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<ul><li><p>Mapping and Spatial Analysis for Understanding Our World</p><p>se</p><p>ArcGIS</p></li><li><p>ArcGISMapping and Spatial Analysis for Understanding Our World </p><p>ArcGIS is a Collaborative System for Mapping</p><p>ArcGIS is a system for making maps, analyzing your organizations data, and collaborating with others.</p><p>Whether you are a GIS professional, a knowledge worker wanting to visualize and analyze business data, or someone who just wants to create a simple map and share it, ArcGIS empowers you to make maps, analyze geographic information, and deploy services and applications. </p><p>Mobile Devices Field staff can capture, update, and analyze geographic information. </p><p> The office can get up-to-date information to and from field operations.</p><p> Organizations can select from a range of mobile GIS field mapping applications within the ArcGIS system so that it fits with existing workflows.</p><p> The mobile workforce can explore and use maps that have been shared within the ArcGIS system.</p><p>Developers Tools Rich set of APIs &amp; tools to build a variety of GIS Applications including web </p><p>mapping, iphone, mobile and desktop applications</p><p> Cost effective way to license ArcGIS products &amp; tools through an annual subscription-based program</p><p> Creates a wide range of custom solutions on every platform including desktop, mobile, server &amp; web</p><p>Web Create web mapping applications that </p><p>make it easy for stakeholders to access authoritative geographic information.</p><p> Bring information that others have shared into your projects. </p><p> Create mashups from shared services.</p><p> Browse maps and apps published by others using the ArcGIS system and create your own maps that you can share. </p><p>ArcGIS helps you with</p><p>Planning and analysis Provide broad access to your geospatial data, </p><p>enabling better decision making and use of resources. </p><p>Asset/Data management Improve your ability to anticipate and manage </p><p>change by using actionable information and scenarios.</p><p>Operational awareness Get a comprehensive understanding </p><p>of the activities affecting your organization. </p><p>Field workforce Experience better and more coordinated decision </p><p>making, as well as faster and more efficient field operations.</p><p>What Is GIS?Geographic information system (GIS) </p><p>technology gives you a framework </p><p>for gathering, organizing, and </p><p>sharing spatial information so that it </p><p>can be displayed and analyzed. You </p><p>can use GIS to see how things work </p><p>together, allowing you to make the </p><p>most informed decisions possible.</p><p>Desktop Use predefined map templates that </p><p>automate many aspects of cartography.</p><p> Build models that help users scientifically analyze data.</p><p> Create geodatabases.</p><p> Manage and edit geographic data. </p><p>Server Fast, reliable access to your maps, imagery, </p><p>models &amp; GIS Tools.</p><p> Publish your GIS resources for use in desktops, mobile and web applications.</p><p> Highly interoperable, can be scaled to meet increasing demand &amp; supports industry security standards</p><p></p></li><li><p>1</p><p>ArcGIS ExtensionsSpecialized GIS Tools for Enhanced Productivity and Advanced Analysis</p><p>Esri offers a wide range of optional extensions that can dramatically expand the capabilities of ArcGIS. While all these extensions are available for ArcGIS for Desktop, many are offered for Esris server (ArcGIS for Server) and developer (ArcGIS Engine) environments as well. This common architecture gives you the flexibility to operate the same ArcGIS extensions across the full ArcGIS system, significantly reducing your acquisition, training, and operating costs.</p><p>Analysis Key Benefits</p><p>ArcGIS Spatial Analyst</p><p>Derive answers from your data using advanced spatial analysis.</p><p>ArcGIS 3D AnalystManage and analyze your data in a realistic 3D perspective.</p><p>ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst</p><p>Use advanced statistical tools to investigate your data.</p><p>ArcGIS Network Analyst</p><p>Solve sophisticated vehicle routing, closest facility, service area, and location-allocation problems.</p><p>ArcGIS SchematicsRepresent and understand your networks to shorten decision cycles.</p><p>ArcGIS Tracking Analyst</p><p>Visualize and analyze your assets and resources in time and space.</p><p>Productivity Key Benefits</p><p>ArcGIS PublisherFreely share your maps and data with a wide range of users.</p><p>ArcGIS Data Interoperability</p><p>Eliminate format barriers to data use and distribution.</p><p>Maplex for ArcGIS*</p><p>Create maps that communicate more clearly using automatically positioned text and labels.</p><p>ArcGIS Data Reviewer</p><p>Automate, simplify, and improve management of data quality control.