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  • Andaman and Nicobar



  • Location of Map of India

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  • Basic Facts about Andaman and Nicobar

    ● Established: 1 November 1956

    ● Capital: Port Blair

    ● Number of District : 3

    ● Lieutenant Governor: Admiral (ret.) Devendra Kumar Joshi

    ● High court: Calcutta High Court

    ● Lok Sabha Seats : 1

    ● Rajya Sabha Seats : 0

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  • State Symbols

    ● State Animal: Dugong/Sea cow

    ● State Bird: Andaman Wood pigeon

    ● State Tree: Andaman Padauk

  • History of Andaman and Nicobar

    ● Rajendra Chola I (1014 to 1042 AD), used the

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands as a strategic naval

    base to launch an expedition against the Sriwijaya

    Empire (modern-day Indonesia).

    ● The Cholas called the island Ma-Nakkavaram ,

    found in the Thanjavur inscription of 1050 AD.

    ● On 1 January 1756, the Nicobar Islands were

    made a Danish colony, first named New

    Denmark, and later (December 1756) Frederick's

    Islands (Frederiksøerne).

    ● In 1858 the British established a colony at Port

    Blair. The primary purpose was to set up a penal

    colony for criminal convicts from the Indian

    subcontinent. The colony came to include the

    infamous Cellular Jail.

    ● It became part of India in 1950 and was declared

    as a union territory of the nation in 1956.

    ● राजेन्द्र चोल I (1014 से 1042 ई।) ने, श्रीविजय साम्राा्य

    (आधुवनक इंडोनेविया) के खिलाफ अवियान िुरू करने के

    वलए एक रणनीविक नौसैवनक अडे्ड के रूप में अंडमान और

    वनकोबार द्वीप समूह का इसे्तमाल वकया।

    ● चोला ने 1050 ईस्वी के िंजािुर विलालेि में पाया जाने िाला

    द्वीप को मा-नक्कवरम कहा।

    ● 1 जनवरी 1756 को, वनकोबार द्वीप समूह को डेननश

    कॉलोनी बनाया गया, वजसका नाम पहले नू्य डेनमार्क , और

    बाद में (वदसंबर 1756) फे्रडररर् आइलैंड्स (फे्रडिरकसोनन)

    रिा गया।

    ● 1858 में विवििों ने पोिन बे्लयर में एक कॉलोनी की स्थापना

    की। प्राथवमक उदे्दश्य िारिीय उपमहाद्वीप से आपरावधक

    दोवियों के वलए एक दंड कॉलोनी स्थावपि करना था। कॉलोनी

    में कुख्याि सेलुलर जेल िावमल थी।

    ● यह 1950 में िारि का वहस्सा बना और 1956 में इसे देि

    का कें द्र िावसि प्रदेि घोविि वकया गया।

  • Geography

    ● There are 572 islands in the territory. Of

    these, about 38 are permanently inhabited.

    ● The islands extend from 6° to 14° North


    ● The Andamans are separated from the

    Nicobar group by a channel (the Ten Degree

    Channel) some 150 km wide.

    ● The highest point is located in North

    Andaman Island (Saddle Peak at 732 m).

    ● Indira Point at 6°45’10″N and 93°49’36″E at

    the southern tip of the southernmost island,

    Great Nicobar, is the southernmost point of


    ● के्षत्र में 572 द्वीप हैं। इनमें से लगिग 38

    स्थायी रूप से बसे हुए हैं।

    ● द्वीपों का विस्तार 6 ° से 14 ° उत्तर अक्षांि

    िक है।

    ● अंडमान, वनकोबार समूह से एक चैनल (टेन

    नडग्री चैनल) जो लगिग 150 वकमी चौडा है,

    से अलग होिे है।

    ● उच्चिम वबंदु उत्तरी अंडमान द्वीप 732

    मीटर पर सैडल पीर् में खस्थि है।

    ● इंवदरा पॉइंि 6°45'10” N और 93°49'36”

    E दवक्षणी सबसे दवक्षणी द्वीप, गे्रि वनकोबार

    के दवक्षणी वसरे पर, िारि का सबसे दवक्षणी

    वबंदु है

  • General Facts

    ● Andaman and Nicobar Islands were formed due to collision between Indian Plate and Burma Minor Plate.

