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  • 1. Welcome to Art 9!Quietly take a seat, please.

2. Classroom Rules1. Be respectful2. Be helpful3. Be prepared to learn Have your supplies Be quick to listen Try your BEST Keep a positive attitude 3. Good to know!Bathroom1. Ask Ms. Kim2. Write your name and the time on the board. 4. Good to know!Food1. Only water and drinks withsealed lids2. No food, please. 5. BUT, MS. KIMIM STARVING!!!!!! Step 1: Let me know Step 2: You can eat by a garbage can Step 3: Make sure ALL your garage is cleaned up. 6. Good to know!IPhone, IPod, MP3, etc1. Ask first2. Only use it for music or research3. You must use headphones for music(1 plug & not 2)** Otherwise, I reserve the right to take it away 7. Good to know!Absences and Lates1. Three late and/or unexcused absences = an afterschool detention.2. If it continues, there will be a call home. 8. Questions?Questions or concerns? You can.....1. Ask in-class2. Drop-by3. Make an appointment2. Blog: 9. Supplies & Media ConsentPlease bring forms by Monday Feb.4.Questions? Email is on the form. 10. Getting to know you1. About Me student information sheet2. Q-card: I-Statements.... 1. Same with ALL people in the room 2. Same with MOST people in the room 3. Something with SOME people in the room 4. ONLY you. 11. I - Statements1. Q-card: I-Statements.... 1. I...[Same with ALL people here] 2. I...[Same with MOST people here] 3. I...[Something with SOME people here] 4. I...[ONLY you]. 1. I am HUMAN. 2. I went to elementary school in Surrey. 3. I love Disney movies. 4. I am teaching Art and English. 12. Activity (I-Statement)Everyone STANDS UP.1. I read each statement.2. If it doesnt apply to you. You may sit down, quietly.3. When we are done, we restart! 13. Name tags! 14. Remember...

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