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Artwork by Callie Habegger Artwork by Jamie Chiles Page 20 ... · PDF file Artwork by Callie Habegger Artwork by Jamie Chiles Page 20 Page 1 . ... People that have to go a very long

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  • Artwork by Callie Habegger Artwork by Jamie Chiles

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  • Thanks to Everyone who Contributed to the

    Weathervane this Year!


    Alex Gordon

    Peter Fernandez

    Brian Perrault

    Period 1

    Claire Ackerman

    David Ansaldi

    Brianna Bennett

    Calli Bianchi

    Ava Bub

    Aizza Chase

    Emma Haney

    Jenna Herman

    Kyra McConnell

    Kaitlyn Patterson

    Andreea Robu

    Period 2

    Trevor Bady

    Abbey Buffington

    Emily Buffington

    Olivia Cataldo

    Jamie Chiles

    Callie Habegger

    Andrew Levy

    Xavier Meyers

    Olivia Pace

    Period 3

    Max Goldenberg

    Andrew Jones

    Henry Keohan

    Luke MacDonald

    Charles Megwa

    Clelia Megwa

    Matthew Weiner

    Jonathan Wisler

    Other Contributors

    Sarah Allen

    Charlie Bruggeman

    Delaney Carnes

    Harrison Coyne

    Isabella Dahil

    Sophia Hess

    Reid Hosp

    Samantha Hosp

    Kate Lewack

    Abby Martin

    Tess Meyers

    Victoria Miles

    Rebecca Palmer

    Alexus Ray

    Margaret Strehle

    Ned Torrey

    Lindsey Vogelmann

    Page 2 Page 19

    The Talking Tree

    By Callie Habegger

    Age: 12

    Once upon a time, there lived a woman in a cute

    little cottage by a fresh stream. This woman was a

    witch, but a good witch. Her name was Casey.

    Casey was in the process of creating a potion that

    you pour onto an animal and the animal will the

    able to speak the human language. Casey had a

    huge cauldron of boiling water over a fire. She

    was pouring in all different looking bottles of

    mysterious mixtures into the cauldron. Each time

    a different liquid combination was drizzled into

    the bubbling pot, sparks of numerous colors

    would shoot out of the pot and the potion would

    change to a different color, at the moment, it was

    blue. When Casey had finished putting all of the

    main ingredients in, the potion had been an ugly

    green. Casey always likes her potions to look nice

    so she has a strategy that she does with every po-

    tion she whips up. She went over to a bottle of

    water she had got from the nearby stream and

    dipped a cup into the bottle filling it to the brim.

    She then was very precise to put in just a single

    drop into the cauldron. When the drop of water

    hit the surface of the potion, the whole concoc-

    tion sizzled turning a beautiful light pink. Casey

    then filled 25 flasks of the potion emptying the

    cauldron. She then went to test it. She tested it on

    a toad she found by the stream. When she

    poured it over the bumpy back of the creature,

    nothing happened. After all that work, Casey was

    frustrated, this rarely happened. So she just

    dumped the entire potion on to the roots of a

    tree. The next morning, Casey heard a voice sing-

    ing outside her cottage. She peaked out the win-

    dow and couldn’t believe her eyes. The tree she

    had poured the potion on to was singing! The

    potion Casey had made makes plants talk, not


    A few days ago I lost a tooth and the Tooth

    Fairy came. She took my tooth and left me

    $8.00.I put my $8.00 in my wallet because I

    am saving up for an American Girl Doll. Her

    name is Saige. 2013 is the only year she is

    here. I think the tooth fairy is 2” tall. There

    are so many secrets about the tooth fairy. I

    wonder what his/her name is.

    The Tooth Fairy

    By Ava Bub

    Age: 8

    Traveling by car from place to place is sim-

    ple, but what are some other ways to get

    around? People that have to go a very long

    distance, like several hundred miles or more

    might take a plane. There’s also easy public

    ground transportation like a bus or a train.

    Kids who just want to go to and from places

    but can’t yet drive a car could just ride a bike,

    skateboard, rollerblade, or they could simply

    walk. There’s always ways to get around, so

    get up and go somewhere!

