Angola Botswana Lesotho Malawi Mozambique Namibia South Africa Swaziland Zambia Zimbabwe 997 grants to 450 organizations total = $197 Million for health,

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  • AngolaBotswanaLesothoMalawiMozambique

    NamibiaSouth AfricaSwazilandZambiaZimbabwe

    997 grants to 450 organizations total = $197 Million for health, basic education, and comprehensive programs targeting those under 21 in 10 countries from 2001-2005Sample Size

  • Categories Used

  • Key Findings: Funding DistributionHealth programs received 200% more funding than basic education programs

    HIV/AIDS programs received 63% of health funding

    Basic education funding was distributed across all categories

  • Key Findings: Recipients90% of the funders supported organizations with headquarters in Africa

    88% of grants analyzed went to groups with headquarters in Africa but they received only 43% of the funding

    Individual national NGOs received the smallest contributions of all types of recipient groups

    Grants to academic, research, and medical groups were 1000% larger than those to national NGOs

  • Key Observations

    Need for more support in other health areas

    Need for a more holistic approach

    Need for more support to local organizations

  • Key Findings: CountriesOrganizations in South Africa received larger contributions than organizations in the other nine countries

    South Africa received the most funding, had the most funders, and on average 200% larger grants

    Funding for countries excluding South Africa was almost exclusively for health programs Angola and Swaziland received no funding for basic education

  • Key Observations

    Need for more support for basic education programs

    Need for more support for comprehensive programs

  • DOWNLOAD NOW!Key Findings and Summary Report Key

    Funding for Health And Basic Education Programs for Children And Youth In Southern Africa

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