Artemis Hikes PCT Resupply Notes *All addresses here are for packages sent via USPS unless otherwise noted. It is the responsibility of the reader to confirm that the information here is up to date before sending any packages to the suggested locations. Post office and other locations hours may vary and change without notice. Don’t just assume that an address, phone number, etc. is correct. Things change constantly along the PCT! *** California: 1689.2 miles 20- Lake Morena Campground: $5 per night for hikers, showers are coin-op. The Oakshore Malt Shop is nearby and offers breakfast burritos. They possibly accept resupply boxes, call to confirm (619)478- 5845 41.5- Mount Laguna: .4 miles west of the PCT. Café, post office, gear outfitter, grocery, lodging and campground. The Laguna Mountain Lodge accepts packages, include ETA and phone number on box ($5 fee). (name) c/o Laguna Mountain Lodge PO Box 146 Mount Laguna, CA 91948 *** Mount Laguna Post Office, open Mo-Fri 12-4pm, Sat 9am-11am: c/o General Delivery Mount Laguna, CA 91948 77.3- Julian: A very small tourist town, 12 miles west of the PCT at Scissors Crossing. Motels, small grocery store, restaurants and post office. (The Stagecoach Trail RV Park is 4 miles east from Scissor’s crossing and offers a deli and general store, as well as cabin rentals. (760) 765-3765) Julian Post Office, open Mo-Fri 9am-4pm, Sat 10am-12pm (name) c/o General Delivery

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Artemis Hikes PCT Resupply Notes

*All addresses here are for packages sent via USPS unless otherwise noted. It is the responsibility of the

reader to confirm that the information here is up to date before sending any packages to the suggested

locations. Post office and other locations hours may vary and change without notice. Don’t just assume

that an address, phone number, etc. is correct. Things change constantly along the PCT!


California: 1689.2 miles

20- Lake Morena Campground: $5 per night for hikers, showers are coin-op. The Oakshore Malt Shop

is nearby and offers breakfast burritos. They possibly accept resupply boxes, call to confirm (619)478-


41.5- Mount Laguna: .4 miles west of the PCT. Café, post office, gear outfitter, grocery, lodging and

campground. The Laguna Mountain Lodge accepts packages, include ETA and phone number on box ($5



c/o Laguna Mountain Lodge

PO Box 146

Mount Laguna, CA 91948


Mount Laguna Post Office, open Mo-Fri 12-4pm, Sat 9am-11am:

c/o General Delivery

Mount Laguna, CA 91948

77.3- Julian: A very small tourist town, 12 miles west of the PCT at Scissors Crossing. Motels, small

grocery store, restaurants and post office. (The Stagecoach Trail RV Park is 4 miles east from Scissor’s

crossing and offers a deli and general store, as well as cabin rentals. (760) 765-3765)

Julian Post Office, open Mo-Fri 9am-4pm, Sat 10am-12pm


c/o General Delivery

Julian, CA 92036

109.5 Warner Springs: small community 1.2 miles east of the PCT. Post office and restaurant at the golf

course. The Community center is very hiker friendly, and offers many services for a donation as well as

free camping. The trail passes right by the Community Center and that’s where most hikers get off.

Rides into town can be arranged from here. The town itself doesn’t have much, as the hot spring resort

closed down a few years back. Rumors keep swirling that it may reopen, but so far nothing has come of


Warner Springs Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8am-4pm, Sa 8-1:30pm


c/o General Delivery

Warner Springs, CA 92086

151.9 Paradise Valley Café: Hiker friendly restaurant with hearty food that accepts hiker packages via

USPS, FedEx and UPS.


c/o Paradise Valley Café

61721 State Highway 74

Mountain Center, CA 92561

151.9 Anza: small town 6 miles southwest of the PCT on Highway 371. Post office, pharmacy, grocery,

ATM and restaurants.

Anza Post Office, open Mo-Fri 9-4, Sat 10-1


c/o General Delivery

Anza, CA 92539

179.4 Idyllwild: Touristy town 5.2 miles west of the PCT. Offers several motels, campgrounds,

restaurants, bars, gear outfitters, laundromat, post office and ATM.

Idyllwild Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8:30-4, Sat 1:30-3 pickup only


c/o General Delivery

Idyllwild, CA 92549

209.5 Cabazon: small town west of the PCT via Highway 10. Do not hitch on this highway, its illegal!

The local trail angels have closed shop, so you’ll have to arrange a ride with Lyft or a taxi company, or

walk the service road that’s in between the highway and the railroad tracks (not recommended, this

town is grim anyway).

Cabazon Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8:30-4


c/o General Delivery

Cabazon, CA 92230

266.1 Big Bear City and Big Bear Lake: These are 2 separate towns a few miles apart. Bus service in

between the two (MARTA). Hitch from Highway 18 to Big Bear City, then take the bus to Big Bear Lake if

needed. http://mountaintransit.org/

Big Bear City is 5.4 miles southwest of the PCT and is smaller, with motels, ATM, restaurants, grocery

and post office.

Big Bear City Post Office, open Mo-Fri 9-4:40, Sat 1-2 pickup only.


c/o General Delivery

Big Bear City, CA 92314

Big Bear Lake is larger, and has nice variety of restaurants, bars, supermarkets, gear outfitters (mostly ski

stuff though), motels, ATM, post office and a hiker friendly hostel that accepts packages.

