April Newsletter - Pembina Trails School Division ... at the University of Manitoba. At the first meet,

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    Mission Statement:

    École Bonnycastle School is committed to building an educational community that inspires academic and personal excellence in a

    safe and caring environment.

    Dear École Bonnycastle School Families,

    Spring is in the air. The weather is starting to show promise and the students will soon enjoy recess on a

    dryer field. École Bonnycastle School will be launching its new website soon. Please stay tuned for its unveil-

    ing this month.

    April is Nutrition Month! All students will participate in a healthy, nutritious snack each Thursday during the

    month of April in order to learn about healthy eating choices.

    Our students will be working on a divisional project to celebrate Canada 150 during the month of April and

    May. Please follow our divisional link for details. https://ewww.pembinatrails.ca/AboutUs/SpecialEvents/


    The last part of the 2016–2017 school year is full of great activities. Drop-In Gym, Running Club, and our

    Music Clubs, Makerspace, Chess club, Robotics, Coding, Design projects - just to mention a few. These are

    enjoyed by many of our students.

    A reminder with the changing weather, please provide outerwear and footwear that will protect the children

    from getting wet.

    Thank you to all the parents, staff, students and volunteers who make our school so special and exciting. Your ongoing commitment to our children and to all the wonderful learning opportunities at Bonnycastle is admirable. Caterina Romeo-Mzakar Cara Zurzolo Principal / Directrice Vice Principal / Directrice-adjointe


    https://ewww.pembinatrails.ca/AboutUs/SpecialEvents/Pages/Our-Pembina-Trails-Canada-150-Project.aspx https://ewww.pembinatrails.ca/AboutUs/SpecialEvents/Pages/Our-Pembina-Trails-Canada-150-Project.aspx

  • www.pembinatrails.ca/school


    Important Information

    Absentees: If your child will be absent, please

    call the school at 204-261-9400.

    Late Arrivals: Students who are late MUST re-

    port to the office upon arrival.

    Illness: If your child becomes ill at school, you

    will be contacted. Please make sure to notify the

    office of any changes to your home or cell phone


    Visitors to the School: All visitors to the school are expected to report to

    the office, sign in and get a visitor tag. On the occa-

    sion that a lunch, homework or gym clothes need to

    be delivered during the day, we ask that in order to

    refrain from interrupting instruction time, please

    drop these items at the office and we will be happy

    to ensure your child gets these items.

    Daily Schedule

    8:45 a.m. Entry to School

    11:40-12:40 p.m. Lunch

    12:40 p.m. Entry to School

    3:30 p.m. Dismissal

    Community Bulletin Board

    Please follow the link below to see what’s posted on

    our Community Bulletin Board. You will find items

    such as: After school programs, community events,

    ...etc. You can also access this information by going

    to the school website (https://

    ebonnycastles.squarespace.com/), under the Par-

    ent tab.



    IMPORTANT DATES 2016-2017

    Monday, April 3rd First day back to classes

    Friday, April 14th Good Friday – No Classes

    Friday, April 21st PD Day – No Classes

    Monday, May 22nd Victoria Day – No Classes

    Friday, June 16th Admin Day – No Classes

    Thursday, June 29th Last Day of Classes!

    https://ebonnycastles.squarespace.com/ https://ebonnycastles.squarespace.com/ http://ebsenew.pbworks.com/w/page/84664135/Bonnycastle%20Community%20Bulletin%20Board http://ebsenew.pbworks.com/w/page/84664135/Bonnycastle%20Community%20Bulletin%20Board

  • www.pembinatrails.ca/school


    Music News

    Spring has sprung in the music room. Students will be learning different songs about Springtime and all the beautiful sounds that go with this season. Younger grades are starting to explore new instruments, while the older students are working on new compositions.

    Wednesday, May 17 th at 6:30 pm will be our Café Night, with performances from our Grade 3 Choir, Grade 4 Choir and

    Grade 4 Orff Club. Everyone is welcome. These students have been working very hard to put on this special performance for you.

    K. Richard & A. Neufeld

    Congratulations to Ms. Meena Upadhyay and her family who became Canadian citizens in March. Ms. Meena works as an

    educational assistant in our school. Her daughter attended Bonnycastle School previously and is continuing to study in

    Pembina Trails. Ms. Meena models citizenship and respectful kindness to our students and staff. We are proud to call her


    We have had a successful year in the Lunch Program. We provide a safe and caring space for students to

    eat lunch, socialize and enjoy some outdoor play time with their friends. École Bonnycastle School is an

    allergy aware environment. You are asked to provide lunches and snacks free of nuts to help create a safe

    environment for children with this food allergy.

