Arizona’s First University. Welcome to The University of Arizona Graduate Scholarships & Financial Aid

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  • Arizonas First University. Welcome to The University of Arizona Graduate Scholarships & Financial Aid
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  • Items to be Completed By Now (but its not too late) The 2011-2012 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) should have been completed by March 1, 2011. If not, then do this step as soon as possible to be awarded federal aid and possible need based aid. Department of Education can take up to 10 business days to process. NEW! The University of Arizona Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid website for all scholarships: You must be accepted to the University and have a NetID and password to access and start applying for scholarships. Explore the Graduate College web page for additional scholarships @ Scholarships and Financial Aid office website @ The FAFSA and all scholarship searches should be free. This Should Already Be Done
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  • Cost of Attendance Standard Cost of Attendance for Graduate Students Academic Year Expenses Tuition: $9228/$17316 Room/Food: $11,360 Books/Supp: $1000 Travel: $3420 Misc.: $3500 Total: $28608/$ 36696 Based on 6 units/semester Expenses calculated through survey; the total is only an estimate and may vary from student to student. Factors that affect the Standard COA Special Programs (tuition) Childcare Out of pocket medical expenses..
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  • How is Aid Awarded? Schools use the EFC (Estimated Family Contribution), that is determined by the FAFSA ( Department of Education) to process your award and determine the type of aid you are eligible for.
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  • How do I inform OSFA of my intended enrollment? Minimum federal unit requirement for graduate loans is 5 units. If you are in less than 5 units, you do not qualify for federal loans. If a graduate student is enrolled in 3 units of 900 level (dissertation) units, you must notify our office every semester you are enrolled(Fall and Spring) by either emailing us at or by calling our main office phone number: (520) 621-1858. Office Hours Monday- Friday, 8 a.m. to 4
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  • Federal Work Study Off Campus Work Study criteria Non-profit Organization How to accept FWS and what the Agency has to do Agency must submit their complete 501(c)3 to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) verifying its tax-exempt status. Agency fills out the Organization Participation Agreement and turns that and pertinent tax information into the Financial Aid Office to keep on file. Student and Agency will sign the FWS Authorization form (to be turned into the Financial Aid Office.) Student needs to keep track of the hours they have worked. Financial Aid award is split between fall and spring semesters. Summer Federal Work Study Student must fill out the Summer Evaluation form (available online after Spring break.)
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  • Graduate PLUS Loan Graduate PLUS loan is available to students if the student has remaining eligibility after the direct loans have been offered/accepted. Graduate plus loans need to be requested at the Financial Aid office. Our office can award up to the difference in the Cost of Attendance minus all financial aid awarded(internal/external). Graduate plus loans are credit based. If you have adverse credit, you will be denied. Check you credit first, before requesting a graduate plus loans from our office. Please visit: or by visiting our website: Graduate Plus Loans require an additional Master Promissory note, different from the Direct Loan one. Graduate Plus Loan entrance counseling is required(even if you have completed one for the Federal Stafford Loans in the past.)
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  • TEACH TEACH Grant Grant can provide up to $4000 a year for students who plan on becoming teachers and are able to meet certain additional requirements. The grant can be provided for up to two years or $8,000 maximum. Must be degree seeking Masters student, (not certificate student). Failure to meet any requirement results in grant converting to Direct unsubsidized loan with interest accruing from the first disbursement date Some of the requirements include: Students complete four years of teaching (within 8 years of degree completion) as a highly qualified teacher in a Title I school, and in a high need field Students report to the Department of Education regarding the intentions and/or fulfillment of program requirements. The TEACH website is If interested, submit a completed Teach grant application to Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.
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  • Loan Process Accepting your Stafford and/or Graduate PLUS Loan What does that mean? 1-2-3 Step Process
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  • Academic Progress Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid monitors students for federal compliance for Satisfactory Academic Progress(SAP) every term (fall, spring, summer) The three SAP standards are: Qualitative Standard (GPA) 3.0 Pace (Quantitative/Unit completion): Pace = Cumulative number of hours (credit hours) that you have successfully completed Cumulative number of hours (credit hours) that you have attempted Timeframe (150%) University of Arizona sets a maximum timeframe in which you are expected to finish a program. Graduate college monitors this requirement. Satisfactory Academic Progress(SAP) policies can be reviewed at
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  • I am no longer working/ your standard cost of attendance does not meet my expenses. FAFSA uses information from the previous calendar year. If you have a special circumstance, contact our office to see if you qualify for a special circumstance or professional judgment. such as a student resource re-evalution. Resource Re-Evaluations
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  • In person: Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, Admin Bldg. Email: Phone: (520)621-1858, Monday Friday, 4 p.m. Fax: 520. 621.9473 How to Contact Us? Office of Student Financial Aid