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  • 1. TOTAL FILM # 194 - MAY ISSUE Contents page - pure function for the reader. Flannel Panel - this is the people who made the magazine. Buzz - the latest news in lm.. Dialogue - this is the reader interaction page. Agenda - Benet for the reader, gives information for themselves to benet them. Screen - All the reviews for the lms that are out month. Different layout ( portrait) Reader has to turn the magazine, ow has been broken This is special Flat plans are like mountain ranges, the article can only look special when nestled within other ordinary pages, Just like Mount Blanc looking spectacular within the alps. This is also special, the bright red is very eye catching. Lounge - this is the home entertainment section, to appreciate people who do not go to the cinema, it benets to a different audience.Competition, value buying the magazine and potentially win a gift. Back entry point of the magazine Most important section of the magazine featuring pictures. Total Film Flat Plan