fees if wedo not hold up our end of the agreement;thus, your decision to stay at the confer-ence hotels, in addition to enabling con-venient access to the annual meeting, helpsto ensure that we meet our contractualobligations.

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    Europe!), and many non-student mem-bers also lack access to t