    We are looking forward to having fun in the sunshine as the weather gets warmer. We want to say a spe-

    cial thank you to all of our lunch supervisors. We appreciate all the care and support they provide our stu-



     Parents please be sure to pay lunch program fees on time.

     Fees can be submitted to the main office or sent along with your child and given to the classroom teacher.

    Lunch Program

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    Physical Education News

    March was a busy month in the gym. Grade 3 and 4 Skipping Club had almost 90 boys and girls taking part

    in various events. Weekly skipping club involved students learning skills such as single rope, partner, long

    rope and double dutch tricks. Each week students were challenged to skip continuously without missing for

    one to five minutes. Congratulations to the students who reached these milestones. On March 3rd these stu-

    dents took part in our Jump Rope for Heart event where they skipped for over an hour at twelve different sta-

    tions. Fund raising was optional but we managed to surpass our goal of $2300. The exact amount will be

    mentioned in our next newsletter. Congratulations to all the students who helped fundraise for this worthy

    cause. Grade 4 students had the chance to show their skipping skills to the school at the annual Skipping

    Assembly on March 23rd. Students did an amazing job putting together routines to music. A big thank you to

    Mme. Bourbounnais, Ms. Valcourt and Mr. Osipa for their assistance with skipping club.

    Members of grade 3 skipping club were: Emily, Aubree, Kailee, Scarlette, Siena, Shayne, Bella, Anni-

    ka, Uloma, Nmesoma, Ellie, Addison, Ameedat, Amanda, Serena, Areeza, Elizabeth, Gurneet, Aaidah, Kea-

    ton, Mikkel, David, Milan, Lucas, James, Cohen, Kenneth, Mariam, Praise, Tamilore, Tessa, Kavita, Laelle,

    Megan, Yomna, Rimple, Tavleen, Alaa, Rumeha, Anureet, Namanjot, Tricia, Sophia, Fikayo, Neth, Su-

    myyah, Fatiha and Kenana

    Members of grade 4 skipping club were: Cami, Juliana, Alyssa, Haniya, Luca, Phillip, Bryce, AJ, Kait, Ini,

    Abigail, Angela C, Kirsten, Chloe, Nicole, Riya, Moada, Lekan, Joshua, Afnaan, Zarif, Krishna, Janvi, Ben,

    Amer, Angela L, Harin, Caheyoung, Golivia, Dolapo, Khali, Robin, Hala, Aseel and Rusul.

  • www.pembinatrails.ca/school


    Physical Education News

    Track Club

    Grade 4 students practiced different track and field events once a week since the beginning

    of November and had the opportunity to take part in two track meets at the Max Bell Centre

    at the University of Manitoba. At the first meet, the Boeing Games, on March 2nd the grade

    4 boy’s team managed a bronze medal in the shot put relay. The girls’ team won silver medals in the 4x100m re-

    lay and the 8x40m shuttle relay. They also received a bronze medal and fifth place ribbons in the long jump relay.

    The grade 4 girls were declared Provincial Champions and took home the gold medal in the shot put relay. Great

    job everyone!

    One of the reasons we were successful this year was due to all the coaches who helped out over the lunch hour

    practices. A big thank you to Mr. Osipa, Mr. Vargas, Ms. Armstrong, and Mme Bourbonnais, Mme El Gayar and

    Mrs. Shaw for all their help.

    Members of the grade 4 track club were: Abigail, Kait, Kirsten, Shaniyah, Cami, Khali, Riya, Ini, Brooklyn, Juliana,

    Angela C, Claire, Angela L, Harin, Krishna, Alyssa, Raghed, Nicole, Chaeyoung, Prabhleen, Cheyenne, Diya,

    Adeola, Tulsi, Hala, Divya, Haniya, Sezal, Moada, Baljit, Dolapo, Crystal, Robin, Rusul, Golivia, Jorgen, Lakon,

    Raymond, Rodmehr, Owen, Moaaid, Denys, Luca, Zarif, Naman, Phillip, Joshua, Bryce, Afnaan, Silas, Michael,

    AJ, Lolufe, Mofe, Ben and Nicholas

    Activities in April include grade 4 Running Club which will take place Wednesday