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  • We decided to make a digipack of 4 panels

  • The background picture is one that was taken by myself when we were shooting in central London at night. I felt the picture was significant and relevant to the album as it is of London. Where the artist is from, and where the music video was shot. Its relevance is that the audience can relate to places such as the one shown in the picture.The writing over the picture is the chorus lyrics extracted from your my. It is in the font that looks like handwritten which shows that it is personal. This idea can also be seen in the Alicia Keys digipack. [Alicia Keys Digipack]

  • For the inside of our digipack we selected a close up of the artists bare back. This connotates that this is him, he has nothing to hide. Also, Conveniently for us, Matthew has a tattoo which is typical of other artists of the genre. His tattoo is of a religious reference as it is of a cross. This shows that he's very open about his beliefs and probably his inspiration. We also chose to write the song titles on the naked back,. We used the colour white to contrast the grey shade of the picture. Ideally, we would have liked to graffiti the song titles onto his actual skin for a more realistic look.An example similar to ours is that of usher.

  • The front cover of our digipack was a simple design consisting of just a picture of Matthew. Its a full frontal profile so that the audience can view him totally. His clothes is typical of the genre. His pose gives the idea of confidenceThe snow and the evident cold weather is typical of London which the audience can relate toThe brick wall is significant as it shows the picture was taken on the streets of London. The streets of London is where the audience can really relate to as its were most upcoming artists are right now and they aspire to b where the artist is today. Its almost as if hes gone back to where we started, and not forgetting where he came from.The writing is of a graffiti font and red, in keeping with the motif as well as the red brick wall.

  • The final page of our dig pack was of a self taken picture of Matthew. Its very personal, as is the album. It gives the audience the idea that he is letting them in on his own pictures and his own life.The clothing is typical of the genre with the cap, hoody, earing and chain. Once again there is a religious reference as he is wearing a cross chain. He is looking down and away from the camera, This picture was not the definite choice as we would have preferred to use a more professional picture, but due to our lack of resources we opted that this, more personal picture would be of more meaning to use in the dig pack