Big Bear Hostel (909) 866-8900


c/o Big Bear Hostel

PO Box 1951

Big Bear Lake, CA 92315


Big Bear Lake Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8:30-5, Sat 10-2


c/o General Delivery

Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

342- Cajon Pass: A busy intersection area with lots of car travelers, offering fast food (the infamous PCT

McDonald’s), gas station convenience stores and a Best Western. The Best Western is supposedly hiker

friendly, call for more information or if you want to inquire about sending a resupply: (760) 249-6777.

369.4 Wrightwood: Small ski-town 5 miles east on Highway 2/Angeles Crest Highway. Very hiker

friendly, with large grocery store, post office, motels, cabin rentals, bars, restaurants and ATM. The

hardware store sells fuel and additional hiking gear if needed, and also accepts hiker packages.

Mountain Hardware, open daily (760) 249-3653

PCT hiker (name)

c/o Mountain Hardware

1390 Highway 2

Wrightwood, CA 92397


Wrightwood Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8:45-5, Sat 8-11 pickup only


c/o General Delivery

Wrightwood, CA 92397

444.2 Acton and KOA Campground: The town of Acton is 6 miles east of the PCT on Soledad Canyon

Road. It offers restaurants and a post office, as well as a hardware store and small market.

Acton Post Office, open Mo-Fri 9-5, Sat 9-3


c/o General Delivery

3632 Smyth Avenue

Acton, CA 93510

The KOA is very popular with hikers, as its right near the trail and offers discount hiker camping, sells ice

cream in the little shop, has showers and a pool.

454.5 Agua Dulce: small town on the PCT, the trail goes right through it. Small, but expensive grocery

store and restaurants. Popular with hikers in this area is the trail angel compound known as ‘Hiker

Heaven,’ run by the Saufley’s on Darling Road. They accept hiker packages.

Hiker Heaven, takes up to 50 hikers per night.

PCT Hiker (name & ETA)

c/o The Saufley’s

11861 Darling Road

Agua Dulce, CA 91390

485.7 Lake Hughes: A very tiny community with a bar/restaurant that has a few rooms above it,

convenience store and post office.

Lake Hughes Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8-5, closed for lunch from 12:30-1:30.


c/o General Delivery

Lake Hughes, CA 93532

517.7 Hikertown: This is an odd little trail angel compound just before the infamous aqueduct walk

across the Mojave. Many hikers spend the day here and then walk through the desert at night when it’s

cooler. I found the place creepy, as did others, most notably the complaints coming from women

feeling unsafe. The choice is yours. They accept packages and charge a fee last I heard, for both boxes

and staying in their ‘hostel’.

(name and ETA)

c/o Hikertown

26803 W. Ave C-15

Lancaster, CA 93536

558.5 Tehachapi: The city of Tehachapi is 9 miles west on Tehachapi Willow Springs Road (see below for

more information).

566.4 Tehachapi and Mojave: The PCT crosses Highway 58 at Tehachapi Pass. Your 2 options are to go

to Mojave, a small desert town 12 miles East or Tehachapi 9 miles west. Mojave has motels,

restaurants, post office, laundry, hardware store, ATM and a few grocery stores. The Best Western in

Mojave will hold packages for hikers.

Best Western, (661) 824-3601, call to confirm

(PCT Hiker name, ETA)

16200 Sierra Hwy

Mojave, CA 93501


Mojave Post Office, open Mo-Fri 9-4, closed for lunch from 1-2


c/o General Delivery

Mojave, CA 93501

Tehachapi is a much larger city, but it’s sprawling and walking around to do errands is exhausting. Good

selection of supermarkets, dollar stores, restaurants, laundromats, motels, pharmacy, ATM and post

office. Possible camping at the small airport for $5 (661-822-2220), and several trail angels in the area

offer rides around town. The Santa Fe Motel is hiker friendly and accepts packages, but is near the train


Note: I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express near the highway, which is close to the post office and has a

Denny’s Diner and convenience store across the street. Although it costs a bit more than other motels in

Tehachapi, it’s far from the very loud train tracks and has a great location (less than a quarter mile from

the post office). Also has a coin-op laundry, pool and hot tub, and decent continental breakfast.

Tehachapi Post Office, open Mo-Fri 9-5, Sat 10-2


c/o General Delivery

Tehachapi, CA 93581


The Santa Fe Motel, (661) 822-3184

120 W. Tehachapi Blvd

Tehachapi, CA 93561

652- Walker Pass, Onyx, Lake Isabella, Mountain Mesa, Ridgecrest: Walker Pass has a campground

with pit toilets and that’s about it. From the pass, you have a choice of towns to hitch to.

Note: These trail towns are your last chance to get cash from an ATM before entering the Sierras. You

can run a tab at the Kennedy Meadows store with your bank card, a dangerous game as it’s expensive up

there! Stick to a strict budget and pay in cash.

Ridgecrest is to the east, and considerably larger. It has several large supermarkets, ATM, motels,

restaurants, bars, hardware stores, laundromat, pharmacies and an outdoor store. Getting here may be

a tricky two highway hitch. Inyokern is in this same direction, only a much smaller town. It has a post

office, a motel, ATM at the gas station, grocery store and a few restaurants.

Ridgecrest Post Office, open Mo-Fri 10-5, Sat-2


c/o General Delivery

Ridgecrest, CA 93555


Inyokern Post Office, open Mo-Fri 11-4


c/o General Delivery

Inyokern, CA 93527

West from Walker Pass on Highway 178 is the tiny town of Onyx, which only has a post office and a

hardware store. The hardware store sells some snacks, including ice cream.