    ● Duncan passage separates Little Andaman from South Andaman.

    ● Port Blair, the capital of Andaman Nicobar Islands lies in the South Andaman.

    ● Among the Nicobar islands, the Great Nicobar is the largest. It is the southernmost island and is very close

    to Sumatra island of Indonesia. The Car Nicobar is the northernmost.

    ● Most of these islands are made of tertiary sandstone, limestone and shale resting on basic and ultrabasic

    volcanoes [Similar to Himalayas].

    ● The Barren and Narcondam islands north of Port Blair, are volcanic islands [these are the only active

    volcanoes in India.

  • General Facts

    ● The land area of 6408 km² in the Andamans constitutes 90% as reserves and protected areas of which

    36% is tribal reserves.

    ● The entire Nicobar group is a tribal reserve and has four wildlife sanctuaries, two national parks and one

    biosphere reserve.

    ● The Grand Channel is between Great Nicobar islands and Sumatra islands of Indonesia.

    ● The Coco Strait is between North Andaman islands and Coco Islands of Myanmar.

    ● The Islands are also famous for the largest and rarest species of crab, the Giant Robber Crab. It can climb

    the coconut trees and break the hard shell of the fruit.

  • General Facts

    ● The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are also known as the Emerald Islands.

    ● These islands make an arcuate curve, convex to the west.

    ● The Great Nicobar is the largest island in the Nicobar group and is the southernmost island. It is just 147

    km away from the Sumatra island of Indonesia.

    ● The Andaman Islands support one of the world’s most extensive mangrove ecosystems. Due to their long

    isolation, these islands have evolved significant diversity of flora and fauna with a high level of endemism.

  • Festivals of Andaman and Nicobar

    ● Island Tourism Festival

    ● Kali Pooja

    ● Durga Puja

  • ● Campbell Bay National Park

    ● Galathea National Park

    ● Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

    ● Middle Button Island National Park

    ● Mount Harriet National Park

    ● North Button Island National Park

    ● Rani Jhansi Marine National Park

    ● Saddle Peak National Park

    ● South Button Island National Park

    Important National Park and wildlife Sanctuaries in

    Andaman and Nicobar

  • ● Chidiya Tapu

    ● Baratang Island

    ● Barren Island

    ● Cellular Jail, Port Blair

    ● Samudrika Marine Museum

    ● Limestone Caves, Port Blair

    ● Ross and Smith Island

    ● Forest Museum, Port Blair

    ● Sri Vetrimalai Murugan Temple

    ● Chatham Saw Mill

    Important places in Andaman and Nicobar

  • ● Great Andamanese

    ● Onge

    ● Jarawa

    ● Sentinelese

    ● Shompen

    ● Nicobarese

    Tribes in Andaman and Nicobar

  • 2004 Tsunami in Andaman and Nicobar

    ● On 26 December 2004, the coasts of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands were

    devastated by a 10 m (33 ft) massive tsunami following the undersea earthquake off

    Indian Ocean.

    ● More than 2,000 people lost their lives.

    ● The worst affected Nicobar islands were Katchal and Indira Point.

    ● The lighthouse at Indira Point was damaged but has been repaired since then.

    ● The territory lost a large amount of area which is now submerged.

    ● The territory which was at Indian states 8,073 km2 (3,117 sq mi) is now at 7,950 km2

    (3,070 sq mi).

  • In December 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, renamed three of the islands

    as a tribute to Subhas Chandra Bose.

    ● Ross Island was renamed as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island.

    ● Neil Island as Shaheed Island.

    ● Havelock Island as Swaraj Island.

    Renaming of tribes in Andaman and Nicobar

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