April 2013 Updates: Artistic school holidays fun!

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Text of April 2013 Updates: Artistic school holidays fun!

  • April 2013 Updates: Artistic school holidays fun!

  • At the Penrith regional gallery the girls have become the poster girls for the Birds exhibition.

    While Hahgoot enjoyed a flip book workshop, Alma spent time on her workbooks (she wasnt well yet, so she didnt want to run around).

  • We came back again for another workshop, this time for making birds mobiles (the activity was too difficult for the kids to manage technically so Hahgoot couldnt finish it in class). Alma was feeling better so she enjoyed the garden.

  • While we waited for Hahgoot Alma continued the Dora workbook, ate morning tea and danced to the music of a video art animation, done in response to an abstract artwork.

  • We came back a third time, for a bird mask workshop. Hahgoot was too tired afterwards and refused to walk home, so I put her in the pram and Alma scootered.

    Good we are only 10 minutes around the corner...

  • Hahgoot did a drama workshop for the first time at The Joan Sutherland centre in Penrith and enjoyed it very much. She also liked the building which was very colourful and even had rainbows shining everywhere, thanks to the glass blinds.

  • I found at the Penrith Library a fantastic craft book, with Maisy Mouse, that both girls could enjoy.The first task we tried was making Beady Butterflies.Both girls were happy to work independently and create the colourful butterfly ornaments.

  • Another day the girls were very enthusiastic to make little Box Houses.

  • When the houses were finished they used them in their dolls games and became neighbours.

  • Another Maisy project: making trees by painting with acrylic paint and blowing with straws to make brunches.

  • Blowing the paint was a big challenge so I had to help a bit.Then the girls made tiny tissue paper balls, as fruit\flowers.

  • When the girls finished their artworks they were keen to continue, so on another day they added a water colour background.

    In our next presentation:Last glimpse at school holidays