Onyx Post Office, open Mo-Fri 9-4, closed for lunch from 12-1


General Delivery

Onyx, CA 93255

Further west from Onyx is the small community of Mountain Mesa. It has a grocery store, Dollar Store,

Mexican restaurant, café, gas station convenience store with ATM and motel. Bob, who operates the

Lakeview Motel, sometimes will offer rides to and from Walker Pass if you stay at his motel. (760) 379-


Lake Isabella is further west a few more miles (37 miles from Walker Pass), and offers several

restaurants, motels (don’t stay at the Kern Motel, its disgusting), pharmacy, bars, supermarkets, ATM

and the hiker-friendly Haven R.V. Park.

Lake Isabella Post Office, open Mo-Fri 10-4


c/o General Delivery

Lake Isabella, CA 93240

702 Kennedy Meadows: A very small community that is very hiker friendly and the ‘gateway to the

Sierras’ for PCT hikers. It’s a half mile east of the PCT. The small General Store accepts hiker packages

for a $6 fee, stocks beer, cold soda and some hiker food items. You can open a tab at the store, just

don’t forget to close it before you set out again. They also have a grill, showers, laundry and free

camping in the back. Up the road a bit is Grumpy Bear’s Retreat, which has a restaurant and (slow) Wi-

Fi for hikers. Rides for the Grumpy Bear’s run every hour or so.

Note: Kennedy Meadows is the place to mail your bear canister, a requirement for much of the Sierras

(Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park & Yosemite National Park). Entering the parks without one is

illegal and could earn you a hefty fine from a park ranger. Please protect the bears! If it’s a normal or

high snow year, you might want to consider packing microspikes and/or an ice axe. Those should be

mailed here too. The bear canister can be packed with food and mailed off without a box, just use free

USPS Priority shipping label for your address and adhere it to the top. Be sure to tape the lid as well.

Kennedy Meadows General Store, (559) 850-5647

(name and ETA)

c/o Kennedy Meadows General Store

96740 Beach Meadow Road

Inyokern, CA 93527

744.5 Lone Pine: A small town in the shadow of Mount Whitney. It has several restaurants, a hostel, a

sporting goods store, post office, motels, ATM, grocery store, hardware store and pharmacy. The hostel

accepts hiker packages, although only through UPS or FedEx only. Lone Pine can be accessed via Mulkey

Pass, Cottonwood Pass, Trail Pass, or the Mount Whitney Portal (special permit required).

Lone Pine Post Office, open Mo-Fri 9:30-4:40, closed for lunch from 12:30-1:30


c/o General Delivery

Lone Pine, CA 93545


The Whitney Portal Hostel, UPS or FedEx only! (760) 876-0030


c/o Whitney Portal Hostel

238 South Main Street

Lone Pine, CA 93545

789 Independence and Bishop: Independence is a small town 20 miles east of the PCT and accessed by

going over Kearsarge Pass and into the Onion Valley. There is a campground in the Onion Valley and a

large parking lot that is popular with day hikers and weekend warriors. Hitching can be a challenge if

the parking area isn’t busy. Once in Independence, you have the choice of staying or hitching north for

40 miles on Highway 395 to Bishop, a popular hiker destination.

Independence has a couple of gas station convenience stores, a post office, motels, a small café and a

Subway Sandwich shop. The Courthouse Inn is hiker friendly, and has nice clean rooms and a hostel.

Independence Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8-5, Sat 8-12

c/o General Delivery

Independence, CA 93526

The hitch to Bishop can be challenging because of the distance. There is a bus between the two, run by

Eastern Sierra Transit. Check their website for times: https://www.estransit.com/

Bishop is a city with several motels, restaurants, bars, a hostel, supermarkets, post office, laundromat,

ATM, pharmacy and a sporting goods store.

Bishop Post Office, open Mo-Fri 9-4, Sat 9-1


c/o General Delivery

Bishop, CA 93514

857.7 Muir Trail Ranch: 1.5 miles off the PCT on the signed Florence Lake Trail. The Muir Trail Ranch

has some hot springs and camping nearby. They have an $80 fee to hold a resupply package, and which

needs to be packed into and shipped in a 5 gallon bucket. They have very specific requirements, so

please visit http://www.muirtrailranch.com/resupply.html for all the details.

874.5 Vermilion Valley resort: This hiker friendly resort on the opposite side of Lake Edison is 6 miles

west of the PCT. There is a ferry landing on the east side of the lake that makes 2 runs daily and costs

$19 roundtrip. They accept hiker packages, and charge a fee of $27 to hold it. They also have motel

rooms, a hiker tent hostel, coin-op showers and laundry, a small store, restaurant and free camping for

PCT and JMT hikers. You can run a tab here if you’re brave enough. The best part: Your first beer is

free! Resupply boxes need to have your name and ETA printed on all sides of the box, and can only be

shipped via UPS. Visit their website for more information: www.edisonlake.com/hikers/resupply

Vermilion Valley Resort, UPS only! (559) 259-4000

Vermilion Valley Resort

c/o Rancheria Garage

62311 Huntington Lake Road

Lakeshore, CA 93634

906.6 Red’s Meadow and Mammoth Lakes: Red’s Meadow is a pack station .3 miles off the PCT. There

are plenty of signs to lead you there. They have a nice store that has a good selection of hiker goods,

showers, laundry and cabin rentals. A campground is nearby. They also have a diner that serves

breakfast, lunch and dinner. They accept hiker packages for a fee of $40. Their opening day is dictated

by the snow pack. Visit their website for more information regarding shipping your resupply and

opening days: http://www.redsmeadow.com/

Red’s Meadow Resort, (760) 934-2345


Red’s Meadow Resort

PO Box 395

Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

Mammoth Lakes is a ski and tourist town with several motels, restaurants, supermarkets, bars, a post

office, ATMs, outfitters and a pharmacy. It’s a fun place for hikers to visit, although it is a bit expensive.

