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Aristotles Tragic HeroBy Gwen Alvord

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What is a Tragic Hero? Someone with the potential to be great, but is doomed to fail. Failure comes from a tragic flaw. Aristotle calls the tragic flaw of a hero his hamartia.

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Tragic Hero Continued The tragic hero has a tragic recognition. Despite their fall as a hero, they live on in a moral and spiritual sense.

Character The character must posses both good and flawed characteristics. please the ethical sense Evoke pity or fear in the audience

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Catharsis Originally used in terms of medicine, and body. Also used in psychological terms. Aristotle defined it as the purging of the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions through drama, or art.h ttp :// ie h o w . co m / i a g e s/ a 0 4 / b l 5 h / sp i tu a l y - cl a n si g - b a th -2 0 0 X 2 0 0 . j g . m / ri l e n p

Catharsis Effect in Tragedy Aristotle said It acts as a release of pity and fear through a theatrical performance. Emotions are built up, but then released.

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