Are Your Six Sigma Certification Is Accreditated

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  • 1. Are Your Six Sigma Certification is Accreditated ALI IRFAN COO & Lead Trainer I D E A S

2. What is Accreditation 3. Training Accreditationis a process in which certification of competency, authority, or credibility is certified. The accreditation process ensures that their training practices are acceptable, typically meaning that they are competent to train and certify individuals and organizations. 4. Accredited Six Sigma training means the training which is accepted throughout the world. 5. As far as Six Sigma Certification is concerned, it is the hot cake certification for industry professionals to improve their skills of Business Process Improvement. 6. Many people wanted to select best six sigma training institute in order to add value in their profile but Unfortunately due to lack of knowledge about accreditation they waste their time and money. 7. Many Mushroom organizations and individual trainer are given training on Six Sigma Approach. Here are some guidelines to select six sigma training institute and / or trainer. 8.

  • First of all you should ask details about Training Accreditation.
  • You should judge the international Coverage of Accreditation.
  • you can check it through internet browsing.


  • Industry Experience of trainer because if you have manufacturing background and your trainer have services background, he will never be able to clear your concept.
  • Trainer Background will give you and idea about trainer knowledge about subject matter.

10. Training Cost is also give you an idea about accreditation. normally Six sigma Accredited training will cost not less than Rs. 40,000/= per participant. if anybody charge less than this amount you certainly have to think once again. 11. Training Up-gradation Option should be on your checklist. it means that is there any option to upgrade your six sigma green belt up to black belt. Many training organization are offering only green belt course and if you wanted to upgrade yourself on black belt, you have to go through complete black belt training without any exemption. 12. A FINAL NOTE Your primary consideration for training should be value. Most Trainers charge comparable fees, so cost shouldnt be your most highly prioritized factor. Instead, establishing what you want from your Six Sigma Certification and what you need from a trainer to help you reach your goals should be the basis of your decision. Thinking through these issues will help you to select your Six Sigma Trainer. 13.

  • About the IDEAS
  • IDEAS is IQF Authorized Six Sigma Training Company in Pakistan and presently offering following Courses:
  • Six Sigma Green Belt.
  • Six Sigma Upgraded Black Belt
  • Six Sigma Black Belt

14. About the IQF IQF is USA based Six sigma Certification Council which Accredit training company / universities all over the world. For more detail 15. About the author Ali Irfan is IQF Approved Six Sigma Trainer at IDEAS, E-mail him at[email_address].