A shuttle runs from Red’s Meadow once the snow is gone, and charges $7 for roundtrip fare. It only

starts running once Red’s Meadow is open for the season. It stops regular service just after Labor Day

Weekend, and then only runs on weekends until Red’s closes for the winter. It’s recommended to time

your trip through the Sierras so that you get to Red’s after their opening day for resupply purposes.

Hitching from Red’s is near impossible when it’s closed.

If you take the shuttle into town and once you’re down in the Mammoth Ski area, take the free bus into

downtown. The bus drivers are very friendly and helpful and will tell you where to go to catch the right

buses. More info on buses here: www.estransit.com

Mammoth Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8-4


c/o General Delivery

Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

942.5 Tuolumne Meadows Campground and Store: The store and campground are about 1/3 of a mile

off trail, just follow the signs. There is a $6 fee per person to stay in the backpacker site in the

campground, with a limit of one night and you must have a PCT or JMT permit. The store has a pretty

good selection of food and beer (sells fuel too), and there is an outfitter in the gas station. The post

office is tiny, so if you’re sending all your resupplies from San Diego, you may want to hold off on

sending to this location until later (maybe put together a box in Mammoth Lakes and send it from

there). They told a fellow thru-hiker that I know that they were just about to send his resupply box

back, as they were running out of room. They will hold a box for around 2 to 4 weeks, depending on

space. There is also a café and ATM.

Note: Tuolumne Meadows has a serious bear problem thanks to careless tourists. Be sure to store your

food and all scented items properly in the bear lockers in the campground. Chances of a bear coming

around are very good.

Tuolumne Meadows Post Office, Mo-Fr 9-5, Sat 9-12 (hours vary)


c/o General Delivery

Tuolumne Meadows

Yosemite National Park, CA 95389

1017 Sonora Pass, Kennedy Meadows North and Bridgeport: Bridgeport is a small community about 15

miles southeast on Highway 108, and then about 17 miles south on Highway 395. There are motels,

restaurants, a laundromat, grocery and post office.

Bridgeport Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8-4, closed for lunch 12-1


c/o General Delivery

Bridgeport, CA 93517

As far as Kennedy Meadows North goes, yes there’s two Kennedy Meadows and you need to take care

not to confuse the two when sending out your packages. This Kennedy Meadows (North) is also a pack

station and is 9 miles west of Sonora Pass. They will hold a hiker package for a fee, and they also have a

restaurant and bunk house. They sell showers and laundry services, and have a small store. There is

also a Forest Service campground nearby. For more information, visit their website:


Kennedy Meadows North (Sonora Pass, UPS ONLY!)


c/o Kennedy Meadows Resort and Pack Station

57 miles East of Sonora on Hwy 108

Sonora, CA 95370

A third option is a company called Sonora Pass Resupply, which has a truck parked at the trailhead at

Sonora Pass and will provide you with your resupply, so no hitching into town. They will also buy your

used bear canister off of you if you’re interested. Visit their website for more information:


Note: You can mail your bear canister home from Kennedy Meadows North or Bridgeport if you don’t

plan on backcountry camping within Lassen National Park, where canisters are now required. If you do

plan on camping in the Lassen backcountry, you’ll need to mail your canister up to Chester (see below).

If not, then just mail it home. If you’re from outside the U.S. and wish to keep your bear canister, you can

mail it up to Ashland, Oregon and then fill it with a resupply and mail it to Stehekin, Washington (the last

stop before the Canadian Border).

1048.4 Ebbetts Pass, Markleeville: The community of Markleeville is a tiny town 18 miles east from

Ebbetts Pass on Highway 4 and then north on Highway 89. It’s an incredibly difficult hitch into

Markleeville as the highway over Ebbetts Pass is narrow, winding and not well traveled (except for a few

tourists). The town is nice, with a well-stocked General Store, post office, motels and restaurants.

There’s also a hot springs nearby at Grover State Park.

Markleeville Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8:30-3:30, closed for lunch 11-12


c/o General Delivery

Markleeville, CA 96120

1076.7 Carson Pass, South Lake Tahoe: There is a visitor center at the Carson Pass trailhead that sells

souvenirs and a few snacks and beverages. Hitching to South Lake Tahoe is possible from here if

necessary (see below).

1090.8 South Lake Tahoe: South Lake Tahoe is a large city 12 miles north east of the PCT on Hwy 50.

There are also several motels and grocery stores near there. The city is sprawling and offers many

other amenities: post office, supermarkets, pharmacies, laundromats, ATMs, restaurants, motels, bars

and hardware stores. Across the California state line and in Nevada are the casinos, which offer hotel

accommodations and all-you-can-eat buffets that are popular with hikers. There is a free bus around

the city. The favorite hiker friendly outfitter has recently closed. There is also a hostel, and rumor has it

it’s quite the party scene if that’s your thing. They might hold packages, call to inquire: (530) 600-3272

South Lake Tahoe Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8:30-5, Sat 12-2 (This is the post office at 1046 Al Tahoe Blvd,

which is the only one that accepts hiker packages).


c/o General Delivery

South Lake Tahoe, CA 96151

1092.3 Echo Lake, Echo Lake Chalet: There is a small resort here with cabin rentals (2 night minimum),

deli and store that sells ice cream, cold drinks and snacks. They no longer accept hiker packages. There

is a large parking area for the trailhead and resort, so hitching into South Lake Tahoe is also possible

from here if you can yogi a ride from a tourist.

