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Download Whitepaper from http://alm.parasoft.com/api-testing-myths API integrity plays a vital role in The API Economy. Yet many are confused about the kind of testing required to ensure secure and reliableAPIs. Discover the truth about API testing and the negative impact businesses face when APIs are not tested properly. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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"5 Myths about API testing: There's more than meets the UI"2014-11-10Copyright 2014 Parasoft#1APIs Everywhere and Here to StayA few years ago, we entered the era of mobile computingAPI failure means your apps fail, and your quality and reputation take a direct hit that flows to your bottom lineBut that came with some challenges:API Testing reduces the business risk of faulty APIsMany devices, many networks and many connections.Apps connect devices to vast amounts of servers and data through complex APIs.How do you ensure that the APIs work as planned?

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Every App Has its APIto TestThe fact that an API is published does not decrease the test scenarios required; it increases test scenarios in all dimensionsEnterprise apps rely on a myriad of internal, external and public APIsTesting APIs must include different networks, end-points and interfaces

Test ScenariosNowThen#Copyright 2014 Parasoft#

Myth #1 about Testing APIsPublic APIs, even the few with SLAs, are the responsibility of third parties you may trust them, but you must verify them, with API TestingIf its a published API, its been tested and guaranteed. No further testing required.Just because an API is published does not mean that the API has been tested with anything, particularly your custom applications

You cannot afford to overlook the gaps in testing APIs with your applications1#MIND THE GAP#Copyright 2014 Parasoft#Myth #2 about Testing APIsGUI tests are extremely fragile and are not designed to exercise the integration layerTested through the GUI of your applications does not mean you have fully tested the API and its other interactionsAssuming that youve tested the API from the GUI means on average 10% test coverage

Weve tested the API through our applications graphical user interface testing.


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Myth #3 about Testing APIsEnd-user experience is dependent upon everything working together flawlessly, not a single message transactionWhile direct testing may provide validation of connectivity, it will not exercise the end-to-end logic of the API and its interactions with dependent systemsComposite applications are dependent upon multiple transactions

Our GUI testers can exercise the API directly It seems pretty straightforward.

You thought you could manage simple transactionsuntil you realized the API was more complicated (with multiple operations and elements)3#

#Copyright 2014 Parasoft#Testing modern composite applications requires access to an average of 30 dependent applications (APIs, mainframes, web services and other systems dependencies), yet only 20% can be accessed easily for testing

Myth #4 about Testing APIsThis complexity does not mean end-to-end testing cannot be performedTechnologies like service virtualization (test environment simulation), when coupled with API Testing, provide for comprehensive testing across all application dependencies

End-to-end tests are not feasible, because there are too many dependencies involved.

4##Copyright 2014 Parasoft#doesnt mean youve tested this!Myth #5 about Testing APIsMethodologies like Agile Development require that application logic changes, improves and evolvesBecause you tested this

APIs that were tested once and worked will continue to work as long as the API hasnt changed.In order to ensure the integrity of the API, any material change to the API requires a re-validation of the API and its system dependencies Creating a regression test suite that exercises dependent APIs consistently is required for API integrity


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The Costs of not Testing APIsIf youre leveraging APIs to enhance your customers experience, you must ensure that the APIs can meet or exceed your business expectationsIf software is the interface to your business, then the customers experience is only as good as the weakest link in your softwareSwitching costs for software are at an all-time low; subscription models and common interfaces mean that loyalty has to be earned with quality and innovation

#Copyright 2014 Parasoft#Parasoft API Testing: Real ResultsParasoft API Testing has helped accelerate and transform application testing for many leading companies and agencies

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