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    “Play the Game” www.marulan-p.schools.nsw.edu.au

    Week 10 Thursday March 31st, 2011

    n Monday some of our Year 6 students attended the Young Leaders Day with Mrs Hage. The children told

    me they had a wonderful time and learnt many new strategies for coping with school life. We look forward to putting some of their ideas into practise next term. I would like to thank Mrs Hage for organising this event for her students, it was certainly an early morning for our travellers. Last night the P&C hosted a very successful disco. Thank you to all parents and staff who attended and helped on the night. Next week is the end of term and I would just like to remind all families that attendance at

    school is compulsory and our rolls are checked regularly by the Home School Liaison Officer. If your child is absent from school please remember that you can contact the school office by phone, or send in an absent note. Next week will be very busy with the District Athletics Carnival on Tuesday 5th April and Grandparents day on Friday 8th April.

    Debbie Darling

    O Wakakirri Fundraiser A number of students from Years 2-6 have shown interest in taking part in the Wakakirri Story Book performance in Sydney, led by Miss Jago, later this year. To assist with keeping costs to a minimum we are holding a cake stall fundraiser at Grandparent’s day. We ask if all families would kindly donate a yummy pre cut cake or slice for us to sell during morning tea at Grandparent’s Day next Friday April 8th. We appreciate your continued support of our school, students and Creative Arts.

    Young Leaders Day Our journey began at KFC at 6.45am. I was so tired I

    almost fell asleep standing up!

    The first person to talk to us was Mike Martin he was the

    General Manager of Halogen Foundation of Australia.

    He has had four different careers. He told us to ask

    ourselves would they lead me well or be a really bad


    The second person was Greg Mullins. He started fighting

    fires in 1972 and now he is Commissioner of the NSW Fire

    Brigade. He is living his dream and he earned his position

    by treating people with respect, and they treat you with

    respect in return. He said never forget your family.

    Kurt Fearnley was next to speak to us. Kurt is in a

    wheelchair and yet he has crawled the Kokoda trail,

    something most people who can walk, find difficult. He

    told us that everything you dream is up to you to make

    happen and he also said no matter what is thrown at

    you to think of it as not a mountain but a hump.

    Jessica Watson the youngest person to sail solo around

    the world was the next to speak about her journey and

    the people who helped her prepare for anything the

    ocean and weather could throw at her.

    Our final inspiring person was 2009 So You Think You Can

    Dance winner Tarlia Fowler. Tarlia said to remember to

    always have fun and pass knowledge onto others.

    We had a great time and I learnt a lot from these

    inspiring speakers. Danielle Marsh Yr 6

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    Goulburn Show Results

    Some students participated in last weekend’s Goulburn show with work they had produced at school. Travis, pictured with his Boat made completely from recycled goods. Travis won the recycled Art Section 8 (R2). Other placegetters from our school were: Jayden Collier for his Wave (2nd), Brooke Murray for her painting (2nd), Marulan PS for our Display by a Primary School in the Produce section (2nd) and Highly Commended to Maddison for her Black Frog. Well done everyone!

    Grandparents Day Itinerary Friday April 8th 2011

    10.00 am Assembly under the


    10.40 am Children return to class,

    Grandparents/parents have morning tea

    10.50 am Children join parents and

    Grandparents for morning tea

    11.10 am Grandparents visit classrooms

    and assist with making hats/masks

    12.00pm Easter Hat Parade

    12.40pm Sausage Sizzle BBQ lunch

    1.30pm Conclusion

    Book Packs

    Child/Children’s Name(s) _________________________________________

    Kindergarten: ____ @ $35 __________________

    Class 1-2B _____ @ $35 ____________________

    Class 1-2H _____ @ $35 ____________________

    Class 3JP ______ @ $35____________________

    Class 4-5C ______ @ $45 ____________________

    Class 5-6H ______ @ $45 _____________________

    Total amount paid ______________

    If at any time anyone experiences difficulties in paying for any school activities, book packs etc., please contact the office. All enquiries will be treated with confidentiality