1153.4 Donner Pass, Soda Springs and Truckee: Near Donner Pass, there is a ski area with a bar and

restaurant that serves lunch but is NOT hiker friendly despite saying they are. 12 Miles east on Highway

40 is the tourist town of Truckee, which offers restaurants, motels, a hostel, grocery, a pharmacy,

outfitter, ATMs and post office.

Truckee Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8:30-5, Sat 11-2


c/o General Delivery

Truckee, CA 96161

3 miles to the west on Highway 40 is the small community of Soda Springs, with a post office and

grocery store. There is also a lodge that does a PCT hiker hostel, where for a set price you get a sleeping

cubicle, shower and laundry. They also offer meals. More info here: http://clairtappaanlodge.com/

Soda Springs Post Office, open 9-3:30, closed for lunch 1-1:30


c/o General Delivery

Soda Springs, CA 95728

1195.5 Sierra City: Only a 1.5 mile walk (or hitch) west on Highway 49, Sierra City offers a hiker friendly

general store that accepts hiker packages and also sells burgers. There are also a few motels, a hostel,

post office, restaurants, and possible free camping on the lawn at the church (except on Sundays).

Sierra Country Store, (530) 862-1560

(name, PCT Hiker & ETA)

c/o Sierra Country Store

213 Main Street

Sierra City, CA 96125


Sierra City Post Office, open Mo-Fri 10-2, Sat 10:30-12:30


c/o General Delivery

Sierra City, CA 96125

1265.4 Quincy: Quincy is a town 12 miles east of the PCT on Bucks Lake Road. It has a supermarket,

motels, ATM, pharmacy, restaurants, post office and laundromat.

Quincy Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8:30-5


c/o General Delivery

Quincy, CA 95971

1284.3 Belden and Quincy: The PCT runs right through the tiny community of Beldon, which is hiker

friendly and consists of a tavern with some rooms above it and a small store. They’ll let you camp for a

fee, which includes a shower. Beldon has some pretty raucous electronic music festivals on the

weekends in the summer, so camp at your own risk. The store/tavern may now be accepting hiker

packages since the post office closed a few years back. Call to confirm: (530) 283-9662

(name, PCT Hiker & ETA)

Belden Town Resort

14785 Beldon Town Rd

Belden, CA 95915

There is a trail angel couple known as the Braatens of Little Haven who live just outside of town. They

will hold hiker packages for a donation (only during the months of June and July) and deliver to Belden

once daily. They may also host hikers. (530) 283-9880

(name and ETA)

c/o Braatens at Little Haven

PO Box 4

Belden, CA 95915

You can also hitch to Quincy from here, just walk out to Highway 70 (across the bridge) and hitch east

(see above for more info on the town).

1328.8 Chester: The town of Chester is 7.5 east of the PCT on Highway 36. This is a very trail friendly

town, with possible free camping at the Lutheran church (ask first). There is a supermarket, restaurants,

a coffee shop, laundromat with showers, RV park, motels and post office. You’ll have to pick up your

bear canister here for Lassen National Park if you plan on camping in the backcountry (there are bear

lockers at the Warner Valley Campground that you could use).

Chester Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8:30-4


c/o General Delivery

Chester, CA 96020

1347.6 Drakesbad Guest Ranch: This is a hot springs resort in Lassen National Park. They are hiker

friendly and offer free showers, coin op laundry and dinner service (make reservations). They also

accept hiker packages. There is camping nearby at Warner Valley Campground (fee), which has bear

lockers, water and pit toilets.

Drakesbad Guest Ranch, (866) 999-0914

(name, PCT Hiker & ETA)

Drakesbad Guest Ranch

End of Warner Valley Road

Chester, CA 96020

1371 Old Station: The tiny town of Old Station consists of a private camp ground with showers, a gas

station convenience store that sells ice cream and soda, and a post office. It’s about 1/3 mile off the PCT

on a side trail. A few more miles up the PCT is JJ’s Café and another gas station store.

Old Station Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8:30-4:30


c/o General Delivery

Old Station, CA 96071

Note: If you used a bear canister while in Lassen National Park, you can mail it home from the Old

Station Post Office.

1407.2 Burney Mountain Guest Ranch: This inn is about 1/3 mile off trail (they put up signs to guide

you) and offers lodging, a bunk room, camping, a small store, WiFi, showers, laundry, a pool and meals.

They will also hold your package for a fee. 530-335-2544 or http://burneymountainguestranch.com/ for

more info.

(name, PCT Hiker)

Burney Mountain Guest Ranch, Inc

PO Box 2588

Burney, CA 96013

1408.8 Burney: The small town of Burney is 7 miles west of the PCT on Highway 299. It offers motels,

supermarket, pharmacies, restaurants, ATM, laundromat and post office.

Burney Post Office, open Mo-Fri 9:30-4


c/o General Delivery

Burney, CA 96013

1416.5 Burney Falls State Park: This is a campground with a hiker site, where you camp for a small fee.

They have coin-op showers as well. There is a store that accepts packages for a fee and sells snack foods

and cold beverages.

(name, PCT Hiker & ETA)

c/o Burney Park Camp Store

McArthur Burney Falls State Park

24900 State Highway 89

Burney, CA 96013

1498.7 Castella, Dunsmuir and Mt. Shasta: Castella is a very small community 2 miles south west of the

PCT on Frontage Road. There is a nearby state park that has coin op showers and hiker camping for $5.