</p><p>ArcGIS Workflow Manager</p><p>Better manage GIS tasks and resources.</p><p>* Included with ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced licenses</p><p>Solution Based Key Benefits</p><p>Esri Production Mapping*</p><p>Standardize and optimize your GIS data and cartographic production.</p><p>* Requires ArcGIS for Desktop Standard or Advanced</p><p>Use three-dimensional models and symbols with ArcGIS3D Analyst to enhance the display and realism of your data.</p><p>Use the built-in reporting feature within ArcGIS Workflow Manager to track resources and assigned tasks.</p><p>Improve the data review process using a systematic approach to inspect your data.</p></li><li><p>Additional Maps</p><p>ArcGIS Online also includes a number of reference overlays and specialty maps that you can use to add context to your geographic information system (GIS) projects.</p><p>Reference OverlaysWhether for transportation, boundaries and places, or elevation layers for the world, these maps provide detailed reference data for basemaps and have been designed to be overlaid on darker or lighter backgrounds.</p><p>Specialty Basemaps</p><p> DeLormeWorldBasemapprovidesaseamlessviewoftheworldtoascaleofapproximately1:288k</p><p> WorldNavigationChartswithmorethan200OperationalNavigationCharts(ONC)</p><p>ArcGISSM</p><p> Online</p><p>Basemaps</p><p>These attractive and high-quality maps have been compiled from the best available data sources and are perfect foroverlayingyourorganizationaldata.Choosefromimagery,topographic,orstreetbasemaps.</p><p>World ImagerySatellite imagery for the world and high resolution (1meterorbetter)fortheUnitedStates</p><p>World Topographic MapWorldcoverageat1:150,000and1:20,000forthecontinentalUnitedStates(SelectareasintheUnitedStatesincludeverydetailedmapsbasedondataprovidedbyuserorganizations.)</p><p>World Street MapHighway-leveldatafortheworldandstreet-leveldataforNorthAmerica,Europe,southernAfrica, and several countries in Asia; based on multiple data sources</p><p>Bing MapsImagery, road, and hybrid maps (imagery overlaid with roads and labels) with worldwide coverage</p><p>Ready-to-use Maps for Your GIS Projects</p><p>ArcGISOnlinemapservicesarecachedandcartographicallyrenderedtosupportmultiple-scaledisplayin2Dand3D.These map services are available free of charge and can be used with ArcGIS or through any standard browser.</p><p>ArcGISSM Online gives you a cloud-based framework for using, sharing, and organizing GIS content and capabilities. This framework supports </p><p>collaboration between different groups or communities, regardless of the client application being used. Whether you are using ArcGISDesktop,amobiledevice,orabrowser-basedapplication,orifyouareadevelopercreatingaWebmappingapplica-tion, you can quickly get to basemaps, layers, apps, and data publishedbyEsriandtheusercommunityfromwithinyourapplication.</p></li><li><p>Getting Data for Your MapsAdd context to your maps with a range of ready-to-use geospatial data, either online or via DVD, including</p><p> Basemaps (streets, imagery, topographic)</p><p> Demographic data</p><p> Imagery</p><p> Consumer spending</p><p> Business data (such as business locations, traffic counts, and crime indexes)</p><p>In addition, Esri has a large online community of users who regularly contribute their data and make it available to everyone via the cloud.</p><p>Want to Build Your Own Mapping Applications?ArcGIS developer tools make it easy to get started:</p><p> Create simple maps from your enterprise data. </p><p> Build and deploy GIS applications on multiple platforms. </p><p> Publish and consume GIS web services using REST or SOAP. </p><p> Get sample code, configurable templates, online data, and more, to help you develop useful GIS applications.</p><p>Compliance with IT StandardsArcGIS is based on accepted standards to ensure a high level of interoperability across platforms, databases, development languages, and applications.</p><p> Secure, reliable, and maintainable architectures </p><p> Optimized performance, scalability, agility, and productivity </p><p> Measurable return on investment</p></li><li><p>ArcGIS Maintenance ProgramEsri India offers a cost-effective maintenance program that </p><p>includes software updates, technical support, and many other </p><p>benefits. Offered as an annual subscription, this program makes it </p><p>easy for you to plan for the cost of support and software updates. </p><p>Complimentary registrations to the Esri India User Conference </p><p>are included with certain standard Esri India software </p><p>maintenance options. </p><p>Technical SupportEsri India offers a rich array of technical support and user commu-</p><p>nity resources to help you meet your GIS challenges. From 24/7 </p><p>technical support to online user groups and a variety of self-help </p><p>resources, Esri India has the tools to make you successful. For more </p><p>information, visit www.Esri </p><p>TrainingEsri India offers instructor-led courses at Esri India learning centers </p><p>and client facilities around the nation. Esri India combines </p><p>hands-on experience, interactivity, and instructional support to </p><p>create an effective learning environment. For more information, </p><p>visit www.Esri</p><p>BooksTo help you use Esri software and learn the many applications </p><p>of geospatial technology, Esri Press publishes reference books, </p><p>software tutorials, case studies, and GIS map books. Esri Press </p><p>books help the first-time learner as well as the professional </p><p>GIS user.