    District Athletics Carnival

    Tuesday April 5th

    The following students have qualified to represent our school at District level next week: Clyde Smyth, Harrison Hage, Mitchel Harris, Xara McDonald, Daniel Hancock, Blake O’Keefe, Lucas Lichtenberger, Annabelle Cooper, Charlotte Cox-Barlow, Erin Bryant, Mackenzie Atkinson, Lachlan Ireland, Zac Diamond, Liam Smith, Kirran Thams, Jayden Babic, Nikki Vaughan, Kara Clarkson, Rose Canty, Holley-Rae Murray, Makenzie McInnes, Abbey O’Keefe, Bradley Burrell, Marcus Cooper, Jayden Collier, Ryan Berger, Jarrod Fitton, Rebecca Daly, Dale Roberts, Mitchell Atkinson, Amy Canty, Stephanie Winner, Emily Latham, Travis Lichtenberger, Adam Brown, Kyle Hancock, Mitchell Hurry, Amin Aissou, Josh Sellars, and George Osman.

    We wish you all good luck in your events!

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    NEXT MEETING: Wednesday May 4th

    6pm in the Library. Term 2 Week 2. Polar fleece jumpers have arrived. Please contact the office if you require an order form.


    I would like to order ___________________ sausage sandwiches at a cost of $2 each. I understand payment is to be made on the day. This order is for catering purposes only. Family Name: _________________________________________________

    Bystander’s Code

    Don’t join in

    Don’t smile to show that you agree with the bully’s behaviour

    Tell others you don’t like bullying behaviour

    Show care for the bullied student by standing near him or her

    Ask the bullied student to join your game or move away from the bully

    Go with the bullied student to tell the teacher.


    For those families who are new to our school, we ask that all children donate a gift to be sold at the stall. Please start thinking about sending in gifts for the Mother’s Day stall. Our stall will be held Thursday May 5th. All gifts range in price from 50¢ - $5.00.

    Some examples of gifts may be: candles, hankies, small chocolates, bath crystals, writing set. The children really enjoy the opportunity to purchase their special gift for mum. All gifts are to be left in the office and if you wish to wrap them, please use clear cellophane, as this makes it easier for children to see what they are buying.

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    Important dates for you to record on your Calendar and Diary


    Fri 1st ~ Playgroup

    Tues 5th ~ District Athletics Carnival

    Wed 6th ~ Illawarra Fly Excursion Yrs 4, 5 & 6

    Fri 8th ~ Grandparents Day & Easter Hat Parade (no playgroup)

    Fri 8th Last day Term 1


    Tues 26th ~ Public Holiday

    Wed 27th ~ School Development Day

    Thurs 28th ~ Student’s resume

    MAY Fri 6th~ Cross Country @ Wollondilly PS

    Tues 10th ~ NAPLAN Years 3 & 5

    Wed 11th ~ NAPLAN Years 3 & 5

    Thurs 12th ~ NAPLAN Years 3 & 5


    Mon 13th ~ Queen’s Birthday Holiday

    Tues 14th ~ Yrs 4-6 Soldier Boy Performance Mittagong

    Fri 24th ~ Student’s Semester 1 Reports sent home


    Fri 1st ~ Musica Viva Visiting performance – B’Tutta

    Fri 1st ~ Last day Term 2



    March 4th

    House Results

    Bungonia – 369

    Hume – 365

    Oxley – 356

    Hovell - 293


    Wally Scheuner (Goulburn Trophies) and co from Goulburn will be walking from Randwick Children’s Hospital to Goulburn Base Hospital from next Monday April 4th to raise much needed funds for the Paediatric Wards in both hospitals. Wally will be walking through Marulan at approximately 5pm on Wednesday April 6th. Interested persons who wish to meet up with Wally and his companions and accompany them from Brayton Rd to Ali’s Motel should call Julie Brant on 4841 1736.


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