ANYGEN - the peptide synthesis. Custom Peptide Catalog Peptide CMO Service Peptide Service - ISO 9001,

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  • ANYGEN Synthesizing Therapeutic Future

    ISO 9001, 14001 GMP Certificated

  • 2 3ANYGEN

    Total Biomolecules

    Service System

    Key Technology Synthesis & Purification

    Custom Peptide Confidentiality

    Peptide for Industrial Use Cosmetic & Food Ingredients

    Catalog Peptide Strong R&D Support

    CMO Service Preclinical

    Peptide APIs Generic

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    ANYGEN Synthesizing Therapeutic Future

    We manufacture high-quality custom-made peptides by applying our thorough product managing system (ISO 9001, 14001, GMP Certificated) in the synthesis and purification of peptides, and we supply the peptides de- manded by customers by applying custom-made synthesis and purifications according to the level of difficulty in the synthesis and types of modification.

    Key Technology ANYGEN supplies various types of high-quality peptides promptly by applying our optimal synthesis technology and extensive experiences in the peptide synthesis.

    Custom Peptide

    Catalog Peptide

    CMO Service

    Peptide Service - ISO 9001, 14001 - GMP

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    Custom Peptide Synthesis Service




    Final Product

    Synthesis (Fmoc-Chemistry)

    Purification (RP- HPLC)

    Quality Control (Maldi-Tof MASS, HPLC)

    ANYGEN’s Total Quality Control System


    Acetylation / Biotinylation

    Fluorescence Dye (FITC/Cy3/Cy5 and its derivative)


    Dabcyl/Dabsyl/Dancyl Phosphorylation (Ser, Thr, Tyr)

    Fatty Acid Disulfide Bonds

    PEG Cyclization EDANS

    MAP(Multiple / Antigen peptide)

    AMC (Aminomethylcoumarin)




    KLH/BSA Conjugation to Antibody Production

    N-terminal Side Chain C-terminal

    ■ We offer peptide synthesis with faithful value ■ >80%, >95%, >98% purity grade ■ mg ~ kg scale ■ Academic, pharmaceutical and industrial use

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    ANYGEN Synthesizing Therapeutic Future

    Catalog Peptide Service

    Cosmetic Peptide Name Function in cosmetic products

    Acetyl Hexapeptide Relaxes facial wrinkles, reducing the degree of existing wrinkles.

    Palmitoyl Hexapeptide Wrinkle prevention, wrinkle repair and eye contour care.

    Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide Anti-aging, wrinkle smoothing, and cutaneous barrier repair.

    Palmitoyl Pentapeptide Anti-wrinkle and collagen production stimulation.

    Copper Tripeptide Wound healing and revascularization of tissues.

    Palmitoyl Tripeptide Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effects and cutaneous restructuration and repair.

    Catalog Peptide

    Peptide Hormone


    Peptide Neurotoxin

    Neuro Peptide

    Cell Permeable


    GPCR Ligand

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    GMP Service

    ■ Bulky-scale solid & solution phase synthesis ■ Proportionately scaled HPLC purification ■ Lyophilization ■ Cleanrooms from class 100,000 to 10,000

    ■ QA/QC and regulatory support ■ Expertise in all production and purification techniques ■ Dedication to quality and GMP compliance

    GMP Bulk peptide : from ~g to ~kg scale

    ■ Appearance ■ Solubility ■ Identity(Via mass spectral analysis) ■ Related substances (HPLC) ■ Assay (as mass balance) ■ Counterion content counter-ion co ■ Moisture content

    ■ Peptide content (by N%) ■ TFA content ■ Chloride content ■ Residual organic solvents ■ Bioburden ■ Endotoxin ■ Other API-specific parameters

    Our standard GMP specifications include :

    Generic Peptide APIs Peptide Name Application

    Leuprorelin Prostate Cancer

    Desmopressin Diabetes Incipidus

    Ganirelix GnRH antagonist, IVF

    Liraglutide Type2, Diabetes, Obesity

    Lanreotide Acromegaly

    Octreotide Acromegaly

  • 6 7ANYGEN

    ANYGEN Synthesizing Therapeutic Future

    CMO Service

    ■ Characterization ■ Working Standard Preparations ■ Analytical Methods Validation ■ Three Batches Validation ■ Process Validation

    Process Development & Validation

    Looking for a partner to develop peptide drugs?

    Clinical Phase I

    --------------- PROCESS


    Clinical Phase II

    -------------- PROCESS


    Clinical Phase III

    --------------- REGISTRATION

    Comerical Generics -------------


    Your Peptide

    Peptide API development process

    ■ ICH Stability Study ■ CTD/DMF Preparation ■ Regulatory Support ■ Commercial Manufacturing

    Registration & Manufacturing


    Rm. 206, Pilot plant, Gwangju Technopark, 333, Cheomdangwagi-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju, 61008, Korea


    Tel : +82-62-714-1166 / Fax : +82-62-714-1188 / Order mail :