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<p>Application for Apprenticeship/Traineeship Qualification</p> <p>This application can be used by Apprenticeship Network Providers (ANPs), Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), Industry Associations and employers to request the approval of any nationally recognised qualification to be made available as an approved apprenticeship/traineeship. </p> <p>Skills Tasmania determines the conditions for duration, part-time and school-based availability as well as the approval of qualifications for User Choice funding. This application can also be used to request approval of funding (User Choice) and part-time or school-based delivery of a qualification, including qualifications already approved as an apprenticeship/traineeship pathway.</p> <p>The following link provides comprehensive information about qualifications that are available as apprenticeships and traineeships in Tasmania including information regarding if apprenticeships and traineeships are funded and any conditions that may apply</p> <p>The application must be fully completed and emailed to This process usually takes 10 working days.</p> <p>For information about available apprenticeship and traineeship qualifications in Tasmaniacontact Kelly Dixon by phone 03 6165 6056. </p> <p>Section 1 Applicant Details:</p> <p>Organisation name:</p> <p>Contact name &amp; position:</p> <p>Contact e-mail:</p> <p>Contact phone number:</p> <p>Organisation type: RTO, ANP, Business/Enterprise or Industry Association (including IRCs/SSOs).</p> <p>Is the application being submitted in response to a request from a Business/Enterprise or Industry Association? Provide details.</p> <p>What is this application requesting (please tick one or more boxes):</p> <p>Approval of a qualification as an apprenticeship/traineeship Approval of a qualification for funding (User Choice)</p> <p>Approval of a qualification for school-based deliveryApproval of a qualification for part-time delivery</p> <p>Section 2 Qualification Details and RTO details:</p> <p>Qualification Code &amp; title</p> <p>School-based required: Yes/No</p> <p>Part-time required: Yes/No</p> <p>Name and code of Registered Training Organisation (RTO) delivering the training (as listed in</p> <p>Does the above RTO have the requested qualification on their scope?</p> <p>Section 3 Information supporting the application:</p> <p>Estimated number of apprentices entering the qualification:</p> <p>How was the demand for this qualification identified?</p> <p>2</p>


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