Are you ready to learn?!?!

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Are you ready to learn?!?!. Are you ready to learn?!?!. Todays Tongue Twister. Fresh fried fish, Fish fresh fried, Fried fish fresh, Fish fried fresh. I am so happy!. 5 points for being on time!. Color Team POINTS !. CLASS POINTS. C l u b s !. . Last week. For 3 points: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Are you ready to learn?!?!Are you ready to learn?!?!

Todays Tongue TwisterFresh fried fish,Fish fresh fried,Fried fish fresh,Fish fried fresh

I am so happy!5 points for being on time!

Color Team POINTS!


Clubs!Last weekFor 3 points:What did you make () last week?

Last weekYou made () a poster () for your club!


Dance Club!CHESS CLUBWhen: Fridays at 3:00pmWhen: Tuesdaysat 4:00

We play chess!You can dance!Rooster (make posters next week) Got through everything on time10Today, we will present () our clubs!For 3 points:Today, what are we doing?Today, we will present () our clubs!Today, we will present () our clubs!With your partner:Tell the class why they should join your club!2 things to remember (): Speak loudly () Be dramatic ()

Example Presentation () for my clubFor 5 points:What are the 2 things you to do need in your presentation?

For 5 points:What are the 2 things you to do need in your presentation?

Speak loudly () Be dramatic ()We will present () our clubs!The BEST presenters ()3rd place= 1 prize2nd place= 2 prizes1st place= 3 prizesSpeak loudly and dramatically ()

The BEST () poster ():

3rd place= 1 prize2nd place= 2 prizes1st place= 3 prizes

Dance Club!When: Fridays at 3:00pmYou can dance!No poster? You have 5 minutes to make a poster.I will play music.Taylor Swift?Lady Gaga?20Time to present () our clubs!

For 5 points:What are the 2 things you to do need in your presentation? Time to present () our clubs!Remember to Speak loudly Be dramatic ()

If you have extra time, you can work on time with themSlides below

Telling Time1:05











Telling Time9:405:201:008:407:402:201 point forone word answers3 points forComplete sentence answersWhat time does Sally exercise?For 1 point1:50.For 3 pointsSally exercises at 1:50.

What time does Po eat breakfast?For 1 point6:00.For 3 pointsPo eats breakfast at 6:00.

What time does Rick brush his teeth?1 point: 7:15.3 points: Rick brushes his teeth at 7:15.

What time does Sponge Bob comb his hair?1 point: 10:103 points: Sponge Bob combs his hair at 10:10.

What time does Naruto sometimes fight?1 point- 7:25.3 points- Naruto sometimes fights at 7:25.

What time does Naruto sometimes fight enemies?1 point- 7:25.2 points: Naruto sometimes fights enemies at 7:25When does Minecraft usually dance?

1 point: 11:403 points: Minecraft usually dances at 11:40.When does the Minecraft Zombie usually dance?

1 point: 11:402 points: The Minecraft zombie usually dances at 11:40.

What time does Bob always fly to work?Bob always flies to work at 8:23.

Review Game Time!