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  • Annual Report

  • Bowls SA Annual Report 2013-2014 | 3

    contentsBoard of Directors 4

    Appointments 4

    Councillors - Country & Metropolitan 4

    Life Members 4

    Staff 5

    Committees 5

    Chief Executive Officers Report 6

    Presidents Report 8

    Development 9

    Night Owls 9

    High Performance 10

    Australian Premier League 10

    Greens Advisory 11

    Match & Program 12

    Umpires 12

    Constitution & Boundary Review 13

    Awards Night 14

    Hall of Fame 14

    SA Bowler 15

    Volunteer of the Year 16

    Club of the Year 16

    Finance Directors Report 17

    Financial Statements 19

    Statement of Income & Expenditure 20

    Balance Sheet 23

    Opinion of Board 24

    Statement of Cash Flows 26

    Auditors Report 27

    Event & Award Winners 28

    Pennant Winners 30

    Club Membership 32

    Membership Summary 38

    Partners 39

  • 4 | Bowls SA Annual Report 2013-2014

    Bowls SA Governance


    PRESIDENT Ivy Kluske/Don Crosby

    VICE PRESIDENT Don Crosby/Janice Kelly OAM

    FINANCE DIRECTOR Robert G Thomas

    METROPOLITAN DIRECTORS Wayne ProsserKathryn Bailey

    COUNTRY DIRECTORS Leith Gregurke ASMJanice Kelly OAM/Jillian Ackland


    PATRON His Excellency Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce AC CSC RANR Governor of South Australia

    SOLICITOR Anthony KerinJohnston Withers/Grope Hamilton

    AUDITOR Nicholas MatsisNRM Johnson


    REGION 1 Barry OliverJennifer Waugh

    REGION 2 Annette RowntreePhil Spiers

    REGION 3 Ian HillamKathie Bowman

    REGION 4 Ian GraetzJackie Collins/Kathleen Mader

    REGION 5 Darryl HageDianne Eatts

    REGION 6 Lyn WalkerGaynor Pitcher

    REGION 7 Barbara TiggemannBrian Patterson

    REGION 8 David LamondJill Ackland/Jackie Hayes


    REGION 9 Margaret ClarkeWayne Reardon

    REGION 10 Ron MullinerLesley Slattery

    REGION 11 Natalie Coad/Peter WalterGeraldine Hudspeth

    REGION 12 Kelvin WatersAnne Phillips


    Fran ArthurCarol BammannMichael BrownVic Brown OAMRuth BurtonRobert Bob CooperBrian FordMurray Gerschwitz OAMBrona GoldieBeth JamesJohn JenkinsIvy KluskeLois KrugerBrian Marsland OAMJohn McDougall OAMKenn RogersRobert Bob ThomasDoreen Walding OAMJudy Whiting

    Bowls SA acknowledges the passing of Life Member Rhonda Bray on 2 February 2014

  • Bowls SA Annual Report 2013-2014 | 5

    Bowls SA Governance




    OPERATIONS MANAGER Rhys Taylor/Erin Haines

    MEMBER LIAISONLyn Grenfell

    RECEPTIONIST Deborah Dunbar





    CONSTITUTION & BOUNDARY REVIEW Robert Cooper (Chair)Michael BrownBrian CooperJanice Kelly OAM*

    COACHING Ron Mitchell (Chair)Deanna AmosCarol BoyleGeorge FyfeJohn MaloneJohn Williams

    GREENS ADVISORY Leith Gregurke ASM (Chair)* Brad PorterNigel RyanKevin Lewis

    HALL OF FAME Brian Marsland OAM (Chair)Errol Bungey OAMBetty GreensladeArrienne WynenKathryn Bailey*

    JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT Jason Bodnar (Chair)Mark DentonPhillip GrovesMark HainesDarren HateleyBob ScottLisa Studham

    MATCH & PROGRAM Geoff Nethercott/Ron Mulliner (Chair)Jeff AllenRiina Bradbrook Janet CocksWayne Prosser*Jim RobertsBob ScholefieldBob Tuck

    SENIORSGeoff Nethercott (Chair)Carol BoyleJanet CocksPeter MuellerPhil SpiersMichael Wildash

    STATE SELECTIONGeoff Nethercott (Chair)Riina BradbrookPaul CraigTrevor LloydAnnette RowntreeRex Whitehead

    UMPIRES Beth Young (Chair)Margaret BorlaseAlfred BoyleBob DeuterJohn HillPenny McCarthyLyn WalkerJill Ackland*

    *Board Director

    Bowls SA ABN 87 400 912 7393A Rowells Road, Lockleys 5032PO Box 59 Brooklyn Park 5032 t: 8234 7544 f: 8351 8220e:

  • 6 | Bowls SA Annual Report 2013-2014

    Chief Executive Officer | Mark Easton

    This is my rst full annual report as Chief Executive Ofcer of Bowls SA and Im excited to be able to share some thoughts about the work of Bowls SA over the past year.

