Arizona’s Race to the Top

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Arizona’s Race to the Top. State Finalist Presentation Washington, DC August 11, 2010. R e d a c t e d. Environment for Reform. Commitment Capacity Courage. Meet Our Team. Chief of Staff, Office of Governor Janice K Brewer. Eileen Klein. Executive Director - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Arizona’s Race to the Top

  • Arizonas Race to the TopState Finalist PresentationWashington, DCAugust 11, 2010R e d a c t e d

  • Environment for ReformCommitment



  • Chief of Staff, Office of Governor Janice K BrewerAssociate SuperintendentArizona Department of EducationExecutive DirectorArizona State Board of EducationSuperintendent Mesa Public SchoolsManaging PartnerGeneration 7 Strategic PartnersVice PresidentArizona Charter Schools AssociationMeet Our TeamR e d a c t e d

  • Arizonas Next 100 YearsR e d a c t e d

  • Diverse Settings Diverse Students - 230 Traditional School Districts - 509 Charter Schools (no caps) - 13 JTEDs - 34 Virtual Schools (no caps)2,107 Total Schools - More than 1,000,000 K-12 Students - 54% Students in Poverty - 2nd highest increase in school enrollment - Ethnic DiversityVariety of Local Education AgenciesMeeting the Needs of Arizonas StudentsR e d a c t e d

  • Arizonas GoalEnsure that students graduate from high school prepared to succeed in college and careers in the new economy by providing effective instruction to all students year after year.

  • Measures of SuccessIncrease High School Graduation Rate

    Raise Reading, Math and Science Proficiencies at all Grade Levels

    Reduce Achievement Gaps Between Groups at all Levels

  • Leader in Bold Reforms1998 Equalized School Facilities Funding1980 Equalized M&O2000 Prop 301 Education Sales Tax2010 Prop 100 Education Sales Tax1990 Career Ladders& Performance Compensation1990 Joint Technology Education Districts (JTED)1994 Open Enrollment1994 Charter Schools2002 AZ READS K-3 Reading Initiative2005 Advanced Placement Initiative2006 Structured English Immersion2010 Move on When Ready2010 Alternative Teacher Certification2010 Move on When Reading2000 Charter Accountability2006 Early Childhood Initiative2008 STEM2010 Teacher/Leader Evaluations & Tenure1996 Standards & Assessments

  • Arizonas reform plan is built on a deceptively simple charge: Focus everything on the effectiveness of instruction.- Arizona Application page 130R e d a c t e dR e d a c t e d

  • Focus on Instructionbuilt off of high clear and well articulated standards and aided by robust formative and summative assessmentsStandards & AssessmentsData UseGreat Teachers & LeadersStruggling Schools... guided by continuous adjustments by regular review of timely actionable data using longitudinal data systems and local instructional improvement systems... delivered by teachers who are rigorously recruited, selected, prepared in effective programs, rewarded for strong performance, and supported with professional development. the focus of strong leadership, developed and evaluated with an eye toward improving classroom instruction.of greatest supply and demand in the states highest need schools: with highest concentrations of students in poverty, farthest from meeting standards and consistently lowest in student achievement

  • Focus on Instruction FoundationAuthority of State to interveneThree-tiered system of supportExperience in State interventionTeacher Performance: Career Ladder and Proposition 301 InitiativeAlternative pathways to certificationAZ LEADS Leadership Initiative

    State standards and assessment since 1996Development of formative assessment item bankMember of Achieve and American Diploma ProjectData warehouseWeb-based professional development and monitoring tools

  • Focus on Instruction MomentumReforming tenure & seniorityEvaluations linked to achievementOpening teacher/principal pipeline to additional providersAchieving Equity in Teacher Distribution initiativeRevising new mathematics standards and assessmentAdopting Common CoreGoverning State in the PARCC Assessment ConsortiaUnique student and teacher identifierArizona Growth ModelOperationalize Data Governance CommissionImplementing State School Improvement GrantStrengthening and expanding authority of State to intervene

  • Focus on Instruction PlanEstablish Turnaround AcademyFocus on instruction within contextEngage local communityUse regional centers to provide local support & assistanceStudy & disseminate whats workingEstablish framework for teacher and principal evaluationIncrease the quality teaching pipeline in the highest need schoolsProvide systemic support for teachers and principalsTransition to the Core StandardsTransition to a comprehensive assessment systemTrain users in data-driven decision makingComplete data quality elementsEstablish the use of instructional management systems

  • A plan for education reform is only as strong as its persistent attention to implementation and progress monitoring. - Arizona Application page 54R e d a c t e d

  • Implementation: Two-Pronged Delivery SystemRegional Centers for Innovation & ReformWeb-based Technologies - IDEAL - professional development portal - ALEAT planning & monitoring tool- Six 5-member teams- Consistent support, locally responsive, sustainableR e d a c t e d

  • Theory of ActionData SystemsTeachers& PrincipalsWeb-based TechnologiesRegional Centers for Innovation & ReformUniversity Research CentersArizonaDepartment of EducationRTTT Board + ADE + P20 Council = GovernanceInformed Parents & Prepared Students

  • Arizonas CommitmentEducation, business, tribal and philanthropic stakeholders have demonstrated a sustained and innovative commitment to the future of education

    MOUs represent 92% of Arizonas students, teachers union, school administrators and school boards association

    Despite one of the worst budget situations in the country Arizona has held the Maintenance of Effort requirements for education funding

  • Commitment Capacity Courage