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Art mediums

Art Mediums

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Art mediums

definitionIt denotes the means by which an artist communicates his idea. It is the material/s which the artist uses to translate his feelings or thought into a beautiful reality.

classification Visual or space arts are those mediums which can be seen and occupy space. Auditory or time arts are those mediums that can be heard and which are expressed in time.

2 clASSES OF VISUAL ARTS: Dimensional or 2 Dimensional Arts painting, drawing print making & photography. Three Dimensional Arts sculpture, architecture, landscape, community planning, industrial design, and crafts like ceramics & furniture making.

CLASSES OF AUDITORY ARTS: Music / performing arts Literature Can be seen and heard and these exist in both space and time. Ex. dance, opera, drama & movie

Artist & his mediumsWhen an artist chooses his medium, he believes that this can best express the idea he wants to convey. It always depend on the artist himself. The distinctive character of the medium determines the it can be worked on and turn into a work of art.

Technique It is the manner in which the artist controls his medium to achieve the desired effect. It is the ability with which he fulfills the technical requirements of his particular work of art.

Musician ability to make music sound the way he wants it. Sculptor his way of handling chisel and hammer to produce a desired effect. Pianist his handling the instrument & interpreting a musical composition.

Distinction between art & craftThe distinction between art and craft is made on the basis of the technique used. Artist it is not the end but the means Craftsman it is the end not the means

Both require technical knowledge and competence, creativity apparently comes into play in the work of the sculptor.

Watercolor Fresco Tempera Pastel Encaustic Oil Acrylic Mosaic Stained glass Tapestry Drawing Bistre Crayons Charcoal Silverpoint Printmaking Woodcut Engraving Relief Intaglio Stencil Printing Sculpture

Mediums of visual arts:

Ceiling of the Sistine chapel by Michaelangelo 1505-1512 fresco art

sculptureIt is the aesthetic art defined by the technique of modeling. Modeling means the shaping of a single block or mass of material into a tridimensional art.

Earliest works of sculpture Small figurines of clay Porcelain Wood At first, natives did not appreciate these objects but some used them as household decorations.

When the Spaniards came and before the end of 16th century, the Augustinian friars established the Academy of Arts & Sciences w/c helped to discover & train potential artist. Gradually, the art form developed & the influence of Spanish art became more discernible. Most active sculptors: Napoleon V. Abueva & Ed Castrillo

The mediums of sculpture Stone is the hard substance formed from mineral & earth material. Granite is a granular igneous rock composed of feldopars and quartz, usually combined w/ other minerals and is quite difficult to chisel. Marble is limestone in a more or less crystalline state and is capable to taking a high polish, occurring in many varieties; softer in character

Persues w/ the head of Medussa by Antonio Canova (1757 - 1822

Nymph & Satyr by Clodion (1738- 1814

Jade is a fine, colorful stone, usually green, and used widely in Ancient China. It is highly esteemed as an ornamental stone for carving and fashioning jewelry.

Julius Caesar statues in Bronze Ivory Metals Bronze Brass Copper Gold Silver Lead Plaster Clay Glass Wood

AlsoMediums of Music Stringed- violin Woodwinds- flute Brass trumpet, horn Percussion chimes

Literature 2 categories imaginative Non-imaginative(fiction)

Literary types ( genres) Fiction, essay, poetry, & drama