Arabica Coffee Manual for Lao PDR

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  • Produced by: Regional Office forAsia and the Pacific

    Title: Arabica coffee manual for Lao PDR... More details


    This Arabica coffee manual for Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) is an activity under aFAO Technical Cooperation Program coffee project for Lao PDR. It has been compiled by TedWinston, Jacques Op de Laak, Tony Marsh and Herbert Lempke (International Consultants to theFAO coffee project) and Keith Chapman (Industrial Crops Officer, FAO Regional Office for Asiaand the Pacific), in collaboration with the staff of the Coffee Research and Experimentation Centre(CREC).

    Tad Fane Falls, near CREC, Ban Itou

    The manual has been prepared as a support base for training of trainers and staff of the CoffeeResearch and Experimentation Centre. It contains key information of importance to farmers andmanagers of coffee plantations and is intended to be a primary source of practical knowledge onGood Agricultural Practices (GAP).

    FAO sincerely thanks the authors and CREC for their dedication to the preparation of this manual.

    Keith ChapmanIndustrial Crops OfficerFAO Regional Office for Asia and the PacificBangkok, Thailand

    Arabica coffee manual for Lao PDR

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  • Arabica coffee manual for Lao PDR

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