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and firefighting supplies

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Text of and firefighting supplies

marine buying services
4 stroke main & auxiliary engines
grinding of crankshafts up to 4 m length and 1500 kg weight
mobile teams & equipment worldwide genuine & custom-manufactured spare parts Warranty
Exceptional skills in demanding projects
Authorized engine repairsTrained personnel and expertise
Inspired by challenging projects
Services onshore and offshore Main and auxiliary diesel engine repair, overhaul & maintenance Complete replacement of main and auxiliary engine including installation of new foundation and chock-fast Turbocharger overhaul High pressure fuel pump & injector repair Honing of cylinder liner up to 500 mm In-line boring equipment (“Climax” machine) Reconditioning of cylinder head, connection rod and piston crown
Other repair and modification services
Steering and rudder gear Deck equipment Shaft line & propeller Pump Air compressor Engine and other equipment alignment using high precision tools (Easy-Laser)
Fabrication of steel constructions Welding, pipe fitting, shell plating replacement works Electrician / automation troubleshooting and repair Hydraulic system troubleshooting and repair
8 7
Mobile service stations
Experts in inspections mobile service stations in europe Flying teams worldwide
life-saving equipment periodic inspection, test & supply
Fire-fighting equipment periodic inspection, test & supply
lifeboat & davit periodic inspection, test & repair
inspection & repair in dry dock & alongside ships
Our service is authorized by the following makers
Flag approvals
Hansson PyroTech
Oriental Inspection & Service
Wuxi Hai Hong
Fire fighting & gas detection
Experts in diving projects
Underwater operations include Vessel class inspection (In-water survey/uWILD) Damage survey Hull cleaning & propeller polishing Hull repair (class approved) Rudder repair Wet welding & cutting Propeller repair & re-balancing Propeller replacement / installation PBCF Azimuth thruster replacement Tail shaft/ rudder clearance measurements Search and recovery of lost chains, anchors and steel objects Blanking of sea chest Emergency ships salvage
Fleet & Equipment DSV (diving support vessel) Multipurpose research vessel Multipurpose crane vessel Tug boats Mobile diving stations BrushKarts CaviBlasters
Comprehensive mooring solutions
Our services include
Rope design development Steel wire rope sling production Tensile test and certification Rope inspection and retirement advisory Product trainings
Other products
Cathodic protection Fiberglass gratings Marine valves Air vent heads Fishing vessels supplies
Experts in mooring / towing / anchoring
amber mooring ropes & tails steel wire ropes anchors, chains & accessories global warehouse network
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