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  • Open Text Artesia Digital Asset Management (DAM)

    Gain Maximum Value from Rich Media Content with a Lower Total Cost of Ownership

    Solution OverviewTV, Web, cell phones, digital media players, in-store advertisingeverywhere you turn rich media is

    delivering the message. Digital content is having a profound impact on a wide variety of industries.

    As we as consumers become more accustomed to receiving a variety of digital media types through

    various distribution devices, companies see the management, production and distribution of rich

    media as mission critical and in many cases core to their businesses.

    The Artesia Digital Media Groups fl agship product, Artesia DAM, provides content-rich companies

    with a single point of management for all digital media fi les and their underlying metadata

    information. Available on the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 platform, customers requiring

    sophisticated DAM capabilities will also benefi t from a high level of availability, performance and

    securityall with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

    Regardless of the medium in which you work or the ultimate

    product producedtraditional print, broadcast television, Web, slide

    presentations, or handheld deviceArtesia DAM enables you to

    easily fi nd, access, edit, share, reuse, distribute, and archive your rich

    media content, all within your unique workfl ows and using the desktop

    applications of your choice.

    Business Pain Points AddressEnhance CollaborationAllow for immediate global access and

    distribution of work-in-progress to a geographically diverse team to

    share ideas and ensure a high-quality end product.

    Save TimeDramatically reduce the time spent tracking down digital

    content by creating a single point of management for all digital media fi les.

    Realize Cost SavingsMaximize reuse and repurposing of existing

    content instead of incurring the expense of recreating similar assets for

    new campaigns and distribution channels.

    Streamline DistributionEliminate the high cost and ineffi ciency of duplication and physical

    shipping of content by providing online real-time access to materials with a self-service

    distribution model.

    Ensure ComplianceMake sure the media content that is being used, produced, and

    disseminated is approved, and adheres to both internal and external compliance requirements

    including rights and permissions.

    Gain Control of Brand ContentProvide access to only pre-approved and brand consistent

    content including logos, graphics, and taglines to ensure the ongoing integrity of your brand.

    Speed-to-marketGet new products and materials out working in the market faster and more

    cost effectively through content reuse, enhanced collaboration, streamlined review and approval,

    and real-time global distribution.

    Digital media is having a profound impact

    on a wide variety of industries, including

    advertising, publishing, music, fi lm and

    broadcast, said Maria Martinez, corporate

    vice president of the Communications Sector

    at Microsoft. Microsoft technologies serve

    as the platform to help organizations in

    those industries manage the transition as

    painlessly as possible, both from an IT and

    business process perspective. Through its

    platform, Microsoft strives to provide the

    basis of innovation for companies with

    specifi c areas of expertise. Artesias success

    with its DAM solutions in collaboration with

    Microsoft technologies provides an excellent

    example of such innovation.

    Top Three Reasons Why Customers Choose Microsoft and Open Text Solutions1. Gives customers confi dence that their

    mission critical digital media content is

    both available and secure

    2. Offers a sophisticated DAM solution

    on a high performance platform

    while maintaining a lower total cost of

    ownership (TCO)

    3. Provides the support and experience of

    two market leaders

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    Real Business Solutions

    Artesia DAM Solution for Marketing & Advertising MediaOrganizations with both established and emerging brands understand that todays multi-channel,

    digitally oriented environment requires a well-conceived digital asset management plan to ensure

    ongoing brand integrity, to meet sophisticated and evolving distribution channels, and to stay

    ahead of the competition with timely, cost-effective, and memorable campaigns.

    Artesia DAM Solution for Marketing & Advertising Media enables companies to:

    Collaborate around a campaign and its components and conduct review and approvals online

    in real-time, regardless of where the team is situated

    Work with third-party authoring tools of choice and within established workfl ows

    Reuse and re-express existing content to dramatically save time and money

    Distribute the latest approved marketing materials to a global audience

    Store working versions of media server-side, without capture and storage in the repository, to

    allow work-in-progress workfl ows

    Easily manage metadata through Metadata Profi les

    Artesia DAM Solution for Broadband & Broadcast MediaWith the Open Text Artesia DAM Solution for Broadband & Broadcast, companies that are producing

    and distributing content for high-speed and broadcast channels can realize greater operational

    effi ciency, reduce costs, increase programming opportunities, and streamline distribution.

    Artesia DAM Solution for Broadband & Broadcast Media enables companies to:

    Easily capture content and data within their environment: program information from traffi c and

    scheduling, content on video servers and edit suites, content and data from ingest stations

    Provide extensive footage libraries for future content repurposing, integrated with leading

    storage solutions

    Provide easy end-user access to advanced search and frame-accurate browse features, as well

    as automated fulfi llment and distribution

    Streamline content workfl ows for post-production and broadcast operations, making review/

    approval and standards compliance more effi cient

    Artesia DAM Solution for Published MediaWhether you publish for print or Web, or your primary products are books, magazines,

    newspapers, or technical content, you need to effi ciently access, share, repurpose, manage, and

    collaborate around your publishing content.

    Artesia DAM Solution for Published Media enables companies to:

    Create new products at lower cost of entry by mining for digital content and unpublished

    paid-for images

    Reduce production time and costs through real-time online review and approval

    Streamline the often cumbersome process of managing ads

    Integrate with page layout and pre-press systems, allowing design and pre-press users to

    generate pages without changing their familiar workfl ows

    Access enhanced Macintosh-based workfl ows that preserve designers work patterns, while

    providing all the benefi ts of DAM

    About the Artesia Digital Media Group & Open TextThe Artesia Digital Media Group is a leader in enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions that help information-intensive companies more effi ciently manage and deploy their rich digital media content. Open Text is the leading independent provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that bring together people, processes and information in global organizations. Today, the company supports 20 million seats across 13,000 deployments in 114 countries and 12 languages worldwide.

    Contact Info

    Open Texts Artesia Digital Media Group

    700 King Farm Boulevard, Suite 400

    Rockville, MD 20850 USA

    Primary Contact

    Julie Mandell

    Phone: 301-548-4089


    Microsoft Corporation

    One Microsoft Way

    Redmond, WA 98052, USA

    Primary Contact

    Raj Rajesh, Business Development Manager

    Phone: (425) 704 8511


    Cliff Simpkins, Developer Evangelist

    Phone: (425) 704 0728