There is the hiker friendly Ammirati Market that accepts packages and has a decent selection, and a

post office next door. The post office has varied hours, so sending your package to the market is

recommended as it’s open 7 days a week.

Ammirati Market, open 8-9 daily, (530)235-2676

(name & ETA)

c/o Ammirati's Market

PO Box 90

Castella, CA 96017


Castella Post Office, open Mo-Fri 11-3, Sat 8:45-10


c/o General Delivery

Castella, CA 96017

The town of Dunsmuir is 5.5 miles north on I-5 , and has a post office, motels, restaurants and grocery


Dunsmuir Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8:30-5


c/o General Delivery

Dunsmuir, CA 96025

Mount Shasta is a much larger town further north on I-5 that offers several motels, a post office,

laundromat, restaurants, bars, outfitter, pharmacy, ATM and KOA campground. It’s 15 miles from

Castella and 10 from Dunsmuir. There is a bus that runs between Dunsmuir and Mount Shasta:


Mount Shasta Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8:30-5


c/o General Delivery

Mount Shasta, CA 96067

Note: It is illegal to hitchhike along Interstate 5. If you’re trying to hitch north to Dunsmuir or Mount

Shasta from Castella, you’ll have to do so at the start of the freeway on ramp BEFORE the no hitchhiking

sign. This could be tough, and you might be better off trying at Ammirati Market where lots of travelers

are coming and going.

1597.2 Etna: The very small community of Etna is 10 miles east of the PCT on Sawyers Bar Road from

Etna Summit. This can be a notoriously difficult hitch as there is very little traffic on this narrow winding

road. Etna is very hiker friendly, and has a budget friendly motel, restaurants, grocery, bed and

breakfast, hostel and post office. The Hikers Hut hostel (run by the B&B) also has camping and accepts

packages for a fee. More information on their website: http://www.alderbrookmanor.com/

Etna Post Office, open Mo-Fri 9-5


c/o General Delivery

Etna, CA 96027

1653.4 Seiad Valley: This tiny community only has a store, café, post office and RV park. The trail runs

right through it. The RV park accepts packages for a fee if you’re not a guest, or if you stay with them

($10 as of publication) the fee is waived. Includes a shower. The Seiad Valley Store accepts packages for

free and is well stocked for hikers.

Mid River RV Park, (530) 496-3400, UPS recommended

(name & ETA)

c/o Mid River RV Park

44701 Highway 96

Seiad Valley, CA 96086


Seiad Valley Store, (530) 496-3399

(name & ETA)

c/o Seiad Valley Store

44719 Highway 96

Seiad Valley CA 96086


Seiad Valley Post Office, open Mo-Fri 12-4, Sat 12-1:30


c/o General Delivery

Seiad Valley, CA 96086


(Congratulations! You’re almost to Oregon!)

Oregon: 455.4 miles

1716.2 Callahan’s Lodge and Ashland: Callahan’s is a lodge a mile north of the PCT. You can get there

via a signed short cut down a steep hill. They accept hiker packages for a fee, and allow you to camp on

the back lawn for $5. They also offer a sort of ‘hiker special’ for $60, which includes camping, a shower

and bathrobe, laundry all-you-can-eat-spaghetti dinner and breakfast in the morning. They also have

rooms available and a nice dining/bar area. See website for more details: http://callahanslodge.com/

Callahan’s Lodge, (541) 482-1299

(PCT Hiker: name & ETA)

c/o Callahan's Lodge

7100 Old Highway 99 South

Ashland, OR 97520

The city of Ashland is a great place for hikers, offering several motels, post office, supermarkets,

restaurants, bars, brewery, outfitters, ATMs, pharmacies, hostels and laundromat. The Rodeway Inn is

hiker friendly, offers discounts and possibly accepts packages. They also have a pool and are within

walking distance of two supermarkets, a brewery, laundromat and a thrift shop. There is also a Rite Aid

Pharmacy nearby that has a small USPS counter if you need to mail off packages.

Rodeway Inn (541) 482-5111

(PCT Hiker: name & ETA)

c/o Rodeway Inn

2359 Ashland Street

Ashland, OR 97520


Ashland Post Office, open Mo-Fri 9-5


c/o General Delivery

Ashland, OR 97520

Note: Ashland is the place to prepare your resupply boxes for the rest of Oregon and Washington if

needed. If you are from outside the U.S. and mailed your bear canister here, pack it with food and

anything else you no longer need and mail it ahead to Stehekin, the last stop before the Canadian


1733 Green Springs Inn: This hotel is a 2 mile walk or hitch east of the PCT on Highway 66. They accept

hiker packages and have lodging, meals and possible camping. Visit website for more information:


Green Springs Inn, (541) 890-6435

(PCT Hiker: name & ETA)

c/o Green Springs Inn

11470 Highway 66

Ashland, OR 97520

1740: Hyatt Lake Resort/Campers Cove: The resort is a 1.5 mile walk from the State Park on the other

side of the lake. They accept hiker packages, have a restaurant, cabin rentals and the possibly the tiniest

store on the PCT. The State Park has campsites and free showers.

Hyatt Lake Resort, (541) 482-3331, UPS ONLY!

(PCT Hiker: name & ETA)

c/o Hyatt Lake Resort

7900 Hyatt Prairie Road

Ashland, OR 97520

1771 Fish Lake Resort: This hiker friendly resort is 2 miles west on Highway 140. They accept packages

for a fee, have coin-op shower and laundry, a small store, café and free camping for PCT hikers.

