An Exciting and Refreshing Bangkok Holiday

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  • An Exciting and Refreshing Bangkok Holiday

    Thailands capital Bangkok is all about glitz and glamour. The city is famous worldwide for its almost legendary nightlife ranging

    from cheap to ostentatious bars and lounges that offer a fine wining, dining, and dancing experience. As soon as the sun sets, live

    music, cabarets and shows take over the city and fill the air around. This is the time to chill out. With a lot of options for music

    lovers, choose a style for yourself and enjoy an eclectic night-out. There are a few places that shut down by two; at the same time,

    there are plenty of them where the party does not end till the wee hours of the morning. So you have all the opportunity to turn

    your nights into an awesome experience with your tickets to Bangkok.

    Iron fairies, Funky Villa, DJ Station, Narz and Saxophone are a few spots where you can get a taste of Bangkoks nightlife.

    Amongst all this maddening events and glitterati, you can have your share of rejuvenation and relaxation in any of Bangkoks well-

    known massage parlours. Thailand is famous for its traditional massage treatments offered in serene and soothing surroundings.

    Tourists can unwind their mind, body and soul and get pampered like never before and gear up for further exploration of Bangkoks

    myriad wonders. Some are cheap while the ones in plush hotels and resorts come with exorbitant price tags.

    Asia Herb Association, Health Land, Divana Divine Spa, Thann Sanctuary and Ruen Nuad are some of the best places to get the

    perfect spa experience in Bangkok.

  • Getting There: - All major airlines fly to Bangkok. Cheap flights to Bangkok are available from all parts of the world.

    When to Go: - December to January is certainly the best time to visit the city. The weather is relatively cool and dry. The months of

    September and October should be avoided due to heavy rains.

    Getting Around: - Bangkoks traffic appears endless at first; however, moving around is not all that difficult. Few of the

    neighbourhoods are pedestrian-friendly and the other far off places are easily accessible via the SkyTrain and subway systems. The

    cab facility too is quite active. Once in a while, you can also commute through the famous tuk-tuks which are motorized rickshaws.

    As the city is interlaced with canals, water taxis also ply its canals.

    Bangkok is exceptional in many ways. Board your cheap flights to Bangkok and experience the magic of this amazing destination.