    Ways to Travel

    By Brianna Bennett

    Age: 14

  • THURSDAY, JULY 25, 2013 VOLUME 25

    25th Year

    Friday marked the 25th anniversary of Derby

    Summer Arts. Monday we celebrated with ice

    cream and cake; I am in tech theater so I am

    doing the lighting for the play “Adaptation.”

    I am so excited for my first year at Derby. I

    am so coming back!

    By Charles Megwa

    Age: 11

    Page 3 Page 18


    By Clelia Megwa

    Age: 9

    Sally has worked here since 1999. That’s 14

    years! Sally’s daughter Maddie also works

    here. She teaches J.R’s, music video class, a

    capella, and Animal Art. Sally’s favorite mo-

    saic was seashells and stars. Her favorite Fes-

    tival that she will teach is the Fairy Houses.

    Sally’s favorite painting that she made is

    called “Fox At The Pond.” Sally met Thaila

    at the Creative Arts Park. Then Thalia started

    DSA the fowling year. And once her kids got

    old enough to be campers Sally started teach-

    ing mosaic’s here. And she “Loved It Ever


    This year was my fourth year at Derby Sum-

    mer Arts. I took many good classes, and had

    quite a bit of fun. I worked on a lot of pro-

    jects that were very enjoyable to make. It

    gave me a lot of experience and I got to cre-

    ate things that were terrific in the end. I was

    able to be a part of the 25th year of Derby

    and I was happy that I could see such an im-

    portant event for the camp. 2013 was a great

    year for Derby and I bet 2014 will be even


    A Good Year

    By Max Goldenberg

    Age: 14

    Well the summer of Derby has come to an

    end and that means that it is time for the su-

    per issue. For those who don’t know, the

    super issue is a giant collection of articles that

    were written specifically for it. The newspa-

    per people make sure that it is filled with in-

    teresting articles, drawings and all sorts of

    other things. It replaces the small normal is-

    sues that are given to campers throughout

    the summer. The super issue is a big deal and

    a lot of work goes into making it. Many peo-

    ple create things to go into it and they put a

    lot of effort into them. The super issue is

    always great and this year isn’t any different.

    So have a great time reading it and seeing

    everything that people have done.

    Super Issue

    By Max Goldenberg

    Age: 14

    DSA Ice Cream

    By Emma Haney

    Age: 8

    Smile :)

    Frown :(

    Excited :D

    Laughing: xD

    Winking: ;-)

    Crying: :’-(

    Silly Face: :-P

    Cool Face: B-)

    Symbol Pictures

    By Lauren Kearns

    Age: 12

    One of the coolest people here at the Weath-

    ervane is Trevor, who likes to play bass and

    electric guitar.

    Trevor is very cool and smart. He started

    playing bass since the day Dave Ruggiano

    told him to play bass and it has been his fa-

    vorite thing ever since. He started playing

    electric guitar when he was five.

    About Trevor

    By Xavier Meyers

    Age: 12

    Weathervane Online!

    Check it out.

  • The Super Issue

    By David Ansaldi

    Age: 9

    Page 4 Page 17

    25th Anniversary Quilt By Trevor Bady and Andrew Levy

    Age: 10 and 8

    This is a quilt they

    were making for

    Thalia. It was a

    surprise gift. They

    used a sewing

    maching and old T

    shirt designs for

    the squares.

    I love to bake. I once baked a 2 layer cake. It

    was awesome. I piped flowers and added

    candy toppings that were blue. I thought that

    it was the best cake that I ever made. It was

    really fun to make! I also have made some

    cupcakes. I usually make vanilla cupcakes but

    I have once made blueberry cupcakes.


    By Clelia Megwa

    Age: 9

    Breakfast is different for everyone. Some

    have cereal, some have pancakes, and some

    enjoy waffles or English muffins. People

    don’t always have the standard “breakfast”

    items sometimes you’re running late so you

    eat some chocolate or pringles as you run out

    the door. Breakfast is the most important

    meal of the day, so as long as you eat some-

    thing you’ll be fine.


    By Brianna Bennett

    Age: 14

    Breakfast is said to be the most important

    meal of the day because it gets you started

    for the day. Without breakfast your body will

    not have enough energy to function. It is

    very important to have a healthy breakfast.

    Try to make most of you grains whole grains.

    Here are some healthy suggestio

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