Analysis of a magazine cover!

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  • 1.Analysis Of A Magazine Cover! Chelsea Myers

2. Title:The title is famousThis is alwaysand its big and bold included on thereand even though youmagazine and thiscant a bit of it youis like their slogan.still know that is itMOJO.The colour scheme isvery plain and it is just Main Image:the same type of The main image iscolours, brown, black of someone who isand sandy colours like famous and theybeige . are looking right at the audience also the image is a medium long shot. This is a cover line which isnt the main ones but they are a different font and Main cover lines: colour to the main The main covercover lines. lines are bigger than the other cover lines andDate,Price,Issue: they have aThe date price and the different font and issue of the magazine is they can go in placed on the bottom front of the image.left of the cover. Thiskeeps it out of the wayso it doesnt disrupt thecover of the magazine. 3. Famous people are mentioned on themagazine so people are more likely to buy it ifthere is famous people on it.Title: the title isbig and bold and it Cover lines whichis well known toare always on themany people.magazine andthis is giving theperson who isThe colour scheme is very reading thebold and bright with mainly magazine a bitblue being the colour and morewith reds, yellows and white. information.The main image is head onand it includes direct addressThe font is bigger than which is where the person isall of the other coverlooking at the audience.lines as this is the maincover line.Smaller imageon the side ofthe magazineand this isrelevant as theperson who is This is where theon the front of barcode, issue numbermagazine is also and the price goes andin this picture. its in the corner so it doesnt get in the way of the main image. 4. The title is very big and bold and with the red backgroundThe colour scheme is it is very easy to seered, black and white and clear.and this makes themagazine look betteras its bright. The main image is looking out into the audience and this is called direct address.This is themain coverline and this isa differentfont to all ofthe otherThis magazine hascover lines.added things ontoand this is so morepeople will buy themagazine.