    Before joining Bowls SA, I spent my career in business, both in sport and private enterprise, and as I was making the transition I asked many people for advice. Over and over again, I heard a similar refrain; Bowls is changing, we are predominately a volunteer organisation operating in the business of Bowls.

    Gradually, I started to take some issue with this idea. Without a doubt, businesses get pure market feedback in many cases and Bowls is no exception.Bowls SA generates a detailed sales report, but there is more than one kind of business we are dealing with. When your work involves researching and developing new products and services, you cant always get real-time information about whats working and what isnt. For example, providing regular visits to schools for Bowls participation is a life investment, and whilst our wish is that juniors will take up the sport immediately, chances are our work today will not bear fruit for some 10 -20 years.

    In short, in a business like Bowls, sometimes you have to invest in innovations that dont reach the market for a decade or more. In those instances, you rely on the other tools at your disposal to determine if the potential reward is worth the risk. You do your homework before you take on a project. You gather feedback from others with experience and good judgment. You use whatever interim data is available to measure progress as rigorously as you can.

    Other sports are in a similar position. Often, nding the best ways to help people improve their lives takes many years of research and experimentation. But businesses are obligated to pursue nancial returns, which dont always coincide with social returns. Governments ability to undertake socially benecial research is sometimes limited by political considerations. Bowls, in contrast, have more freedom to innovate in pursuit of social returns but because were taking risks, we have to accept the likelihood that some of our grants and strategies arent going to get the results we expected.

    Our opportunity is in developing all relationships and minimising the reliance on capitation by implementing a commercial team to identify outside opportunities to alleviate the dependence on the membership sustaining the sport nancially.

    At the same time, we have to accept a series of responsibilities, e.g. setting clear priorities, using data effectively and relying on others expertise to make sure were making the most of available grants and devising the best strategies we can.

    At Bowls SA, we work especially hard to engage a wide network of partners who bring diverse perspectives to the work were doing together and Ive spent a fair amount of my time over the past year, and months before, getting to know our partners.

    In questing for more money, Bowls SA have employed a strong commercial team in Daniel Lawlor and Graham Saliba, who have been tasked with engaging and investing in potentials for alternative income through Government, sponsorships and commercial opportunities.

    This has been a very hard year for Bowls SA and the near future doesnt look any easier. Weve heard from our colleagues at many sports and were all digging deeper into our pockets and coming out with less money.

    Many not for prots have fewer and fewer resources at precisely the moment when the need for their services is greatest. Its difcult for not for prot organisations to nd scal balance when there are so many demands to be met.

    The Bowls SA membership model which has stood us in good stead for previous generations is now under review with the need to take into account, and further encourage, participation by implementing a capitation model that can provide a true position of the status of our sport.

    On the one hand, there are exciting opportunities presenting themselves right now such as social formats of the game and the Australian Premier League on television.

    On the other hand, there are needs that demand long-term commitment and will ultimately affect the long-term economic viability of the sport.

    Bowls SA must make sure we have enough money to safeguard the sport and as we balance all these needs well have to make tough choices.

    In the current environment its unlikely that Bowls

  • Bowls SA Annual Report 2013-2014 | 7

    Mark Easton

    SA will be able to continue to increase spending and as we look towards establishing a future of economic sustainability, I have two priorities as CEO to help Bowls SA increase its impact per dollar spent.

    The rst is to make sure our internal processes run smoothly. One of my key responsibilities is to create an environment in which our staff can do their best work. Earlier this year, we engaged a consultant to undertake a State-wide Audit surveying all our Clubs, Associations, Regions and employees for the rst time ever. We were heartened by many of the ndings with a high percentage of respondents proud of what the organisation stands for. However, our staff also told us that it can be hard to get things done efciently and effectively. We need to clear some hurdles so we can all focus our energy on the people we aim to help; our Members and Clubs and were currently developing a plan to address the results of the survey.

    My second priority is to improve the quality of our external partnerships, which are our lifeblood. I know there is room for improvement in this area and starting with me, every