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The Azores Business Development Society designs and implements business development incentive measures aimed atreinforcing Azorean companies competitiveness and productivity, and promotes innovation and entrepreneurship.



Why Azores?

Tourism Sector

Financial Incentives for Investment

A Z O R E SA Wonderful Place to Invest

Incentives for Job Creation

Tax Benefits


Azores What do we offer?

Located between Europe and North America; Political and Social stability; One of the safest regions in Europe.

Unique conditions for tourism; Abundant water resources; Potential for diversified agro-food activities; Excellent communications; Qualified human resources and good English language


Attractive incentives for investments; Financial incentives for job creation; Advantageous tax benefits.

Geostrategic Location

Friendly Business Environment

Available Resources


The Portuguese archipelago of the Azores is one of the outermostregions of the European Union, a special status granting specificprivileges.

The Azores benefits from the common EU market with commoncurrency, free trade agreements, non-tariff barriers and freeinterchange of labor and capital.

Portuguese is the 5th most spoken language in the world and the mostwidely spoken in the Southern hemisphere.

It is the official language used by the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP): Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde,So Tom and Prncipe, Guinea-Bissau and East Timor.

Market with 500 million people

Market with 250 million people

Why Azores ? Gateway to Broader Markets


PORTS 9 Ports and 7 marinas.

AIRPORTS 9 Airports, one in each island.

ROADS Well-maintained roads connecting cities, towns

and villages.


Network fully supported on fiber-optic technology;

High availability of bandwidth.

Why Azores ? Existing Infrastructure


Time zone: minus 1 hour from Mainland Portugal and the United Kingdom, plus 4 hours from the Eastcoast of the United States and plus 3 hours from the East coast of Brazil.

Flight durations: 2 hours to Lisbon, 3-5 hours to other European capitals and 5-6 hours to the UnitedStates (East coast) and Canada.

The islands of So Miguel, Terceira, Pico, Faial and Santa Maria provide frequent connections toMainland Portugal, the United States, Canada and several European capitals.


Strategic LocationTourism

Marine TransportAir Transport

The Autonomous Region of the Azores has an integrated transport structure that is characterized by itssafety, reliability and regularity.

Inter-Island Transport



The liberalization of the airspace over the islands of So Miguel and Terceira occurred inMarch 2015. In that year, the number of passengers arriving at Azores airports increased by21.2%, compared to 2014.

In 2016, the number of passengers arriving continued to increase by 19.9%, totalizing1,319,489 individuals.

In the first 6 months of 2017, more 19.1% passengers arrived in comparison to thehomologous period of 2016.

The numbers of guests and overnight stays at Tourism Enterprise Units are also increasing:

2015 Guests: 428,000 (+23.9%)

2015 Overnight stays: 1,274,200 (+19.8%)

2016 Guests: 509,000 (+18.9%)

2016 Overnight stays: 1,543,600 (+21.1%)

2017 Guests in the first 6 months (homologous): 266,035 (+17.3%)

2017 Overnight stays in the first 6 months (homologous): 782,425 (+18.3%)


Tourism Tourism Sector Growth

The Lagoa das Sete Cidades twin lake complex in So Miguel and the volcanic landscape of the Pico island were recognized astwo of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal in 2007.

National Geographic Traveler selected the Azores as the "mostbeautiful destination in the world" for holidays or business trips in2016.

The Green Destinations classified the Azores as "the mostsustainable tourist destination in Europe" in 2014, landing on theGlobal Top 100 Sustainable Destinations list.

The Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) nominated the Azores as "thefirst Platinum Quality Coast Destination in the World" in 2014.

The islands of Corvo (2007), Flores (2007) , Graciosa (2009) and the Fajs of So Jorge Island (2016) are part of the UNESCO World Network Biosphere Reserves.

Tourism Awards and Distinctions


Whale Watching Trekking Golf Water Sports Diving Big Game Fishing Yachting

Canoeing Bird Watching Caving Hot Springs Boat trips Jeep tours

The Azores natural characteristics allow a wide range of distinct activities

Unexplored Potential

Tourism Entertainment Activities




COFIT Azores International FolcloreFestival;

Sanjoaninas festivities; Praia Festival; Azores Formula Windsurfing World

Championship; Angrajazz International Jazz Festival.


Mar de Agosto Festival; International Festival HangIn Azores; Saint John festivities.


Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagresfestivities;

Monte Verde Festival; Chicharro Festival; Red Bull Cliff Diving; IRC Sata Rallye Azores; Hot Air Balloons Festival Ribeira Grande

Feel the Sky; SATA Airlines Azores Pro 2015; Paragliding Festival.


Festivities & EventsTourism


Sea Week; Les Sables International Regatta.


Cais de Agosto Festival; Whalers Week.


Velas Cultural Week; Holy Ghost Festival; CIMA Canyoning International Meeting



Tourism Festivities & Events


Nossa Senhora dos Milagres festivities.


Saint John festivities; Emigrant Festival.


Holy Ghost festivities; Santo Cristo festivities.


Tourism Festivities & Events

Bullfighting on a rope and in thearena;

Festivities of the Divine Holy Spirit; Folklore; Carnival:

The biggest Amateur Theatrefestival in the world.

Crafts:Ceramics, embroidery, scrimshaw(made out of the teeth and bonesof sperm whales), weaving,pottery and basketry.

Several different activities have been part of the Azores lifestyle

over the years



The Wine Advocate awarded Arinto dos Aores 2014, Arinto dos AoresSur Lies 2014 and Verdelho O Original 2014 with 92, 92 and 90 points,respectively.


Queijo Bola Ilha Azul and Queijo Prato Nova Aores Alho e Salsa wonthe awards for Best Flamengo Cheese and New Flavours, respectively,in the 2014 Portuguese Cheese Contest.

Queijo de So Jorge, certified with Protected Designation of Origin(PDO), won Gold and Silver medals in the 2013 National TraditionalCheese Contest.


Azores meat is certified with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). Itshould be noted that livestock are almost exclusively pasture-fed, whichtranslates into high-quality meat.


The Azores are the only region in Europe growing coffee plantations.

The Azores are the only place in Europe producing tea.

Coffee and Tea




Golfdigest USA 2014 ranked the FurnasGolf Course as the second best golfcourse in Portugal. The Azores haverecognized potential in this sector, stilllargely untapped.

The Azores currently have three golfcourses located in So Miguel andTerceira, complemented by qualitytourism services.



The Azores offer huge potential in the areas of health and wellness tourism, particularly asregards the promotion, prevention and maintenance of health, as well as rest and leisure.

Investments in these areas could include:

Specialist clinics


Hot-spring resorts

Health & Wellness



Taking advantage of these environmental resources, involves:

Exploiting the characteristics of the waters for thermal use;

Remodeling existing facilities and building new ones as well ashotel units of excellence;

Implementing services that complement the thermal offer.

Thermal intervention project goals include the spas located on theIslands of So Miguel (Ferraria, Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande andFurnas), Graciosa (Carapacho) and Faial (Varadouro).

The current System of Incentives for Business Competitivenesssubsidizes:

The purchase of land for thermal activities, up to amaximum of 30% of the eligible costs of the project;

The acquisition of run-down buildings for the establishmentof tourist accommodation facilities with thermal resources,up to a maximum of 30% of the eligible investment of theproject.

Hot Springs



Mild climate, nature, culture and seaIn addition to being a peaceful region, with political and economic stability, the Azores are internationally

recognized for the incredible landscape and the cultural and historical richness.The Azores have a maritime climate with moderate temperatures rangi