</p><p>Consulting ServicesEsri India GIS professionals offer consulting, design, programming, </p><p>and implementation services as well as database design and </p><p>assistance in data publishing. For more information, visit </p><p>www.esri</p><p>Help Desk facilitiesToll Free No. 1-800-102-1918</p><p>Esri India Support and Services</p><p>Esri India has a long-standing commitment to serving and responding to the GIS user community, and that commitment is exemplified by </p><p>the breadth of Esri Indias support services. ArcGIS support and educational services consist of technical maintenance programs designed to </p><p>meet the needs of different types of users, as well as software releases and updates, technical support, online support services, publications, </p><p>training, and consulting services. </p><p>Esri India Instructors provide one-on-one assistance in courses taught in classrooms.</p></li><li><p>About Esri</p><p>Since 1969, Esri has been helping organizations map and model our world. Esris GIS software tools and methodologies enable these organizations to effectively analyze and manage their geographic information and make better decisions. They are supported by our experienced and knowledgeable staff and extensive network of business partners and </p><p>international distributors.</p><p>A full-service GIS company, Esri supports the implementation of GIS technology on desktops, servers, online services, and mobile devices. These GIS solutions are </p><p>flexible, customizable, and easy to use. </p><p>Our Focus</p><p>Esri software is used by hundreds of thousands of organizations that apply GIS to solve problems and make our world a better place to live. We pay close attention to our users to ensure they have the best tools possible to accomplish their missions. A comprehensive suite of training options offered worldwide helps our users fully leverage their GIS applications.</p><p>Our Company is a socially conscious business, actively supporting organizations involved in education, conservation, sustainable development, </p><p>and humanitarian affairs.</p><p>About NIIT GIS Ltd.</p><p>NIIT GIS Ltd., a GIS company that provides an end-to-end GIS based solutions ranging from software products, application development, training, data conversion and technical support. </p><p>NIIT GIS today enjoys market leadership in the field of GIS with largest ArcGIS installation base across different vertical segments in India, Nepal and Bhutan. NIIT GIS Ltd. is a joint venture between Esri Inc., USA and NIIT Technologies Limited, India.</p><p>Our clients including Government, Private Sector, Academia, depend upon NIIT GIS for end-to-end services for geodatabase development &amp; management, custom application development, system integration, training &amp; hand holding to annual maintenance &amp; technical support.</p><p>All Brand names, product names and trademarks belong to their respective holders. NIIT GIS Ltd. is not responsible for any typographical and graphical errors that may appear in </p><p>this document No NG 2011003. ESRI, ArcView, the ESRI globe logo, ArcInfo, ArcEditor, ArcSDE, ArcGIS, ArcMap, ArcReader, EDN, ADF, ArcPad, StreetMap, ArcToolbox, the ArcGIS logo, </p><p>the EDN logo, and are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of ESRI in the United States, the European Community, or certain other jurisdictions.</p><p>Corporate Office</p><p>NIIT GIS Ltd. (Esri India)B1/H 9, Colosseum (Ground Floor), Mohan Cooperative Industrial Area, Mathura Road New Delhi 110044, INDIA Tel: +91 11 40570700 / 701 | Fax: +91 11 40570516Email: | Web:</p><p>India Office</p><p>NORTH: New Delhi : +91 (11) 4057-0700, 701 | Bhopal : +91 9971611366 | Chandigarh: +91 9646070100| Dehradun :+91 9719406883 | Lucknow +91 9369914350 Email: newdelhi@esriindia.comEAST: Kolkata :+91 (33) 3038 1000 | Email:</p><p>WEST: Ahmedabad : +91 9898096276, 9016507980; Email: |Mumbai : +91 (22) 40103200; Email:| Nagpur : +91 9890196005; Email:</p><p>SOUTH: Bangalore : +91 (80) 30289500, 30289652; Email: | Chennai : +91 44 4591 1050 ; Email: Hyderabad : +91 (40) 66633616, 66741134; Email: | Thiruvananthapuram: +91 9995411777</p><p>se</p></li></ul>