Fish Lake Resort, (541) 949-8500

(name & ETA)

c/o Fish Lake Resort

State HWY 140, Mile Marker 30

Medford, OR 97501

1819.2 Mazama Village (Crater Lake National Park): The Village store accepts hiker packages, but you

can’t mail anything out from there (there is a post office up the road a few miles). They also sell

souvenirs and various sundries, as well as ice cream and cold beer and soda. There is also a

campground, restaurant, laundromat, cabin rentals and free showers.

Mazama Village Camper Store, (541) 594-2255

(PCT Hiker: name & ETA)

c/o Mazama Village Camper Store

Mazama Village

Crater Lake, OR 97604

1904.1 Shelter Cove Resort: This is a large RV park 2 miles south of the PCT via a signed side trail. They

have a hiker site to camp in and accept packages, all for a fee. They also have a small (expensive) store

with deli style hot foods and coin-op showers.

Shelter Cove Resort, (541) 433-2548 UPS ONLY!

(PCT Hiker: name & ETA)

c/o Shelter Cove Resort & Marina

27600 West Odell Lake Road, Highway 58

Crescent, OR 97733

1950.1 Elk Lake Resort, Bend: The Elk Lake Resort can be accessed via the Elk Lake Trail #3 just 1 mile to

the east of the PCT. They have hiker camping and accept packages for a fee. They have a small shop

that essentially sells cold beer and candy, a restaurant/bar and showers that come with soap and a

towel (pay at the front desk).

Elk Lake Resort, (541) 480-7378 UPS or FEDEX ONLY!

(PCT Hiker: name & ETA)

c/o Elk Lake Resort

60,000 Century Drive

Bend, OR 97701

From here, you can choose to hitch to Bend along the Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway (about 30

miles to the east). This can be a hard hitch, but Bend is worth it. Bend has a large REI store, several

motels, laundromats, supermarkets, ATMs, pharmacies, restaurants, bars and hostel. It’s also famous

for its large selection of breweries. There is a post office, but don’t bother sending you package there;

send it to the REI for free as they’re open late 7 days a week.

(PCT Hiker: name & ETA)

c/o REI #96

380 Powerhouse Drive

Bend, Oregon 97702


Bend Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8:30-5:30, Sat 10-1


c/o General Delivery

Bend, OR 97701

1981.3 Sisters and Bend from McKenzie Pass: Sisters is a small tourist town 15 miles east from Highway

242 crossing at McKenzie Pass. This is a narrow highway and hitching can be difficult, but if there are

cars at the trailhead then you might be able to get a ride from a day hiker. Sisters has lodging, a

campground, restaurants, grocery and post office. If you wish to continue on to the larger city of Bend,

you’ll need to hitch an additional 22 miles east on Highway 20 (see above for more info on Bend).

Sisters Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8:30-5


c/o General Delivery

Sisters, OR 97759

1992.6 Big Lake Youth Camp: This is a vegan Christian youth camp 1 mile off the PCT. They accept

packages and allow you to shower (when open) if you donate to the camp. You can possibly buy a vegan

meal as well during dinner service. Call to confirm: (503) 850-3583

(PCT Hiker: name & ETA)

c/o Big Lake Youth Camp

13100 Highway 20

Sisters, OR 97759

1998.4 Santiam Pass, Sisters and Bend: Another way into Sisters or Bend (see above).

2043.1: Olallie Lake Store: No longer accepts packages but their website says that they stock hiker food

and fuel: http://www.olallielakeresort.com/

2084 Government Camp: This is a small town 7 miles northwest of the PCT on Highway 26 at Wapinitia

Pass. There isn’t much here except a convenience store and gas station.

2094.5 Mt. Hood Timberline Lodge: There is a small souvenir shop in the lodge that accepts hiker

packages for a $5 fee. The lodge may have some rooms available, and they have an all-you-can-eat

breakfast buffet in the mornings. There is also a cafeteria.

(PCT Hiker: name & ETA)

c/o Timberline Ski Area

WY’East Store

Timberline, OR 97028

2144.2 Cascade Locks: This is a small town on the Columbia River that has motels, an RV park, post

office, restaurants, brewery and grocery store. The RV park offers camping and showers to PCT hikers.

It’s not clear if they accept hiker packages anymore as they once did. Call to confirm: (541) 374-8619

According to their website, the Cascade Locks Ale House is also accepting hiker packages for free.

Cascade Locks Ale House, (541) 374-9310

(PCT Hiker: name & ETA)

c/o Cascade Locks Ale house

P O Box 388

Cascade locks, Or 97014


Cascade Locks Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8:30-5, closed for lunch 1-2


c/o General Delivery

Cascade Locks, OR 97014


Congratulations on making it all the way to Washington State!


Washington: 514.4 Miles

2226.4 Trout Lake: The small community of Trout Lake consists of a very hiker friendly grocery store,

which accepts packages, a diner, motel (1/2 mile out of town), post office and gas station convenience

store. The grocery store also has a small bunk room above the shop which comes with a shower if you

rent a bed for the night. Laundry can also be done for a fee.

