Ana Tijoux Songs of Protest

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<ul><li><p>7/26/2019 Ana Tijoux Songs of Protest</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Ana Tijoux's Top Ten Songs of Protest</p><p>The songs of Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux are more than just that. They are weapons of equality,</p><p>defiance and peace. Tracs lie !"#$$%, !Shoc%, and more recently, !Somos Sur% and</p><p>!Antipatriarca%, ha&amp;e ecome songs of protest and re&amp;olution, calling for a etter society, whilene&amp;er forgetting one's own internal struggles. (orn to exiled Chileans li&amp;ing in )rance, Tijoux rose</p><p>to prominence in Santiago's hip*hop scene after later mo&amp;ing ac to her 'home' country.</p><p>+er songs spea of a new atin American identity and the re&amp;olutions that are still going on in so</p><p>many parts of South America. -et they also wor uni&amp;ersally, with messages that we can allunderstand, and so it is no surprise that Tijoux is gaining a strong international reputation, with her</p><p>songs featuring in S T/ programs and the rapper ecoming a spoesperson for feminism andprotest mo&amp;ements worldwide.</p><p>Ahead of her show in ondon on Thursday 01thApril, as part of a inea "2, we ased Ana Tijouxto pic ten of her fa&amp;ourite songs of protest and re&amp;olution. +ere's what she sent us ac3</p><p>4h05". /ioleta Parra 6Arauco Tiene na Pena647h05http&amp;377www.youtue.com7watch8&amp;9:;. /?ctor @ara 6anifiesto647h05</p><p>http&amp;377www.youtue.com7watch8&amp;9uj*0mpjBC</p><p>4h050. Dina Simone 6Ain't Eot Do, ; Eot ife647h05</p><p>http&amp;377www.youtue.com7watch8&amp;9m</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Ana Tijoux Songs of Protest</p><p> 2/2</p><p>http&amp;377www.youtue.com7watch8&amp;9"$$*sHHS/F</p></li></ul>


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