Artist: GOYA One of the black paintings Date: 1819-1823

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Saturn devouring his son GoyaRubens


Artist: GOYA One of the black paintings Date: Artist: RUBENS Flemish school painting Date: 1636 Saturn devouring his son GoyaRubens SATURN Is a Roman/Greek GOD SATURN or CRONUS Leader of Titans God of Agriculture and Sky He was also the God of time SATURN MYTH Long before the world existed, there was Chaos immeasurable, dark, and wild. Out of Chaos came Night. All was still, black, silent, and without end until Love emerged. Love brought Light and Day, which then produced Earth. Then Earth, called Gaea, produced the blue Heaven, called Uranus. 6 women and 6 men Titans ruled the universe The union of Heaven and Earth produced gigantic monstrous children with powers called the Titans. The youngest of them, was called Cronus, And took his father's throne Cronus with the help of his mother, Gaia overthrew his own father Uranus. and got married with his own sister Rea. Fearing that his unborn children could rise against him, Cronus swallowed each of his children as they were born. Rhea, his sister-wife, hid her child Zeus, and gave him a stone wrapped in a blanket instead. Rhea brought Zeus to a cave in Crete, where he was raised to adulthood. Later, Zeus gave Cronus a mixture of mustard and wine which would cause him to vomit up his swallowed children. Zeus then led his released brothers and sisters, the now so called Olympians, in rebellion against the Titans. This war, was called War of the Titans or Titanomach Titanomach, was the ten-year series of battles fought between the two races of deities: the Titans and the Olympians Olympians won And Zeus became the supreme god. What are we going to do? Draw our own Saturn devouring his children, like GOYA or RUBENS did.


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