Trout Lake Grocery, (509) 395-2777

(PCT Hiker: name & ETA)

c/o Trout Lake Grocery

PO Box 132

Trout Lake, WA 98650


Trout Lake Post Office, open Mo-Fri 9:30-4, closed for lunch 12:30-1


c/o General Delivery

Trout Lake, WA 98650

2292.4 White Pass &Kracker Barrel Store, Packwood: White Pass is more of a ski area than a town, .7

miles west of the PCT on Highway 12. The Kracker Barrel Store is very hiker friendly and accepts hiker

packages for a fee, and stocks a good selection of hiker foods. They also have a deli and coin-op laundry.

There is a place next door to the store called the Village Inn that rents out various sizes of ski condos at

different price ranges.

Kracker Barrel Store, (509) 672-3105

c/o Kracker Barrel Store

48851 US Highway 12

Naches, WA 98937

The small town of Packwood is 20 miles west on Highway 12 from White Pass. There are some motels, a

post office and grocery store.

Packwood Post Office, open Mo-Fri 8-4:45, closed for lunch 12-1


c/o General Delivery

Packwood, WA 98361

2390.6 Snoqualmie Pass: This is another ski area and the trail travels right through it. It’s a bit larger

and with more to offer than White Pass. There is an inn, restaurants, food truck, brewery and a couple

convenience stores. The Summit Inn and Chevron will both hold packages. The Summit Inn charges a

fee if you don’t stay with them (they offer a hiker discount).

Summit Inn Hotel, (425) 434-6300, UPS recommended

(PCT Hiker: name & ETA)

c/o Summit Inn Hotel

603 State Route 906

Snoqualmie Pass, WA 98068


Chevron Gas Station, (425) 434-6688

(PCT Hiker: name & ETA)

General Delivery: “Please Hold For PCT Hiker at Chevron Station”

c/o Chevron Station

Snoqualmie Pass, WA 98068

Note: The Chevron literally just piles hiker packages into a walk in cooler and anyone is able to go in and

grab what they want. Sending it to the Summit Inn might be safer. Also, there is a town called

Snoqualmie several miles east of Snoqualmie Pass: Don’t confuse the two and send your package to the

post office in Snoqualmie by accident! Snoqualmie PASS has no post office.

2461.6 Stevens Pass, Skykomish and Leavenworth: Stevens Pass is another ski area that the trail passes

through, but offers no accommodations. The resort has snacks for sale a restaurant. They also now

accept hiker packages.

Stevens Pass/Tye Creek Lodge, (206) 812-7844, UPS or FEDEX ONLY!


c/o Stevens Pass, Thru Hiker

93001 NE Stevens Pass Hwy, US 2

Skykomish, WA 98288

Attn: Tye Creek Lodge Loading Dock

From Stevens Pass, you can head 16 miles west to the small town of Skykomish, where there’s limited

lodging, restaurants and a post office.

Skykomish Post Office, open Mo-Fri 11:30-3:45, Sat 8-10


c/o General Delivery

Skykomish, WA 98288

Note: The local trail angel Andrea Dinsmore of Hiker Haven has sadly passed away. It is unknown if her

husband will continue with offering services to hikers.

Also from Stevens Pass, is the option to head 35 miles east on Highway 2 to the Bavarian themed tourist

town of Leavenworth. It offers a large selection of lodging and restaurants, including several beer and

sausage gardens. There are also a couple of supermarkets, a KOA campground with laundry facilities

and cabin rentals, pharmacy, post office and two outfitters. It’s an interesting and fun place to visit, but

hitching could be difficult and rooms could be booked up on weekends or holidays.

Leavenworth Post Office, open Mo-Fri 9-5, Sat 9-11


c/o General Delivery

Leavenworth, WA 98826

2569.4 Stehekin: This is a tiny town that is only accessed by either hiking in, ferry or float plane.

There’s a shuttle that runs in the summer from the ‘High Bridge’ area from the PCT near the ranger

station into Stehekin, about 10 miles away on a forest service road (drops off at the ferry landing). More

info on schedules here: http://www.stehekin.com/stehekin-shuttle_220.html

The shuttle stops at the world famous Stehekin bakery on the way into town and back to the trail again.

Stehekin offers a lodge with a restaurant and small store. There is also a post office and free camping

(get a permit from the ranger station at the landing).

The Stehekin Lodge will hold packages if you stay with them. (509) 682-4494

(PCT Hiker: name & ETA)

c/o Lodge at Stehehikn

PO Box 3 Stehekin, Wa 98852

There is also a guest ranch in between the High Bridge area and the landing. They will pick you up from

the landing if you call them (there’s a pay phone at the landing) and they offer cabin rentals and all-you-

can-eat meals. They will also shuttle you back to the trail when you’re ready. (509) 682-4677

Note: The North Cascades National Park is north on the PCT past Stehekin and requires a permit to camp

in designated campsites while within park boundaries. Get your permit from the ranger station at the


2588.6 Mazama: This small community is 22 miles east of the PCT from Rainy Pass, and has an outfitter

that accepts packages, grocery store, motels and restaurants. There is also a trail angel known as

Ravensong who may have accommodations: http://ravensongsroost.com/

Goat’s Beard Mountain Supply, open 9-5 daily, (509) 996-2515

(PCT Hiker: name)

c/o Goat's Beard Mountain Supply

50 Lost River Road

Mazama, WA 98833

2650 Monument 78: Congratulations! YOU DID IT!!

2658.9 Manning Park Lodge: The lodge is hiker friendly and offers discounts on their rooms. They also

have an indoor pool and hot tub, laundry facility, small store and restaurant with a bar. They have a

computer you can use to purchase a Greyhound bus ticket to Vancouver if needed, and don’t seem to

mind if you loiter around the lobby while you wait for the bus.


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